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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker A$34.62 Delivered @ Hekka


3 cent more expensive than last year Black Friday deal posted by Clear (link).
Select AUD as currency to get the posted price or lower with your awesome credit card conversion.

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    Best wait for the 7 to be released any day now…

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      I know you will comment that lol

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        It's the truth

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          "Those that tell the truth are the most hated"
          People like sweet lies, so the western media prioritises it

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      Won't it be expensive being the latest model? This model may be a better value for money.

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        You have a point.

        • I take my point back though if 6 is much worse than 7. I haven't compared features.

          • @virhlpool: The history of Mi Bands upgrades are good though. Every upgrade has had some good extra features, with the 6 having the much bigger screen (AKA smaller bezels too)

            • @Zackeroo: I've wore my mi bamd 4 and my mi band 6 I've used daily or like yk whenever i have it on since i got it. It's step counter is either just bad or like slow or something because it always count less, i wore both one day and yeah everyday mi bnad 4 have a few thousand more. and I like being able to reach my 10000 step goal easier or would've been 15k steps if i wore my mi band 4, anyway give a complaint not too long ago just received another mi band 6 for free so guess i can sell one to buy the evemtual 7 plus i saw there's an nfc model now?! omg! finally a watch w nfc but now i havw a poco f3 w nfc not a f1 bruh no need for nfc watch now smhsmh

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                @AndrewMTG: I think you need to sleep. It's late and your English is taking a hit. Good job on getting a free Mi Band 6 though lol.

                I like being able to reach my 10000 step goal easier

                You're just cheating yourself. You're still doing the same number of steps either way, one band is just overestimating the number of steps you're doing. In this situation, you should accept the challenge and stick with the Mi Band 6. They've probably fixed the step counter which is why it's showing you're doing less now.

              • @AndrewMTG: Did you have one set to left hand and the other set to right hand? I've tested my Mi Band 4 and 6 at the same time. The step count was the same for me.

    • Best wait for the 7 to be released any day now…

      Haven't they decided to skip 7 this year?

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    3 cent more expensive, no deal for me

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      exactly, what has this site turned into, OzSplurge?

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        Ikr, and that was a whole year back as well. They should be paying us to buy these expired products at this point, this is essentially a clearance sale.

  • Foreign or local stock?

    • Its foreign stock, so probably ship either from china or HK.

  • Same a dollar in USD lol hmm

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    Has anyone dealt with Hekka , how reliable are they ?

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      Took ages for my mi band 6 to arrive when I ordered it, over a month but the product it self came in fine

      • Strange. Mine came in 2 weeks from the Black Friday deal.

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      Link please

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      I'd love to see where you got this half price on Ali?

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      Not to mention Aliexpress where many things never arrive at all (am speaking from experience).

      • I've done quite a bit of business with AliExpress over the last couple of years and the main thing I would say is DO NOT USE "Cainiao Super Economy Global" as the courier. Pay the extra (oops, sorry, OzBargain) for "AliExpress Standard Shipping" or Singapore Post - and then you'll get your stuff, tracked, in a couple of weeks - generally. Cainiao is the crappiest courier service I've ever used.

    • +3

      I think you forgot you were commenting on OzBargain, not talking to a normal, uneducated human.

  • This is a great price, I just picked up the Xiaomi / Amazfit GTS posted a few days ago for $75. Otherwise I'd be all over this!

  • Thanks, my band broke on my older mi band so grabbed this deal with the extra band for $2 more.

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      I had a band break too, you can get replacements on ebay.

  • Thanks, was just thinking of upgrading from my Mi band 2 today.

  • Band broke on my 5
    Waited for the 7 but it’s kinda taking too long..
    Purchased this deal with the extra band and screen protectors (black version is sold out)
    $35.70 all up

    Let’s see if this turns up..

  • Thanks OP, bought one for my son.

  • I have the mi 5 but find it hard to read the text…
    Is this better?

    • yes this has a bigger screen, great for viewing indoors. but it doesnt auto-adjust brightness. i use my on mid-brightness, and its hard to view in full sun outdoors

      • It may have a bigger screen but doesn't mean the writing is larger (not sure myself as don't own a 6). It will allow more on screen. To be honest, I think the Mi 5 is very clear, even outdoors compared to previous models. If you find it hard to read, it might be time for a specsaver deal :-).

        • Yes i must admit my eyes arent young anymore. When I say text I mean the sms and notifications not watch face. Oh menu also hard to read…

          • @ChiMot: Yeap, I understood. My eyes getting older but am still ok to read the SMS's as txt fairly bright and crisp. Next year might be a different story though!. Wish one could adjust font size to be a margin bigger.

  • Recommend using the notify app on the Play Store for much more features instead of official mi fit app.

  • This is good value and great fitness tracker.

    Much better than the Fitbit Versa it replaced. Highly recommended and > 1/4 the price of fitbit charge.

    Liked so much have given it as presents.

    Downside - no NFC

  • +1

    Do we get charged foreign transaction fee if buy from this website?

    • Depends if your bank charges a fee. PayPal charges a conversion fee i think

    • +2

      "You've sent a payment of $34.70 AUD to DTGC PTE. LTD. ([email protected])"

      It's guaranteed Commbank will hit me with the 3% ($1) International tx fee…

  • Only reason I want. This is sp02 measurement, but some people online saying it sucks is it really that bad?

    • I just watched a YouTube video on this
      They say it’s manageable

      Eg with one of the tinder ones it was reading between 95/98

      With the band it read between 91/98

      • @letmethefuqin tinder as the dating app ?

        • Oops typo. “Finger” not tinder 😵‍💫

    • I doubt it's medically accurate but it gives me a good indication. Reason I say is that I use a cpap machine for sleeping. On the few nights I don't use it, my sleep 'breathing' score (based on sp02) goes from high 90s to 'need attention' or 'see a doctor' level.

      • Does it actually give you those recommendations or is it just a raw number?

        • +1

          Both. Like I said, I think the raw number is probably meaningless. Deviation from the baseline is more useful.

  • Thanks OP, I got one. Have been umming and ahhing ever since my Fitbit charge 3 carked it 3 months ago. This is a bit thicker, but much better screen and either way can't go wrong at this price.
    Came out at $34.70 delivered for me.

  • Showing $58 for me with AUD currency set :(

  • Enter the code at check out

  • +1

    It now says the Code is not valid for that item??

    • +1

      HEKKAMI6 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

      Yeah, not working here for me either.

  • +2

    I'm getting a discount error the code doesn't work..

  • I just mark it as EXPIRED now as the code no longer work.

  • FYI I purchased this watch model from Banggood and even though it's advertised as good for swimming it died in the butt while wading in waist deep water. You then can't claim it under warranty since Banggood weren't authorized Xiaomi sellers. Not sure if it's the same for Hekka.

  • o no…..miss the deal :(

  • Anyone got tracking movement yet? Mine just says shipment information received 19/4/22

  • Absolutely no movement on mine 12/4/22

  • Anyone got any updates on shipping yet?

  • Mine says custom clearance completed today. So it's somewhere in Australia.

    • Arrived today 10/5

      • In the Mi Fitness app, setting the region to Australia won't allow the connection to Mi Band 6. Changing the region to China works.

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