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[SUBS] Watch The Batman in 4K @ HBO Max (VPN Required)


The Batman will be available to stream on HBO Max @ 5:01PM AEST.

Still in cinemas in Australia. Not yet available for streaming on any other platform.

Users who wish to Block "Additions to Streaming Services" can do so by clicking on the Streaming Service Addition tag, then clicking the 3 dot menu, then clicking hide on new deals and/or front page. More info here.

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  • +9

    Amazing deal.
    The amazing Batman
    Far from home since VPN required.

    • +4

      Is that a haiku as well?

      • +5

        you taught me a new word called

        • +14

          Five, seven, then five
          Syllables mark a haiku
          Remarkable oaf

          • +12

            @DisabledUser87799: Fasten seatbelts tight,
            Your seat cushions float gently,
            Headsets - five dollars.

  • +78

    Sweet. Hopefully this means it will be available on the high seas soon.

    • +3


    • +11

      Within minutes I would say ;)

      • +1

        ill wait for the "high seas" release which should be within a few hours from the 5pm

        • +3

          Oh it's up already

          • -1

            @itsHughesy: That is unbelievable!

            Just disgusting. Can you PM me the link so that I can report it to the proper authorities?

            • +2

              @Justin Powell: I'm really surprised people can't recognise this as being tongue-in-cheek.

              • @strangeloops66: Oh wow I got neg'd? I thought I layed it on thick enough that surely everyone knew I was being sarcastic and wanted to watch the movie lol.

    • +9

      It set sail earlier this morning.. it’s regular version and it’s big brother HDR

      • +5

        She set sail earlier this morning.. her and her big sister HDR

        For the old salts

      • +3

        Thankyou for not being able to get sea shanties out of my head now!

    • +9

      That’s been one of the best part of Covid..

    • +10

      It already is

      • Yep, was gonna say

      • -2

        the 4k version looks absolutely dog sh*t tho

    • +2


      • Nzb arrrrr

    • +3

      See you all at the "bucaneerharbour".com

    • The new sea found booty is really quiet. Wait a tiny bit longer.

    • +3

      Waiting for x265 on the high seas because my NBN sucks.

    • it is

      • Return To Monkey Island, soon? 🐒

    • +9

      Well it cost on average 60 for a couple to go watch batman at the cinemas with some snacks… Or you pay 15 for a subscription and watch it at home and cancel the re sub … I guess that's what he was indicating when he said "still at cinemas"

        • +2

          Please show me the posts for "every single movie" that was put up ?

          You're embarrassing yourself..
          Just close the tab and move on.

      • +1

        If you're buying Cinema food you're making a mistake, and if you're going to a cinema that doesn't let you bring your own food in, you shouldn't bother going there.

        • Event Cinemas doesn't allow you to bring food in


          • +6

            @Homr: I didn't think any cinema lets you bring food in, but they'll only stop you if you're really obvious like carrying it in your hands when you walk in. Just pack it in a bag or backpack and staff won't even notice; it's not like they're in the aisles patrolling what people are eating and whether they got it from the snack bar.

      • +2

        We caught it from our kid. At home.

      • +4

        Batmans mask is not covid safe

  • +4

    Now this is a good subs deal

    Still in Cinemas

    Going to be available with a subscription right away so you don't have to buy the DVD/digital release/movie ticket to view it.

    These are the only types of Subs deals that should be allowed

    • +10

      Arrrr this be the kind of deal a pirate likes to hear.

  • +2
  • +2

    How is the movie? Is it slow and boring?

    • +3

      I enjoyed it personally. I didn’t find it to be overly long as there’s a lot going on.

    • The first half is fantastic, then it turns into a generic Marvely movie towards the end.

    • +1

      It’s great for the first two hours, the last hour felt a bit drawn out.

      • -1

        Yeah I still have to watch the last hour lol.. no reason why it had to be 3h.

        Anyway noticed its on, signed up for $68/year in the recent deal via Brazil, worth it.

    • +1

      IMO it wasn't that fun. Super long movie and felt like another rather safe, dark adaptation of a super hero movie.

    • Waste of space. Boring.

    • I thought it was terrible, almost fell asleep. I don’t think you’ll ever match or beat the Christopher Nolan trilogy

      • Someone did in Gold Class. Luckily the food kept me entertained.

  • Recommendation for a decent VPN that isn’t tragically slow ?

    • +2

      Mullvad & windscribe both work extremely well

      • +3

        +1 for Windscribe.

      • +1 for Mullvad

  • +1

    How does on get HBO Max?

    • +5

      Apple TV, with a US iTunes/Apple account and VPN.

