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Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Paperback $16.49 (53% off RRP) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Winter is approaching so what a great way to get your fireplace going of an evening. 432 pages of quality paper should keep you going all winter if used sparingly, or for a bit of fun toss the whole thing in at once.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This is a better deal.

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      "When you really need to punch a Rock"

      too soon?

      • Sadly, you ruined the punch line.

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    Will it keep my wife's… nah not even gonna bother

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    Will is the story of how one exceptional man mastered his own emotions, written in a way that can help everyone else do the same.

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      It actually says that!!

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      That is f***ing brilliant!

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      Hahahaha 不不不不不

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      Book starts ….
      Now this is a story all about how
      My life got flipped turned upside down
      And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
      I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air

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      one exceptional man mastered his own emotions

      Sounds like this book should be categorised as fiction.

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      Tbh, apparently he did exceptionally mastered his emotions

      You know like you can screwing around his wife like his sons friend did but g i jane stuff is a taboo in the family

      The best part is he was also laughing to that taboo before the slap and then acted all that love shit speech for sympathy?

      I dont understand how come ppl can justify that and support public violence

      If you find it offensive then dont laugh

  • [insert joke here]

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      they used to complain that the Oscars were too White.

  • Does it come with a free slap?

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      Ask any primary teacher what happens when 'celebrities' model an appalling lack of self-control to children, and adults cheer. You'll get new insight into the direction this world is headed…

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        Please re-read what i said. I'm giving examples of lack of self control that are far far worse than slapping someone by people who seem to have been able to avoid criticism.

        I'm not exactly a fan of the bloke, but i do encourage fair and equitable treatment of all.

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          @Matt P, not attacking you brother, but a lack of holding other people accountable should not reset the benchmark for acceptable behaviour.

          Smith's actions were abhorrent. We shouldn't absolve awful behaviour (ours or others) by pointing out worse.

          Otherwise we are forever lowering the bar.

          • @MattyD: Not suggesting you are :)

            I just have a problem with people getting away with serious assault, while others are held to account to something minor in comparison

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              @Matt P: This is social media justice system. Theres no such thing as fair.

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        Sounds like someones hero just let them down

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        So its OK to be a piece of shit if you're honest about it?

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          Is that what I said? You asked why people were going so crazy, and imho I think it's because it seems out character for him. Please comprehend. Cheers.

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              @Matt P: You need to lift ur troll game…

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    I rather burn my paper rubbish its cheaper!

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    rock bottom

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    Hardcover down to $20 also :-)

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    spanking good deal !

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    This book slaps

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    Are the first editions being cleared because the second edition is going to be amended to..

    WILL: You keep my wife's name out your f***in' mouth

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      He was was actually thinking,

      Will - Ya,all keep your penises out of my wife's mouth. Lol

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    "Don't judge a book by it's cover", they said. I guess it depends on who is on it.

  • It is also uncool to make fun of people appearance too. But i would do it the Aussie way and throw a shoe at him.

      • "Bush was quick enough to dodge the first shoe, found humor in the fact that it almost got him, and immediately knowing the second shoe was at the wrong trajectory he stood steadfast and quickwittedly, knowing that most men only wear 2 shoes at a time, and there was no further danger. That's what he used to call strategery."

      • I once looked up that clip but I got a longer version, has his comments after.


        It's not bad for a guy who was often ridiculed for not being able to think on his feet.

  • ..he needs to rewrite his autobiography

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      He should have used his autobiography. Leave less bruises.

    • Cuckography

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    I Will not.

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    Ricky Jarvis said it best存omething like I wouldnt have told a joke about his wife, Id have told a joke about her boyfriend..

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      Ricky who?

      • "Keep his name out of your f***ing mouth" made him say that but you know what he meant

  • AKA

    What Happens When Narcissists Fall in "Love"

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    Nice! Looking forward to the next release which is meant to be dropping soon, A Cuck Life.

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    Can get firewood/ starter way cheaper

    • yes but does it burn as well?

  • Does this even have the whole story?

  • In the old days you take off your gloves then slap someone

    • I challenge thee to a duel.

      Hahaha. Medievil style.

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    May come in handy next toilet paper shortage

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    I've read the book via audible, and I enjoyed it.
    Very entertaining

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      So you heard?

      • Heard what ?

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          Did it come with the free slap sound effect?

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      Im in the middle of it now. Its a great listen.

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    How tf did security not rush the stage or one of Chris's mates come and back him up? Literally assaulted someone and went and sat down.

    • Likely thought it a harmless stunt. Chris didnt back off when Willy got close.

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        Yeah because he expected to have someone hit him over a harmless joke.

        • Both are/were at peak of their careers. Whod in right mind jeopardise this during Oscar broadcast?

  • Should Will apologize to Rock?

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    • Undoubtedly, a heated discussion between Willys PR people. Expect something to satisfy all parties, particularly, fan$.

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      Of course, he apologized to everyone but him. Will Smith clearly has issues, and was taking it out very undeservedly on Chris Rock. Letting his accept that award was a complete joke.

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    He is a bad boy but whatcha gonna do.

    • When he comes for you

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    Had the book in Audible, got to chapter 3 (just after his father beat the crap out of his mother) then watched him do the same to Chris Rock (ok, he b17ch slapped him) and decided that I didn't want to support someone like that.
    Audible allows you to return a book, even if finished and I had my refund same day.

    • -5

      That's the problem with the world right now. No rational proportional response. Can't tell the difference between a "b17ch slap" which may or may not have been a staged stunt, and a husband repeatedly brutalizing his wife by beating her into a pulp.

      You also seem completely unfamiliar with they cycle of victim becoming perpetrator when it comes to abuse: For all the people that turn their backs on violence due to a violent upbringing there are others for which that behaviour is noramlized.

      Will Smith will be just fine without the Academy, and without your contribution..Other people who are not rich that discarded by society and can no longer get work or support have just one choice left: Turn to crime.

      • Lol. Ration proportionality? You are comparing a slap to a wife beating and suggesting Smith is being treated like a wife beater? Ludicrous. Look at the response.

        He lost his cool and slapped a host over a joke. His punishment is not jail. He's not been shunned by Hollywood. His career isn't over. His horrifying punishment is being banned from attending the Oscars after he assaulted a host live in front of billions. That seems an entirely appropriate level response.

        He's a meme now. You can't get much more proportional.

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    If you're considering this, please also buy this
    with it so amazon will say 'Frequently bought together'

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    I think I'll keep every word of this book out of my #@$&ING mouth

  • Chapter 5: My wife's boyfriends and other entanglements.

  • Man is this going to go, quickly, to the remainder bin.

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    Now this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped turned upside down
    I was chilling at the Oscars, sitting in my chair
    When Chris Rock made a joke about my wife's lack of hair

    I looked at my wife, her eyebrows were raised
    If I didn't act quick, it would be the end of my days
    I was huffin, and puffin, what he said wasn't cool
    I was going to have to take him out to school

    I walked up on stage like I was in the hood
    I wound up my arm and slapped Chris Rock good
    I got in one little fight and the Academy got scared
    "You can take your Oscar, now get out of here"

  • One of chapter titles is "Slapped by a Willy"

  • Am I dreaming? Can someone please slap me?

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