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Lenovo Smart LED Light Strip 5m RGBW $25.73 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


Clearance item. Check your local stores for any stock availability.
Descriptive Colour
RGB, Warm White, Cool White
Light Bulb Type
Manufacturer's Warranty
12 month
Socket Type
24 W
Smart Home Compatibility
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Device Connectivity Technology
Mobile App Compatible
Lenovo Link Pro
Wireless Protocols
082.11 b/g/n
Country of Manufacture
Part Number
Adjustable Height
Colour of Illumination
Tunable White 2700-6500k
Light Intensity
360 lumens
Pack/Carton Quantity
Total Individual Units
Units Per Pack/Carton

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  • +1

    FYI, This only works on 2.4GHZ WiFi networks

    • my wifi router is dual band and can temporarily pause 5ghz if I need to setup. so would mine work?
      BTW I have an Eero 6 router

      • Yes it would work.

        • I was just looking at other reviews and apparently it doesn't work with dual band routers, im presuming that theirs was primarily using 5ghz and didn't have a switch to temporarily disable 5ghz

          • @jayboi: Cant you just have 2 wifi hotspots setup on each band and connext these to it

          • @jayboi: I turned off 5G WiFi manually to set up this light strip and other Lenovo Iot devices. You should be able to turn 5G off on your router.

          • +6

            @jayboi: A 2.4GHz client cannot see a 5GHz network. If the router is broadcasting on both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz, the Lenovo LED strip client (that can only communicate on 2.4Ghz) will only be able to see the 2.4Ghz network. Your router could be transmitting on 10 other network frequenciers and it wouldn't matter.
            I would suggest the reviews of it not working is more to do with the user error of the reviewers.

            • +2

              @thedriver: Some routers have 5GHz and 2.4GHz on the same SSID and you can't seperate them with different SSID. In this case, Lenovo LED strip is not smart enough to connect to 2.4GHz automatically and will require turning off 5Ghz. After the initial setup, you can turn 5GHz back on. An example of the router: TP-Link Deco M5.

            • @thedriver: I dont know about this lightstrip, but a few 2.4 GHz appliances have issues with mesh routers. No idea why, its annoying as

      • +2

        No need to pause 5g wifi
        Just connect to your 2.4g wifi
        I have dual band and these work fine

  • +2

    Priced matched at Amazon. Free delivery with prime

    • Link? Or how do you price match with Amazon?

      • They dropped their price

    • I couldn’t find it on Amazon, could you please send us the link?

  • FYI, this works with Tuya.

    • -1

      you reckon that it might fix connectivity issues if I pair with tuya instead?

  • Same price on Amazon (as sort of mentioned above)

  • Are they good ?

    • +1

      They are ok.

      I've had one of the 5m ones fail in an interesting way … when turned off via WiFi, it resorts to showing a low red coloured glow from all the LEDs. When turned on it works perfectly, colour and brightness controlled as per app. This wasn't always the case, when it was new, off meant off, it failed to this low red off after about 3 months of daily use.

      • +2

        I have the same problem but with an off green colour. I have to unplug it to turn it off.

  • do the cutting points have 6 pins or 4 pins, because I have an l shape adapter for 90 degree turns that only supports 4 pins, some photos show 4 pins and some show 6 pins

    • These are 12v 6 pin (2m, 5m). The 10m one is 24v 6 pin.

  • +1

    Anyone got amazon link? Can’t seem to be find on Amazon

    • +1

      Same, doesn’t show up on amazon

  • Where is Amazon link guys

  • +1

    Here is the link for Amazon but its sold out.

  • OOS

    • +1


  • +2

    What do you actually use it for?

    • I have it installed it along my curtain pelmet and it looks great at night

      • Same here

      • How long is the power cord?

        • Around 2.5 meters? I have it plugged in next to the windrow and the led strip starts at the bottom of the pelmet (our ceiling is 2.75m high)

    • I use the 5m lengths for backlighting flat panel TVs. A nice glow on the wall behind the device looks great especially when coordinated with other room lighting.

      • how do you wrap it around the corners, the l shape adapters for the 6 pin are very expensive/hard to find

        • +1

          I just allow for a small loop that doesn't stick to the back of the device, that allows the LED strip to turn the corner and then get stuck down again.

          • @airtime: if you dont mind, can you send a pic of the light strip? also do you find it dim or is it bright?

            • @jayboi: Sent you message with image link

            • @jayboi: Forgot to mention - for my purposes of mood lighting, it is fine. I don't think it would be bright enough to light a bench top or perform well for any form of direct lighting.

              • @airtime: yeah, im planning to put it behind my tv, if I have the standard lights on too, do you think it will still be visible and reflect off the wall?

                • @jayboi: Yes. I can see the lighting effect on the wall even during the day but it is less prominent. I don't have the specs nearby so can't quote a lumens figure to help.

                • @jayboi: Apologies. I was confusing the Lenovo 2m strip with the 5m. I have the 2m strip on the TVs. You would use the same approach to the corners no matter what strip was being used.

                  One advantage the 5m strip has is independent cool white and warm white LEDs - separate to the RGB LEDs. So if you are using white colour, then it is a bit brighter.

                  The 2m strip doesn't have the independent white LEDs and simulates white with the RGB LEDs.

                  I've used the 5m strips for floor lighting and they have been great for that.

  • +1

    Damn, 24 watts. The main led room down light is 10 watts.

  • +1

    Is brightness adjustable?

  • Thanks, ordered two for our home office setup! Ive had other brands of smart device that don't support 5ghz before which caused issues with my router. It has "band steering" which makes 2.4 and 5 appear as a single network. I temporarily disabled the 5, used same name for 2.4, connected device , then re-enabled and it could still connect no issues. Will report back if it works for this product too once I pick it up in a couple of days hehe

  • Why does it need a WiFi connection?

    • For all controls. On / off, LED colour, LED brightness. The only physical button I think is used to put it into pairing mode. Other than that - all you can do is physically pull its power brick out of the power plug.

  • How does this compare to the 5m Kmart one for $22 normal price? Seems positive reviews on the Kmart site: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/led-strip-light-with-remote...

    • +3

      Well the lenovo has wifi so those with an ecosystem benefit, whereas kmart is a 'dumb' strip

      • +2

        Oh thanks, great pick up. This was under "smart lighting" on the site so assumed that meant actually smart!!

  • -3

    can these grow plants?

    • technically yes

  • +2

    Might be a dumb question but how are they powered?

    Do they come with a two/three pin plug and I can use them via an outdoor power point (for the alfresco).

  • +1

    Got mine today and I couldn’t be happier with it.
    Pairing was so fast, and it is actually an RGBWW light strip with true warm white. This is actually amazing

    • Also, the button on the control unit turns the lightstrip on and off

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