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Crucial M4 256GB 2.5" SSD USD$206.63 Delivered


Everyone loves it.

Don't lie.

The body of your bargain is too short. You need at least 10 words.

Mod: Removed expiry as deal seems to be available again.

Mod: Put expiry back on again as price has gone up. 10/5

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  • good deal,but already got intel 520

  • do they still ship here ?

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    Thanks finally pulled the trigger and got one. splurging at 7am.. sigh

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      Hehehe I am still holding out

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    Good deal but just ordered one from the last deal last week. Probably won't get another until price drop to under $200.

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      Smart move, winmye: the sharp cracking and grating sounds you hear are due to a 20% chunk shearing off the global price structure of SSDs. In due course that chunk will slide off the front end, and make a big splash. Penny Wong will claim it's evidence of global warming (Oh wait… she no longer cares if that bugaboo story's true or not: amazing what a change of portfolio does for a politician's "deeply held convictions").


      Sub-$200 for a sensible-spec 256Gb is only six weeks away (at which point I will strike like a cobra, oh yes indeedy I will): we are near a point in the reporting cycle where disk-makers have to channel-stuff in order to meet earnings forecasts - the quest for the last penny of EPS (so they can 'beat' lowered analyst estimates) is back on in earnest.

      That said: $200 is the same amount of money that I spent on the entire computer on which I am typing this (a 2nd-hand 3GHz Dell box with 3.5Gb of mismatched DDR RAM and a 120Gb HDD - takes 3 minutes to boot FFS)… I am a technophile and a tight-arse at the same time.

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        You talk like a retired politician

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          yeah, 1% fact, 99% bullshit

        • -1

          That's all you had? That is so sad.

          Even though you had literally nothing original, enlightening or amusing to say, you felt compelled to say something.

          Life's not an episode of [insert lame laugh-tracked American schlock] where people resolve things through retarded aphorisms and 'zingers', dude.

          You and hotzone should get a room and circle-jerk about how nobody's as smart or as cool-and-edgy as you two. Seriously.

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        A++++ WOULD LOL AGAIN

      • Companies are reporting the last quarter, which has already passed. Sales in this quarter does not matter until they report again in 3 months.

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          That'll be the big one, I believe…the annual reports…

        • +1

          Ahem… let's recap.

          Western Digital (WDC)'s 3Q report was filed May 9 - it's for the 3 months to end-March 2012.

          Next quarter end is end-June - that would be what we analysts call Q4.

          Channels have to be stuffed BEFORE then, amirite?

          Book close for Q4 (and FY2012) is end June. Guidance for revisions to estimates has to happen in mid-May, and if WDC's guidance is not in the top quintile of its previous guidance range its stock will get SMASHED.

          Take a look at revenue and unit shipment compares YoY. Take a look at WDC's forward estimates and you see that they're expected to post 200+% growth in EPS on less than 100% growth in revenue: Q4 and FY EPS estimates have been guided UP over the last 12 weeks.

          WDC is only one example, but it's a bellwether. It's priced at 'perfect execution' levels, and nobody ever executes perfectly.

          That's why I get paid to do this shizzle, yo.

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    Someone said it in the other post…so I'll quote, "Don't need it now, it'll be cheaper when you do…"

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    Must … resist ….

  • I dont understand why the 128gb one cant be shipped here :/

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    Life is too short to be slow

  • So… How long after ordering the one from the other thread at $248.99 do I have to ask Amazon for a refund of the difference? It was done in the other thread by someone. It hasn't even arrived yet. Still expected to arrive 12 days from now. Slightly annoying that the price is down by almost $10USD already. Yes, I know the prices are dropping, but still.

    • b4 its delivered I think.

  • I got my refund about 5 days after I placed the order. Has yours even shipped yet?

    • Has shipped, yes. Last update has it leaving New Jersey on the 1st of May.

  • +3

    Isnt this already part of the other thread?

    • +1

      Didn't know, although I think 90% of people after a ssd wouldn't go looking through a week old deal for price updates.

      • It's on the "front" page, #3 top deal. A mod or the OP could easily update the price, has happened many a time.

        • +1

          After a week not many people are going to notice an updated title, this site almost needs a bump feature.

      • To Purt: How can you indicate that you "didn't know" since you actually voted positive for the other / original post (on the day it was posted)?

        • +1

          Didn't know the new price was posted there.

          jeez, I'm getting interrogated here.

        • jeez, I'm getting interrogated here.

          LOL, you sure are…let me just get that bright light to shine in your eyes…

          Bad StewBalls: Mr Purt, where were you in the early hours of the fourth of May 2012, between the hours of 12 and 2am??? Answer truthfully Mr Purt, it won't go easy for you if you lie!

          Good StewBalls: Just tell us Purt, we can help you if you tell us the whole story, and who your accomplices were!

  • Think I'm about to cave…

    • +1

      Just caved sir.
      Don't think, do.

      • Then cancelled and reordered :D
        Thanks OZB for saving me even moar $

  • How do I contact about getting a refund? I can't seem to find anywhere to contact them. I ordered just a week ago and a new price drop has already happened.

    Edit: Found it finally.

