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New Balance MVYGOV2 Men's Running Sport Shoes $57.23 (RRP $180) Delivered @ New Balance eBay


To complement on previous OP’s deal and the comment, here’s another decent budget running shoes

Lots of quantities and sizes available upon posting

Original Coupon Deal

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    Proof of vaccination required to be eligible to wear these shoes

    Sorry @NDjokovic 😀

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      Not too sure why you’re getting downvoted for

      The shoes model number represents something

  • Thanks for posting this, they have the 860 vqqe on sale in 4e
    Plus the ten off coupon I was randomly offered. Only 155 for decent shoes.

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    Bummer, bought at $80.32 a couple of days ago.

    • Yeah i ended up overpaying for the hiiro gtx - I paid 98 but later on they could have been available for 80ish.. who knows how many units got sold at that price anyway though, since they sold out real quick.

      Easy to get hung up on what could have been, i still got a great pair of shoes for a low price.

      Though in your case you could just buy some at a cheaper price and return the more expensive ones.

      • There was alot of units, because some of these shoes have sold hundreds and hundreds

        Who cares

        You're gonna miss deals everyday, alot aren't posted.

        Do you know what's easier than saving money, when you make a bucket load of more money and you don't have to stress and worry about saving 50 bucks.

        Just shows

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    Got a couple of pairs of the Hierro v6. $68 a pair is incredible deal.

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      62 with afterpay10
      Got one too

      • Did you guys get the notification it was shipped?
        I also grabbed a pair but so far it's still marked as "Paid" only.
        Another pair I bought is already marked as shipped.

        • Never mind, just received confirmation it was sent. 🎉🎉🎉

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    Children's shoe sizes are already hard enough with Ebay adding another layer of obfuscation. Not sure why this problem hasn't been solved.

    • We should just use EU sizes. So much simpler.

  • nabbed one.

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      When will you buy the other one?

  • Must have been a Typo

  • Thanks OP, got a pair of the MVYGOV2 with built in 5G government tracker & slow release COVID-19 booster.

  • Got 1, thanks op.
    Back to office shoes sorted 😂

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    It’s only $3 but man it annoys me when I forget to input the code!

  • These are ugly lol

    Take into account

    Under armour half the time has their $220 shoes 30% off
    Plus 30% further off and 30% cashback

    Basically making their top end shoes $70

    And they look alot better than nearly all the NB shoes.

    These seem cheap, but you can get other brands this cheap.

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      Basically making their top end shoes $70

      This shoe is almost $13 cheaper

      • And it's over-priced compared to the top UA runners.

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      codes for these discounts?

    • Would you please share a link? Thanks.

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        The discounts happen pretty often, follow Shopback and Cashrewards for when they do 25-35% cashback.

        Normally at the same time, UA is doing a sale and their standard is 30%> then alot of their shoes will be already discounted.

        It's timing, but they do sales/cashback 3-6x a year.

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    Thanks Dude, I need some new Dad shoes.

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      Yeah, your new dad will love these

      I'll let myself out

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      Please don't forget your old dads

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      Written like a kid who has no idea what flat feet are like. I used to wear crap shoes as a kid too. Now I wish I had stuff like these when I was young.

      • Is this vaygo shoes good for flat feet though?
        Or is all NB shoea good for flat feet?

  • Price has gone up to $80.32. Looks like it changed around 4:45pm based on ebay recent purchases.

    • Cheers, yeh both mine and the other OP’s price has gone up
      New Balance are smart or they’re monitoring OzB haha

      • Probably sold hundreds or thousands and needed it to slow down or cleared enough stock

  • Am I the only one that thinks that model numbers sounds like a Aussie gov login authentication app :-)

  • Got my Hierro v6 today. Damn sexy and comfortable shoes and that green is hot.

    Well worth the $60 i paid. Will be buying morw colors if they are ever discounted

    • Yeah, I don't mind the colour.

      I already got the black Ultraboost hiking shoe so it's nice to have something different.

      Nice looking shoe!

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