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Coke Unleashed Reward with Every Bottle of Diet Coke


You can essentially buy one Diet Coke (450mL) and get the rest (450mL or 600mL) free.

No Coke Unleashed tokens are required for this deal.

All you need to do is submit a Coke Unleashed code from any 450mL, 600mL, 1.25L, 1.5L or 2L bottle of "Diet Coca-Cola".

You'll be credited 10 tokens AND be able to "select a mood" then receive a prize.

Prizes for moods (ranging from $0.99-$9.99 in value) are as follows:

Mood Reward Value Format Valid
Chilled 1x Video Ezy New Release Rental $7.95 Email voucher 30 days or 30th July
Thirsty & Parched 1x 450mL Diet Coke $3.87 RRP Email voucher (7-Eleven/On the Run/Ausfuel/Gull) 30 days or 30th July
Fresh & [Thirsty/Parched (TAS)] 1x 600mL Diet Coke $3.99 RRP Email voucher (Priceline) 30 days or 30th July
Spontaneous, Cheeky & Flirty 1x red or pink nail polish or a pair of stud earrings $7.99 (red); $8.99 (pink); $9.99 (earrings) Email voucher (Diva) 30 days or 30th July
Hungry & Peckish 1x Nando's Mini Pita or Nando's Mini Burger $4.50 (Pita); $4.95 (Mini burger) Email voucher (Nando's) 30 days or 30th July
Inspired, Chuffed, Playful, Nervous, Chirpy, Creative & Fragile 1x Sims 3, Bejewelled, Monopoly, The Game of Life, Tetris, Peggle, or SimCity Deluxe (you pick!) $0.99-$7.99 Mobile game (Apple, Android or Java-enabled devices only) 31st December
Electric, Bubbly, Rowdy, Mellow, Loopy, Frazzled & Giddy 3x EMI music tracks (random; see T&Cs) $6.57 Code for EMI site 31st December

Note: For a lot of the vouchers, it looks like you need to hand over your bottle code as well.

Also note: ANY code from a Diet Coke bottle - this promotion or otherwise - will work. However, note that the cashier might ask for you code with the required mood.

Full terms and conditions (including detailed prize information) here

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  • Is there anything stopping you from just looping through diet coke bottles to generate tokens at no cost?

  • It looks like the "mood" is printed on the outside of the label. As long as you make sure you grab a bottle with the "mood" that you want, it all seems kosher. I wonder if the "no more than 10 codes per week" rule still applies.

    • 10 codes/week still applies.
      I'm not sure about the mood on the bottle though, as I entered a code from a diet coke bottle without a mood promotion label, selected a mood and got the associated reward.

  • +2 votes

    wish they had this offer for normal coke!

  • so if you buy 1 diet coke you get infinte diet coke for free?
    seem to good to be true

    • That's essentially what you can do, although it means you have to:
      1. Buy a Diet Coke bottle.
      2. Redeem the code.
      3. Redeem voucher for coke.
      4. Repeat steps 2-3.

      So, it's ~1/day, unless you take your phone into 7-Eleven and keep pealing off/redeeming codes, but I don't know that the cashier would appreciate that.

  • Thank you to the mysterious person who put the magical table up. Where did it come from? Who cares.

  • Some labels i entered yesterday gave me 20 points instead of 10 can anyone explain this( Point Acceleration Bonus Points0 ///…..???

  • problem I see is that everyone is now going to take the bottle with the free Coke mood, so there will probably be none of those left lol. But endless Coke for all of May and June sounds great to me!

    • dont you get to chose your mood when after you enter the code anyway?
      And not that many people i know like diet coke, they either go for coke zero or normal coke.
      Most people will just do this for the token

      • I think the mood is shown on the label - so you can pick which mood before you buy.

  • Solid first post. Nice work.

  • Hello diabetes!

  • You select your mood after you enter the code. I just chose fresh and I had a thirsty bottle plus I received the ten points and an email voucher for a 600ml from Priceline.

    Time to donate a massive amount of label-less diet coke to charity! Poor souls thinking they received REAL coke could be a similar reaction like in Seinfeld.

    Rebecca: Are you the ones leaving the muffing pieces behind our shelter?

    Elaine: You been enjoying them?

    Rebecca: They're just stumps.

    Elaine: Well they're perfectly edible.

    Rebecca: Oh, so you just assume that the homeless will eat them, they'll eat anything?

    Mr. Lippman: No no, we just thought…

    Rebecca: I know what you thought. They don't have homes, they don't have jobs, what do they need the top of a muffin for? They're lucky to get the stumps.

    Elaine: If the homeless don't like them the homeless don't have to eat them.

    Rebecca: The homeless don't like them.

    Elaine: Fine.

    Rebecca: We've never gotten so many complaints. Every two minutes, "Where is the top of this muffin? Who ate the rest of this?"

    Elaine: We were just trying to help.

    Rebecca: Why don't you just drop off some chicken skins and lobster shells.

    Elaine: I think I might!

