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Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine PicoPresso $139 + $9.95 Shipping @ Alternative Brewing


Save for 48 hours on the ultra portable Picopresso espresso maker from Wacaco. Ideal for home or on the move outdoors, it delivers an unmatched espresso shot for its size. Mix with milk or have straight!

Basic Picopresso Brewing Instructions:

Add 20g of Espresso ground coffee to the portafilter, with the funnel attached.
Swirl WDT tool around in the grounds until all clumps are broken up and then tamp. Then add 70 ml of hot water to the top reservoir.
Assemble the brewer and hold it above your cup.
Press the pumping knob until you see the first signs of coffee to form around the basket and wait 10 seconds for pre-infusion.
Once elapsed, begin pumping the handle steadily as the espresso slowly brews.
Keep pumping until no more water has come out. ENJOY!

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    Rep, can you comment on the coffee produced by this as compared to coffee produced by nanopresso?

    • +1

      Again not rep but I prefer the Nanopresso because of the nespresso adapter which the picopresso doesn't support. The quality of the coffee is almost as good as my machine at home

      • Thanks for your feedback. I found using capsule in nanopresso doesn't always give me consistent result. Sometimes coffee doesn't come out well. But I never use it with the nespresso brand capsule. Most of the time I used Starbuck nespresso compatible.

  • +2

    Not a rep but I have both and can comment. I prefer the Picopresso for a few reasons - easier to assemble and brew, easier to clean (by far) and the espresso produced is more to my taste. Oh and it's smaller overall - wider but more compact. Will be moving my Nano on!

    • but i thought the bigger the better..

      • Depends how you use it

        • +1

          It is neither size of the ship, nor the motion of the ocean, but how long the captian stays in port that really matters.

    • Thanks. I watched Alternative Brewing video on this poduct it seems much different from Nanopresso. But it is a bit pricey :-)

  • Based on the description, this doesn't seem all that different from an Aeropress.

    Does anyone have any experiences comparing the two?

    • +3

      Yes, totally different. Aeropress is more of a filter experience, this is as close to espresso as you can get without a machine. Broadly…

      • Not "as close to"…this makes real espresso, unqualified!

        (You could argue Minipresso & Nanopresso (in stock form) do not make "real" espresso, as they have a pressurised basket. But the Picopresso is legit espresso.)

    • +1

      lol, this is completely different to an Aeropress!

      Aeropress makes strong black coffee. This makes real espresso.

      • +2

        lol at neg.

        The lol was completely justified in response to "doesn't seem all that different from an Aeropress". That is like saying a microwave "doesn't seem all that different" to a pizza oven - both you insert food into, and it cooks your food…but the results will be completely different!

        If you took the time to understand how the two devices work, you will understand that "lol" was appropriate. They are VERY different devices that make VERY different types of coffee. :)

  • +1

    for those who is looking to buy, you will need a grinder, cheap $50 ones or pregrind coffee won't cut it. Pre-heating cup and fresh beans are necessary. The pico is a well engineered portable coffee device but the clean up can be messy. It's not meant to be a straight forward no brain needed brewer but it gets the job done, you actually get espresso out of it.

  • @Rep any deals with your 'recommended additions' such as the 1Zpresso JX-Pro Coffee Grinder?

  • I have one of these and find it makes good espresso.
    It is best to preheat by filling with boiled water while you prep.
    When you have everything ready refill with boiled water, then follow the recommended method to brew.

  • I have one - it's good for medium and dark roast, not light, due to temperature limitations. Also 16 grams seems to work better than 18 grams - I'm going to try a puck screen next.

    • I'd try upgrading the basket to an IMS La Pavoni (post mill) as well. I havent got a Pico (yet), but basket upgrade seems like a worthwhile option!

      • Yes have considered it for the big Bertha 20 gram one

  • +1

    Seems like the price has gone up to $169 that was a quick 48h.
    Will the price be reverted to $139 for the remainder of this 48h sale period?

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