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CyberPower 8 Outlet Power Board with 2 USB $28.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Harris Tech via Amazon AU


Ozbargain's favourite power board for a decent price. Not the lowest ever but not bad if you're looking to buy one, and comes with free delivery if you have Prime.

Appears theses are not favorites anymore as some people have had quality issues. IMO still worth it as you've always got:
- Free returns with Amazon
- $50,000 lifetime warranty with CyberPower

For what it's worth, I and several other commenters haven't had any issues with ours.

Credit to jebdra with the alternative 6 Port Jackson individually switched at Woolies for $23.10.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +11

    Ozbargain's favourite power board

    Huh. Most people here seem to dislike it… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/687731

    • 127 reviews from amazon, 4.5 stars.
      hummm. might give it a go?

      • +5

        Don’t. I have two units.

        The plugs fall out, and the USB power is inadequate.


      • +2

        Some have had bad experiences…I myself have about 6 around the house & have only ever had 1 fail on me…
        Maybe I'm just lucky but from personal experience I recommend them

    • +4

      The Belkin is the favourite. Way better quality than this unit, even if specs on paper seem less.

    • +1

      Yeah I nearly purchased this a few times and then waited to look at the comments
      This is definitely not OzBargain's favourite power board
      The big boi mentioned below is

    • I agree. Used to own this- didn't last well.
      I currently have 7 ( including different varieties) of Belkin Powerboards, all work well.
      One had developed loose switches but it was under lifetime warranty, so after 5+ yrs, full money refunded, and got a newer version ( and actually had some left over money).

  • +6

    $0.10 extra for shipped and delivered by Amazon.
    Rather pay the extra than a third party seller cough Harris Technology

    • thanks for the heads up. got it from amazon although it will only arrive next month

  • +3

    I've been using one at least for the past 4-5 years and it's still good. Both USB ports are still kickin'

  • +8

    These boards have quality and in my experience safety issues.

    • +3

      What happened in a nutshell?

      • -10

        Don't you read? Quality and safety issues. Duh.

        • Thanks for the insight

      • +1

        They were a favourite when I got my 7 a few years ago… Honestly, it might come down to luck, but all mine have been fine. You've always got:
        - Free returns with Amazon
        - $50,000 lifetime warranty with CyberPower

        Looking through the newer threads, there are some people complaining about:
        - Static sounds
        - Loose plugs
        - Bad USB performance

        Never had issues with mine so sounds like faulty units, or maybe quality has gone down.

        One person opened theirs up and it was fine.

        Another person got a recall due to fire risk for another brand and says it applies to this brand too, but I can't find anything online about CyberPower issuing one.

  • +7

    If rather have this Jackson 6 port individually switched at Woolies for $23.10 (on special this week)


    Too easy to fry something pushing a plug into a live socket.

    • That’s a good price for Jackson, especially you get limited lifetime warranty

      I bought mine from JB for $40.77 for 6 individual switched with 4 USB A ports

  • +4

    This is not a good unit. Previous threads say the grounding can be faulty. It has high specs but the quality and design is poor.

    • Yeah and still no individual switches for each plug we are stuck in 90s forever

      • +1

        Haha I always look for this comment. Where are the 8 outlet powerboards with individual switches already!!

        • +1

          I have plenty of them i bought a while back, i think from Catch or some online store.

  • +6

    I bought 3 of these in bulk 1 year ago and I don't recommend them especially if you need to usb ports. The usbs are underpowered, my usb devices sometimes goes haywire and I didn't notice were due to this board as first, but I figured out after I bought a baseus usb light and then it don't stop flickering when connect to them. Switched to a Jackson board and everything works nicely and never looked back. If you're not using the usbs they are ok though.

    • +4

      Honestly, unless it's a dedicated USB charger bought from a decent company, I just assume the USB ports will be hot garbage

  • +4

    People really need to stop hitting plus on crap products
    It's common knowledge this is not a good product

    • Happens all the time on ozbargain these days, sadly positive votes doesnt always mean a good deal anymore.

    • your comment just hurt amazon by $28

  • +4

    Is it really that bad? Have a Sony 55" TV, PS5, Switch, XSX and my laptop all connected. Never had any issues and no high pitched noise like my previous Belkin boards!!

