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¥5000 Yen (~A$53) off International Shipping Fees for Your First Time Order from Mercari Japan @ Buyee


Buyee is a Japanese proxy shopping service, Mercari is a Japanese online marketplace somewhat like eBay. There are a lot of second-hand items. You can use google translate on chrome to go to the Mercari page and translate it so you can check the seller reputation and description.

5000 yen is about 53 AUD, with this you can get one smaller sized DHL shipment covered or a larger surface mail shipment. Surface mail is extremely slow with no tracking via a shipping container, it takes over 2 months to deliver. DHL takes less than one week with tracking but is very expensive particularly with volumetric weight.

Buyee is not the cheapest proxy service due to their fees and hidden currency conversion thats worse than Paypal. But with this coupon you can save.

To get this coupon you must have not made a Mercari order on Buyee before, and complete a Mercari order before April 30. Buyee takes 1-2 business days to actually submit your order during working hours. So don't leave it until the 30th.

Also the item you order can be easily purchased by someone else while you wait for Buyee to complete it.

The Coupon Usage Period is from the coupon distribution date - May 8, but this doesn't mean you have until then to make the order. You have to complete it before April 30.

Once your order arrives at the Buyee warehouse you can see the cost of each shipping method and apply your coupon.

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  • OP have any recommendation for a cheaper proxy service?

    • +6

      Yes, as I said I only recommend Buyee for this one coupon.

      Better services

      1. Zenmarket
        Most reliable

      2. FromJapan
        Worse than Zenmarket unless you have a up-to 10% coupon from them

      3. Others
        Some other smaller services are potentially cheaper if they don't have to charge GST. But I can't vouch for them.

    • +1

      I've used DeJapan a few times, no issue and the customer service responses are generally rapid.

      • +1

        Yeah that is the top one that is not popular for some reason despite their cheap fees. I dont know why they don't get more customers.

        • +3

          I was thinking of trying out Buyee the last time they ran this promotion but things to note:

          1. They will only charge in AUD/USD so you can't use an international card like Revolut, the Buyee exchange rate is worse.

          2. There are some items on Mercari that do not ship internationally via Buyee, I think you need to specifically opt into selling internationally, other proxies like Dejapan charge 500 JPY per Mercari listing, but they will be able to buy these listings that opt out of Buyee proxy directly from the website.

          It's worth it to consider these for the items you'd like because it may end out cheaper or almost the same depending on what items you buy.

          • +2

            @Jasonissm: I forgot to mention yes theres tons of items that dont allow Buyee purchase. I didnt know Dejapan could still buy from Mercari though, thats cool.

  • So is Buyee an international mail forwarder for purchases made on Mercari (eBay)?

    • +3
      1. Buyee is a proxy for any Japanese site that allows proxy shipping, so any

      2. Mercari and Buyee very recently made an annoying exlusive deal so Mercari only allows proxy shipping from Buyee and no other cheaper service

      3. Mercari is different to eBay in that more items are used things from individuals, and their seller fees are much lower than eBay. Its kind of in between facebook marketplace and eBay

    • +1

      Yeah, you pay the seller shipping to Buyee, then you pay Buyee shipping + fees for shipping to you.

      I recommend checking whether Japan Post to Australia is currently a shipping option or else they force you to pick either DHL / Fedex, or storage fees on the item after 30 days

      • Had a look on couple items and Buyee wants you to commit to buying the item + their fees now, and then figure out what shipping is later on when they get and inspect item. So no way to see what that shipping cost would be like right now.

        This offer only covers shipping anyway and not discount on the item, nothing really that worth it. Also seems you don't get the discount coupon till made a purchase from Mercari. Asia-release games are generally cheaper on Play-Asia anyway without all this hassle, so no point for me.

        • +1

          There is a calculator to estimate shipping costs

          And theres no difference between getting 50 dollars off shipping, or 50 dollars off the item. If theres nothing you want to buy thats on you.

      • Japan has suspended regular airmail to Australia a month or two ago, only options at the moment are DHL/Fedex, or surface mail.

        at least that is according to some of the Japanese websites I buy from.

        not sure what options Buyee offers.

        • +1

          I thought that's been an issue since the pandemic started, unless the resumed it since?

          I had to wait forever to get a Hori Taiko drum via surface mail, as the DHL rate was ridiculous

          • @buckster: EMS has still yet to be enabled, you can check the latest status here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.ht...

            No ETA but really up in the air since the price of shipping has gone up so much, it used to be such an affordable option, now I have to wait about 2 months for Surface Mail for all my stuff. DHL prices, were already pretty high, but I think they have gone up recently as well?

          • +2

            @buckster: from my recollection, it was on-and-off thing over the last 2 years, airmail would supsended, available again, supsended again, rinse and repeat.

  • +2

    Also always check amazon.jp, 1/10000 items can be shipped it but always worth checking
    Sucks that rakuten global shut down a few years ago

    • +2

      True, but sadly I have never seen a single thing that let me ship to Australia. I dont know why

      • +2

        I thought the same, but recently I've seen vinyls (LPs) and books become eligible for shipping to Australia again from Amazon JP, so worth checking out

        • Thank you. I thought Amazon JP was closed off from Australia for good after the GST enforcement.

          • @kururii: Huh, I was under the impression it was because freight options between here and Japan were restricted (e.g. EMS/SAL to Australia still seems to be unavailable)

    • +2

      I wished they offered more snacks/candy on their global store.