  • Yeah, but it's diet.

  • For the mobile games one, do you get to choose which game, or is it random? I wouldn't mind Sims 3, but not at the expense of possibly getting Bejewelled.

    • From the Coke Unleashed terms:

      ..enter your details including the Redemption Code received in your email notification, then select your preferred game from the dropdown menu and press 'ENTER'.

      So yes, you get to choose your game. Updated deal to reflect that.

  • Has anyone had any luck so far finding a Priceline or Seven Eleven that sells the promo mood bottles not coke unleash only ones?

    Holding out hope Seven Eleven stock them soon due to it being a relatively new promo. I have my doubts about Priceline, since I just came from there and they were selling out of date coke. I really hope that this is not the catch besides it also being a 1/day redemption.

    • You'll still get a prize if your bottle of Diet Coke has a code on it - I redeemed an old one earlier today.

      So, it comes down to the prize you want and how much the cashiers know about the promotion.
      a. If you want a digital prize, any code will do.
      b. If you want a physical prize, hope that the cashier doesn't ask for your bottle label with the required mood (seems silly though that they should, but that's what the T&Cs say).

      • +1 vote

        I confirm that bottles without the mood works. But for prizes where you need to hand over your label, it looks like the prize vouchers are generic so I suspect they'd want the actual mood label that matches that prize before they give you the prize.

      • I have one voucher for a Priceline 600ml Diet Coke and one for a Seven Eleven 450ml Diet Coke. Under the bold T&C only the Priceline voucher states "'Diet Coke' mood label must be presented with voucher at time of use"

        The Seven Eleven voucher for 450ml does not state this. Looks like a loop hole.

  • How is this your first post? Excellent formatting and you have managed not to beg for kindness. Bravo!

  • Thanks for the chart, the Video Ezy voucher looks tempting, don't know if I want to start drinking Diet Coke though..

  • I tried to use the 10 tokens but the shop only shows discount coupons but no free Coke or Video Ezy prize, am I missing something here?

  • It is just on the homepage of coke unleashed, but you need to have a specially marked Diet Coke (ie. not zero or regular coke). "Reward your mood with Diet Coke" is what it says.

  • Update.. says on website you need specially marked diet cokes, but I just entered and won a sims 3 game just using a diet coke label I picked up during taking a walk with the dog. I picked "creative" on how I was feeling to get the sims 3 game.

    When I went to redeem the game (you could pick apple or android) it let me select between quite a few different games.

  • Thanks I have got 3 free diet coke in 2 days. I can comfirm that you dont even need the right mood on your coke label.
    You dont even need a special mark label at all.
    Just buy any diet coke and enter the code on coke unleash and chose thirsty mood then print the voucher and then redeem the voucher at any 7/11
    I wish i can triple + this but i accidentally vote neg and cant vote again

  • Anyone thought of a way to get more then 10 bottles / week without multiple accounts?

    You need to enter the code before the voucher is awarded so you can only ever get 10 free bottles a week with one account unless you redeem the same voucher at multiple Seven Elevens or Pricelines (and enter those points in after the promotion.) However, that is risky as they could possibly track the bar-code to your email address once they realize only one Seven Eleven or Priceline is being reimbursed by Coke not the other 4 or so you went to with the voucher with the same bar-code. I myself have not tried this. Just curious to see whether anyone has..

    Anyway, I gave a couple of my Diet Cokes to the clerks… Seems like a friendly way to get on their good side. :)

  • To everyone who is putting in different "moods" from those on their label, or when their label doesn't have a "mood" at all: As expected, the online system won't stop you from doing this, but don't you think that the guys at head office might notice little things like the total number of reclaimed codes being less than half, but the number of free cokes claimed being twice the number of labels that they printed for that prize? Seems like a good way to get nice prize draws like this never to be repeated.

  • Thanks op. Just started today…. got a 600ml diet vanilla coke reduced to $2 at servo cuz i'm lazy like that. I know, i know i could've gotten a 1.25l/2l cheaper at coles… but i'm gettting free unlimited cokes so i can justify spending $2

  • Got a 600ml Diet Coke today at lunch with the cokeunleashed label, but it has no code!? Just says 'enter the unique code found on the right online', but is blank space.
    Previously only redeemed coke zero bottles - is this common for diet coke? Am I missing something?

    • Happens sometimes…missing codes or blurred together. Just shoot an email to Coke unleashed team and they will send you one. Or you can just ring them. They are usually pretty helpful and have sorted out similar issues for me.

    • have a look, it might be on the right or left of the blank box. maybe even ontop of the T&C text.
      I've had that happen before.

  • Works on any Diet Coke label. I have been doing this competition since it started with labels the garbage men pull off bottles for me. Anyone want free coke? Don't think I'll be drinking the 20 bottles a week that I can accumulate :/

  • "there are no games available for your handset"

    HTC One X (android 3.0)

    thanks for that EA….

  • has anyone else had trouble with not getting to choose a mood with non-mood labelled bottles? It happened to me first time today (1 June).