    Edit: Are there any recommended slim 8 outlet powerboards with a 2m lead?

    • Here you go: https://www.thortechnologies.com.au/product/thor-smartbrain-...

      Not cheap but better than any Belkins, CyberPower etc

      • Dafuk 😳
        $150 that too for 4 outlet board

      • Powerboards at that price make no sense.

        Better off with a ~$100 UPS that has AVR and run all devices off surge only ports (not battery ports) then hook up all devices to a regular Belkin power board.

        • A $100 UPS can't handle much load.

          A $120USD product with SSW can only handle one soundbar.

          If I'm missing something, I'd value a detailed response or link to information that fills in the information that I'm unaware of.

          • @Beyond: Like i said, dont run it off the battery. Run it off the surge point in the UPS.

            All you want the UPS to do is regulate the voltage - no powerboard, regardless of price - can do.

            All surge boards have is an MOV - regardless of price.

            Youre paying for the marketing. An AVR UPS blows any of them out the water.

            • @Ahbal: The 4 way THOR powerboard that I linked above has a 3637J surge protection, can you link a UPS that has similar surge rating?

              • @ganymede: sigh

                Surge protection is pointless without voltage regulation.

                Voltage spikes and brownouts are quite common too.

                You buy a UPS for the AVR, then couple it with a surge board, as I said.

                You're assuming I'm suggesting to use a UPS by itself, which I am not.

            • @Ahbal: I find this concept interesting.

              Though, your suggestion for a UPS @ $100 w/ AVR was a bit of an exaggeration, right?
              ..Or is there a brand I should start looking into?

              • @Beyond: Definitely not exaggerating.

                Cyberpower value pro ones with AVR constantly are around that mark on Ozb during ebay promos.

                You dont need high capacity - because we wont be using it-, literally just a single surge non battery port to benefit from the AVR (automatic voltage regulation). Then you plug in your high surge protection power board.



        • THOR are renowned for actually honouring their warranty of surge protection. A lot of AV users buy only Thor Powerboards. ( I got quite a few when they were on special for a lot less than that for 8 power sockets). There have been many AV people who have lost equipment through lightning strikes and Thor have honoured the warranty and paid out all the damaged equipment connected via the Thor.

          • @lonewolf: Uhh… If you were responding to me, thanks I guess, but I was stating that I was unfamiliar with the UPS scenario that Ahbal was suggesting at such a low price.

            I believe he was just pointing out that if you're only after surge protection, then a UPS with AVR would be a more suitable choice.

            A lot of AV users only buy Thor due to their effective filtration, the warranty likely had little to do with their purchase besides it being in Australia if they resided there.

            I have a Line EMI meter and it did quite a good job on the A12BF compared to other products. If you look below you can see my other post.

          • @lonewolf: If they used a UPS + a regular decent surgeboard, instead of a "thor" powerboard (or any), they wouldnt have lost their equipment in the first place.

            Thats my point.

            And decent UPS manufacturers still offer that same warranty anyway.

            • @Ahbal: UPS don't usually stop lightning strikes and not many companies honour the warranties. All companies state warranties but whether they honour it is a different story..especially for lightning strikes…

              • @lonewolf: Doesn't your home insurance cover lightning strikes?

    • He linked the wrong one, there is no slim 8 eight.

      These two are slim 7s


      Here are two wide 8s


      These can usually be found on eBay for 30% less than RRP.
      I own the A12BF, plastic design, damn good filtering.
      If you're not after noise filtration, then these are probably overkill.

      • +1

        I’ll think about them if 90% off.

        • As I said, these are for users who are interested in noise filtration.

  • +1

    I have 8 of these between my and my brothers house. No issues with any of them for home theatre / study use. Not sure where all the whining is coming from…

  • +1

    I have a few around my house, no noise or issue at all

  • We need those 8 outlet individual switch powerboard with usb and surge protection including TV antenna pass through.

    I can't find anything anywhere.

    I have 3 boards from the catch ten years ago and they still work fine. None of them are made or available now

    This cyber trash keeps getting listed

    I don't understand why we gone backwards and those power cubes are a joke

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