    • Does it work if we order from Amazon JP but with domestic shipping to Buyee for proxy shipping to Oz?

      • +1

        We use Tenso Japan for a lot of stuff including Amazon jp. Though there’s some places that won’t send to tenso or similar places. They’re so strict/worried about overseas purchases.

  • Interesting, I've used Zenmarket and they are mostly reliable.

    • +1

      Yes they are, the only downside of them is the 300 yen per item fee while being the standard, is a bit high if you're buying many 100-500 yen items like manga volumes. And the GST.

      • If for one thing, it is pretty straightforward and you know what you'll pay.

        Need to find a better option that is cheaper but as reliable.

        • +1

          There is nothing cheaper unless you use a proxy that doesnt need GST charged as they are below the threshold or dont care. Dejapan only has 100 yen per item so thats good for low price items

    • Reliable, yes. And if you only buy basic items they are fine. I often buy vintage stuff and sometimes bulky items (watches, audio and tools) and Zen often have blocked sellers. For example they have banned almost every good 2nd hand watch seller. Probably because they sell so much and there is always going to be a problem if you have 10000 or more transactions. I think if they have a issue with the seller once, they get banned. Fast forward a few years and everyone is banned. I just wish Zenmarket let you take the risk if you want to buy from "dodgy" sellers. I trust the dodgiest Jap sellers more than the most trusted local sellers lol

  • Also the Japanese Yen is very weak against AUD right now.

    • Yes! Now is really good time to buy stuff it's almost like 15-20% off from a few months ago.

  • Whats good to buy from mercari

    • Well if you want to buy the 'japanese cultural export' (manga, anime, merchandise etc) theres loads of that.

      Otherwise, Japanese brands, e.g. fashion clothing brands Bape, Uniqlo whatever, I dont buy that but but some do. Possibly Japanese camera stuff like Nikon Canon im not sure.

      • -3

        Psst, don’t tell anyone but UNIQLO has just started opening stores in Australia, about 8 years ago…

        • A skirt was worth 2000 yen in japan but cost $50 here. Uniqlo.

          There are other examples of the aussie mark-up, but this was especially egregious.

      • are there many listings for Gyotaku? I want to buy the fish print art for my wall

        • Doesnt seem to be many

  • Do you know if you can you stack this coupon with other coupons? (i.e. new user 2000 yen coupon)

    • I dont think so, since theres only 1 time in checkout to do it

      • Just tried checking out and it doesn't seem to charge me shipping cost. Never used buyee before but do you pay for shipping later on? I thought maybe I could put a coupon in then when paying for shipping but I'm not sure how it works

        • +1

          No let me explain, you 'order' the item(s) on Buyee. The item(s) may have free domestic shipping or not, this will be mentioned and shown on mercari at least. The items get sent to Buyee warehouse in japan. This takes a few days to a week. Then Buyee weighs the package and you can have it held at the warehouse for up to 30 days for free. If you want you can order other items and consolidate them, for a fee.

          Then Buyee will show the international shipping costs, for all available shipping methods, which is limited to DHL Fedex and Surface from memory. Covid made other options like EMS unavailable.

    • Just in case anyone ever finds this thread and wants to know the answer - yes you can as long as one of the coupons is an "item cost" or "service fee" type which you apply when buying the item and then the other one is a "shipping fee" coupon which you use after the item arrives at the warehouse when you pay for the shipping fees + gst.

  • +1

    What stuff you guys buying from Japan ? I am looking for zorushi hit water dispenser.

  • Complete a order first to get a coupon?

    • +1

      You sign up or if have already, click the 'get a coupon' button to get a claimed coupon. Then the terms of the coupon are; to get a shipping discount on your order, one or more of the items has to be from Mercari. 'Completing' an order means ordering it from Mercari through Buyee, and having them confirm your order and make the purchase for you which takes 20 minutes or 1-2 days max for them to do. And this has to be done before April 30. So you cant submit a order at 8 pm on april 30 and expect the buyee employee to be at work purchasing your item from mercari.

      • Did the coupon appear right away in your coupons page when you signed up? I just noticed they're running the same promo again for May, so I signed up and clicked on the "get your coupon now" button but all that appears are 3 store-specific coupons that can only be used when buying from beauty/golf merch sellers. Does the coupon get issued later or something?

        • did you look in claimed coupons, its there

          • @FireSword: No coupons in the claimed list.. Might chat with customer support tomorrow :)

  • Oh nice timing. I want some recaldent gum, good for the teeth. Seems to retail for $30 a bottle online in Aus, $40 from my dentist.

    • Sounds like an awful lot of hassle for a pack of gum…

  • Can you buy multiple items on mercari then use the 5000y off on the combined shipping? Or do you have to use it on a single item you buy from mercari

    • +1

      Yes you can, they claim you can also have one item bought off mercari, then any number of items bought elsewhere e.g. rakuten and still use the coupon. As long as your combined order contains one item from mercari. The 'combining' is if they have to open multiple packages and put them in a box. So lets say you ordered 3 items from one seller, that would be one box sent to buyee and therefore no need to combine and no fee.

      But 2+ items from different sellers or websites has a combine fee.

  • Anyone know of a proxy site for Shopee?

  • +1

    I miss SAL (small package) :'(

    • I pray daily that it will return

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