    • Did you get a refund for the difference? How? Mine is already shipped and arrived in AU so I didn't think it was possible.

      • I just asked for a refund an hour ago. Will see if I get one. Mine shipped a week ago, but I haven't received it yet.

        • I'm in the same boat, mine shipped 2 days ago.
          However, I don't think they have a price guarantee policy after ordering.

          Post-Order Price Match Policy

          With the exception of TVs, we do not offer post-order price matching when an item's price drops after you buy it. Our prices regularly change, and the price you paid when your order shipped was the lowest price we were able to offer at the time. We consistently offer competitive prices on everything we carry because we know low prices are very important to our customers.

        • Got a no from the rep when I tried via chat. :(

        • ALWAYS ask the question, the worst amazon can do is to say no, and you only lost 5 minutes typing an email.

          However, it really depends on the rep that you get and the exact status of your order.

    • +1

      Go on Live Chat for the best chance of a refund.

      • Got a no from the rep when I tried via chat. :(

        • Just had an partial refund organised as I paid $248.99 just a few days ago. The rep I spoke to was happy to put it through.

      • Got the entire difference of the price (bought two days ago) returned after delivery email came through

  • According to this review the other SSD has better write speed

  • Once you go Crucial you never go back.

    • I think you'd be a foolish man to discount the performance and reliability of the new OCZ Vertex 4 and the Intel 520 series.

      • Or Samsung!

  • Jeepers! These SSD are getting cheaper by the day….

    Will my ailing hard disk survive another 2 weeks?

  • +1

    Does this come with a bracket?

  • just tried to purchase this and its not able to be shipped to my address??

    • works here (in Victoria)

  • The price has dropped by a couple of bucks, now USD$244.27 delivered…damn you Purt, you & Amazon sure know how to tempt a man! ;)

  • yeah working now..it was defaulting to tiger direct, had to change to amazon

  • +3

    haha USD$236.63 incl shipping

    Edit: I must confess I bought it at this point ;)

    • how come I see USD$222.75 at this moment
      they just price drop again?

      • You are responding to a post that is 45mins old, and if you look one post down, you will see the same amount as what you are posting.

        • yeah I was browsing Amazon & doing the checkout
          (which takes me about 5-6min & then get back here to write something)
          so they drop the price every 40~45 min you reckon? :-P

          and still…I didn't bite the bullet yet! ;-)

  • +3


    • -1


      • Order cancelled - reordered.


        • I've got $30 of amazon gift cards to use. Oh wow this is so tempting.

          Must resist.

  • Purt: Permission granted.

  • +2

    Down to $216.11 as of 1804hrs AEST

    • yeah, + shipping = $222.75

    • aww man, i want to buy it now, but then i know it will drop in the near future
      And I also don't have time now, so I"ll wait for my uni break

      so tempting!

  • Wow, really thinking whether I should get one for my laptop as well at these prices!

    • +1

      May as well wait a bit if its not urgent.
      May be cheaper in 5mins haha ;)

  • +1

    WOWOWOOWOW Its like the Galaxy Nexus

  • I just noticed that both tigerdirect and circuitcity are selling them at US$199.99 on Amazon. But they don't post to Australia.
    I would assume Amazon itself would lower the price further to compete. So buyers beware. On the other hand, if Amazon ever stopp sending this to OZ, then…

    • $216 is competing - as we would still have to pay US->AU shipping.

      • I think the majority of their customers would be American? But as it is the only one can be shipped to OZ directly, you do have point. :-)

  • +4

    Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on SSD. I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us. Unfortunately, we do not have a post-order price guarantee.
    I've reviewed your order and see that the price change is significant from the time the item shipped.
    Under the circumstances, I'll make an exception for you and issue a refund for the price difference in the amount of $32.88. You should see the refund in the next 2-3 business days.
    I've requested a refund of $32.88 to your Master card. You'll see the refund in the next 2-3 business days.
    Is there anything else I can do for you today?


    • nice one!

  • damn, 1 min ago was 199

    • +2

      That was the tiger direct one and they don't ship to aus.

      • i clicked once on the thumbnail right on top and it brought me to the page. i swear i saw it. it stated 52% discount.

        before i was about to post my comment, i did a refresh and it was back to $216, 48% discount.

    • nah it did that for me too-turned out to be a tiger direct reseller

  • Is it cheaper to buy it now than in 6 months ?

    Don't need it now.

    • Definitely in 6 months(as with most technology)

  • Great deal, couldn't resist.

  • +2

    Its just a matter of time before Amazon sell it for $199

  • http://camelcamelcamel.com/Crucial-2-5-Inch-Solid-State-CT25...

    Look at the lovely graph, makes you wonder where it'll be in a week or a month.

  • Wont ship to Brisbane.

    • i dont think so… just ordered one…

      • Ordered to Perth just then, worked ok.
        Check that you're not ordering to a PO box, I hear that fails.

  • Damn it, I was looking for a cheap SSD under $100 and found this deal…now I'm considering buying one.

    Are they going to drop any lower, dont really need one for a couple of months


  • Ordered two last week, How can I ask them to refund the difference?

    • contact them via chat. they might help.

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