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NordVPN 2-Year Subscription (New Customers Only) US$89 (~A$120) + 90% ShopBack Cashback (Expired)


Choose United States as your country during checkout to avoid added GST.

To Ensure NordVPN Cashback and Promo Code Eligibility:

Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error
Use only promo codes from ShopBack

Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated
Returns, exchanges & cancellations
Purchase of Nordpass and Nordlock plans / programmes / subscriptions
Purchases paid for with cryptocurrency

Mod: Referral links not permitted

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1 Free month of NordVPN for both referrer and referee.

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  • +3

    Always deserve an upvote for avoiding GST.🤫

    • +2

      I only upvote 10% of those posts.

  • +1

    Very timely!

    I just set up an alert for a new VPN deal last night as my Stong VPN subscription has expired. This isn't the cheapest deal for Nord that I've seen but cheaper than renewing with Strong.

  • +1

    I see nord advertised everywhere, so naturally I'm wary of it. Has nord been independantly audited before?

    The alternative for me is proton VPN but they're a decent amount more expensive

    • +1

      An article I found helpful in comparing the privacy aspects of a few VPNs.

      Might stick with Proton or Mullvad

      • +1

        +1 for mullvad
        Moved from PIA after they were bought out by ghost vpns owner

        They're a little more expensive but seem to be better on the privacy side of the house

        • Yeah I decided to do one month of mullvad, really cool how you just have a user code and no password. I like it so far but unfortunately there's only an OpenVPV server for Perth and no wireguard ones.

          Will stay away hard from NordVPN as they assign device ID'S which IMO severely reduces the utility of a VPN.

  • +4

    Still haven't received the cashback on the last year promotion.
    Just beware and cancel within timeframe with NordVPN if the cashback is not registered.
    Went through all the hoops and requirements last time and still didn’t receive the cashback. Shopback said it is not registered and NordVPN did not respond.
    Interestingly, Shopback works well for little amounts all the time. When it gets to higher figures I didn't find them particularly fair in my experience.

    • I noticed the same thing with SB/CR

    • When you went through it last year did the cashback track into your account but later on they wouldn't confirm it? Because my cashback for this deal has already tracked, took maybe an hour.

      Also I previously got a 2yr SurfShark VPN deal (basically the same as this one) and ShopBack worked fine, I got the full amount.

      • It did track the transaction with the right amount and 90 days - if I recall correctly, to confirm. 90 days passed and nothing happened. Then on my following up they said none is recorded and weren't responsive.

        • +1

          From what you said it's going to be very hard to cancel within the timeframe since you only have 30 days to cancel with nord but it takes 90 days to confirm :/

  • +3

    Cashrewards says 95%…

    • Yeah, but I only maintain one cashback account so I was waiting for ShopBack.

  • +2

    Just an FYI for people interested in using this VPN to watch IPL on Disney Hotstar India’s subscription, it doesn’t work. Also, the 4K content on the same often keeps buffering :(

  • this work with netflix and hulu?

    • many of the IP address on netflix have been blocked.

  • +1

    pull the trigger on Nord ,, will see how long they going get the cashback

  • Is it still 90% cashback? The SB website states 50%

  • Looks like its 97.00% Cashback right now?

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