      The way HBO Max restricts is via US account and via US App Store. Sideloading can be a problem due to DRM.

      Payment is the least of the problems, as it’s likely to be $20/month unless it’s a 6m/1yr deal.

      If you need the HBO Max app on your TV or chromecast/shield/ATV, so you can access Dolby Vision and 4K, etc. it’s easier to have the Apple subscription(s) so you can avoid hassles.

      You don’t actually need the ATV hardware, just the VPN to subscribe within the Apple TV app, as an iTunes subscription.

      You may also need US iTunes prepaid cards to top up the account for Apple TV and HBO Max.

      In short, it’s a huge hassle just to access a single movie.

      If you just want HBO Max, that’s going to be more complicated, because you need the VPN, and a CC with a real US address. You can use HBO Now gift cards, but it’s much easier (and more expensive) to use the Apple provided access.

      Privacy.com or other virtual cards can work, but not every card will, as HBO will check your address and change access to content depending on the account address. Unlike Netflix which doesn’t really care.

      • +7

        Probably easier for me to just Torrent the movie. Thanks for your advice.

      • +1

        No need US cc and address if you can sideload to Android TV…

      • This gave me a brain bleed. Poor unfortunate Apple users.

  • Which country is available?

  • +1

    But does it have hours of terrible (amazing) Ice puns?

  • odd no hdr

  • Or just download from the dark Web

  • I signed up the other day so I could watch the Tony Hawk movie (which is epic if you're into that type of thing, btw) so I might as well watch this as well. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • According to a Roadshow Facebook ad, this will be available to watch from 5pm eastern today on digital services in Australia, however you'll need to pay the full price to buy the movie.

    • And yes it's now live available to buy for $34.99 or rent for $29.99. FYI

  • Tried signing up to HBO Max using a US VPN but it requires a bank card from a US based institution, what's a workaround?

    • +2

      A bunch of us did the cheaper Brazil and Argentina sign ups a little while back using deal on here, seemed to work OK with some Aus CC options.

  • +4

    Hi guys,

    For those on Android TV:

    1. Sideload HBO Max APK from APKMirror (use the available tutorials) and install
    2. Use VPN App on AndroidTV (i use KeepSolid UnlimitedVPN)
    3. Open HBO Max and choose sign up (or choose a movie then it will ask you to sign up)
    4. Choose a plan then your credit card which is stored on your google wallet will be available as payment method (somehow selecting Google Pay credits has the 'not available in your region' message)
    5. After paying, you may still have issues, then just simply go to Google TV settings to force close HBO Max and reopen it again.

    The above method doesn't need any US-based google/itunes account and/or cc with US addess. I'm using CBA Ultimate btw.

    I think its worth it for $10 USD for catching up on the latest movies such as the Oscar nominated ones then unsubscribe using Google Play's manage subscription screen so that it doesn't auto renew.

    • Thank you mate, appreciate the effort. Will give it a try. Is there a trial with HBO max?

      • +1

        I couldn't find one 😅

        However, without paying anything you already get access to the HBO Original series…

        • Saw that, good way to test vpn is working before committing to the cost.

          What else - recent - is worth watching? Far from Home? Matrix 4?

      • The Flight Attendant is a free one i think ;)
        Been enjoying Tokyo Vice

  • HBO Max doesn't get fooled by PureVPN. Anyone had any luck with PureVPN?

    Trying on my macbook pro in chrome and safari

    • -2

      Try incognito?

  • +2

    I was hyped for this but at three hours I'm suddenly apprehensive…

  • +1

    This thread has turned into OzPirates 🤣

    • +9

      More like ozBarrrrgain

  • Great movie. Recommend watching it at the cinemas unless you have a great home system.

    • +2

      But I reckon ozbargain spirit would still prefer FREE instead?

    • Just finished watching it… I dont think I can sit straight through a 3 hour movie without a toilet break!

      • I took a quick one but didn't miss much thankfully.

        • i ff/skipped twice,
          at the car racing/chasing scene
          when batman visiting riddl on the jail

          uhhh boring

  • Will Getflix DNS work without VPN ?

    • +1

      Yes, I have Hulu and HBO Max just using Getflix DNS.

  • What's the minimum cost? AUD 13.5 ?

    • +3

      I signed up for 12 months in Colombia via tunnelbear free $60AUD
      Using surfshark as my VPN to Houston. on the $25 amazon firestick on my TV.. bloody awesome.

      • curious why you used tunnelbear if you already have surfshark?

      • Is that offer still on? I noticed someone else mentioned a Brazil deal too.
        Don't mind spending AUD 60 for 12 months

  • Great. Thanks for the heads-up.

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