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Premium Unleaded 98 $1.619/L @ 7-Eleven Dandenong


Coordinates: -37.98519269651, 145.22039000782

Premium Unleaded 98 going for the same price as 91 in Dandenong.

Next best is 16 cents more expensive.

Mod Note: Please use Classified (Wanted) if you are requesting a fuel lock.

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  • +1

    That's a steep drop! Cheers

  • +8

    Get to the choppa !!

    • +2

      I think it's outta fuel.

      EDIT: I thought you were referencing the chopper in Dandenong, near the plaza.

  • +2

    Cheers OP! Locked and flying back home

  • +9

    there must be a lot of people going to Melbourne early for the F1 today…

  • Locked in. Thank you sir!

  • Locked!! Thank you <3

  • Best price since October last year

      • +6

        Its not subsidised, its just less taxed

        • -1

          Same thing

        • Is it a tax or an excise?

    • +2

      It was actually just 142.9 during Christmas once for like a few days, then it was just 95 142.9 for another week, best fillup days for the year

  • +9

    locking in for the next 10mins, pm your details

    • +6

      locking in for a bit as well

    • Thanks for locing in for me!

  • 😭 too far for me

    • +2

      Not far when someone may have chopper for you.

  • Thanks OP. Great price. Locked

  • +7

    Cheers OP Locked in.

    Locking in for the next 15 minutes. PM if needed

    • +3

      Rookie question, why would people PM you? Can you share it? Annoyingly I don't have a helicopter setup, I am nearby but only picks up a different store in Dandy

      • +5

        Sotko just means they will lock in price for people next 15min.
        Needs account email/password to lock in for someone else hence the pm.
        Not sure if thats what you were asking

        • yep thats it. Didn't know this was a thing thanks!

    • +2

      Chopper is now grounded.

  • nice, locked in from WA, i wonder if it will raise eyebrows when paying…

    • i don't think the cashier can see

      • They can see

        • +2

          Can confirm they do, one asked me how did you get that price and I just didn't make eye contact lol

          • +1

            @ciyborg: Just say you were in melbourne yesterday. Simple. Everywhere in Australia is 1 domestic flight.

            • @cyrax83: yeah good point, will use that

              • @ciyborg: I've never had any issues with attendants being difficult and I visit many different stores. Just present your barcode, pay and leave. Oh… and be polite, as if to say thank you for the generous discount!

        • +3

          They can see the lock pricing but not where you locked it. A few will ask you where you locked because they want to get the same price.

      • -2

        i don't think the cashier can see

        Whoa - cashiers in WA a blind?

    • I was using locks from other states all through lock downs with no problem.
      Make sure you get a receipt as they can be dodgy and stuff other items on the sale

  • +3

    I swear it must be sus to HQ to see fuel price locks from different states. Hopefully, they see it as more business as we went with them instead of a competitor…

    • +1

      I've had a friend who had their account blocked due to breach of T&C…..so they are onto us!

      • +6

        Not that hard to make another one

      • Mine too… twice

      • Had 3 blocked accounts.

        Pushed my luck getting a gift card on a failed chopper fuel lock.

        Might have been a coincidence but didn't feel like it.

        Still 3 accounts going strong.

        • +1

          I’ve received gift cards for failed locks. I’ve also never been banned. I often do locks from intestate (I always do the nation’s cheapest). I only have two accounts though.

          • +1

            @sween64: I suspect some people lock in and then fill up when would be impossible to get from point A to point b.

            • @M00Cow: I’ve done that before but not as often.

    • Locked then used straight away in NSW. No issues with using it.

  • locked thanks

  • +13

    I'll do locks for people who PM me before 5pm qld time.

    • Legend Pepe ❤️

    • Superstar thanks

  • which app on iOS do people use to monitor 7-11 pricing?

    • +2

      For U98?

  • Why is it whenever I use 3u tools to change location then go to the 7-11 app it’s always so slow and often never finds a price to lock?

    • +2

      Usually works okay for me after I swipe it closed and reopen it.

      • Yeah finally got it to lock in!

      • Same thing happens to me when I logout of one account and login to another. If I press to lock-in the map screen comes up but then the app just hangs. Have to swipe it off and reopen to lock.

  • +11

    Can lock for anyone who PM's me in the next 15-20mins

    • +1

      Pm'd :D

      • +1

        Can you please help me lock me as well

        • np, DM me your 711 credentials

    • +1

      Pmed you! :)

    • +1

      thanks for the ride

    • +1

      Thank you LEGEND!

    • +2

      Aaaand my chopper is now grounded until the next big price dip.
      Cheers all

  • -3

    Can anyone help with a lock?

  • Many thanks for your contributions, Vu!

  • +2

    bouta put some 98 in my corolla

    • +1

      Careful you might go over the speed limit now.

    • +11

      This isn't Scomo's doing… it's 7/11 running out of 91 fuel and thus setting the 98 fuel to 91 price

      Also a word about the fuel excise cut.. from Josh Fraudenberg

      Give with one hand and take away with the other

      • -1

        mate 91 price was over 2 dollars not long ago.

        • +1

          You can also thank Scott Morrison for not diversifying out fuel sources then? 91 was never over 2 dollars for the 7/11 crew

  • Hope you guys got spare jerry cans to fill these up!

  • +5

    If only it were 1.618, then we would be golden.

    • +1

      this guy maths

  • +4

    I'm flying around for the next 15 mins, if anyone needs help you know what to send me via PM..

    • Thanks mate, sent you a PM. My chopper is overseas with my kids.

    • Absolute legend

    • Chopper has filled up all seats, any PM sent up till now will be competed and pm sent through when done..

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