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Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker (2020) $19.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


This deals been up for a couple of days now. I kind of assumed it would already be here but apparently not.

Good for people like me who misplace their keys multiple times a day. Try not to hide one in your exes car.

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    I use these to track people since they don’t get a notification at all


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      And you won't either because nobody has tile trackers :D

      • If you install the app it can tell you how many people are in your area. I just tried it, there's ~600 within a few KM of me (metro coast area). It's hard to know if that's enough to be worth while as most are probably indoors, etc.

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    For those who misplace tv remotes, these are still the best value. Not sure why the tech hasn’t been licensed to tv manufacturers so they can be inbuilt into all remotes, huge missed opportunity. “Hey google ring the Samsung remote” gets a serious workout in my household.

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      I'm considering sticky taping one onto my TV remote, except the Tile is wider than my remote

    • My thoughts exactly. They could have a button on the TV somewhere where if you press it, the remote rings or something.

    • You can get the sticker tiles.

      Not on sale though, and I believe their batteries aren't replaceable

  • Are there any major differences between these and the Apple version?

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      Tile relies on other people on iOS & Android having the Tile app installed.

      AirTags work with basically anyone who has Find My enabled on their iPhone, iPad or Mac, so you'd expect AirTags to work a lot better than Tile, just because there's so many more devices to help find it.

      • Same thing with Samsung SmartTags. As long as someone has a Samsung with their SmartThings app running (which is basically anyone who doesn't mess around with their Samsung phones), you can locate your tag.

  • Apple airtags have a much, much bigger user base. Essentially anyone with an iPhone is part of it.
    If you just want to find the remote at home etc then any tag will work. If you want the best chance of actually getting something returned , keys etc (and you have IOS) then AirTag is the better choice.

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      Me, my wife, and friend all have iPhones.
      None use air tags.
      Curious to what your study group included..

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        If you've activated 'Find My' on your iPhone, you're automatically part of the AirTag network

        • Ah I see.
          So dclee was referring to the function that airbags work of other people’s iPhones for location purposes.
          Ok. Thank you :)

          • @FredAstair: ? Since when iPhones have airbags installed?

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              @wtfnodeal: It cushions the fall when you drop your phone. But of course it will cost you more to replace the airbag, than it would be to replace the screen. Apple 🤷‍♀️

            • @wtfnodeal: Dontcha hate autocorrect.

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      Wow so basically we all are steve jobs slave now?

      • +2

        Not sure if you can be a slave to a dead person.
        But in guess you can be a slave to feeling the need to comment negatively against someone on ozbargains.

      • And if you lose your iPhone, or someone pulls the SIM, or a thief turns iPhone off - everyone else in the Find My network can help locate your phone.

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    This is the 2020 mate version so there is a newer version that is apparently better, but they went back to non replaceable batteries on the new ones so these 2020 ones are far more economical because you dont have to just throw them out every couple of years.

    The double pack with the slim is a good buy too, cheaper than the slim by itself.

    • You can still replace the battery in the 2022 Pro version (which has a much longer range).

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    If you're as forgetful as I am, these things are a godsend. Have saved me hours trying to find keys, phones etc. Just need it to locate my wandering mind and it'd be perfectB

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      Arghhh. I can’t even blame old age because I’ve never been much different. Open the email, decide to do something, get in the lift, get to the other end and forget why I went there. Back to desk, look at email and go “that’s right”. My excuse is by the time I get to the other end I’ve thought about ten different other things.

      • Proves that Humans aren't really built for multi-tasking. We need all the focus and attention we can muster

  • now 14.95, with jb perks down to 4.95

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