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[VIC] Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Blower - Skin Only $34.50 (RRP $72.50) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Edit: Thanks @hamza23 to update title with VIC.

  • 210km/h blow speed
  • Easy operation
  • Lightweight design
  • Sure grip

The Ozito PXCBLS-018 Cordless Blower is the ideal power tool for blowing leaves, grass clippings and other debris from courtyards, driveways, decks and footpaths.

The lightweight design ensures user comfort and allows easy manoeuvring around the garden, while Lithium Ion technology provides cordless convenience and eliminates the need for long extension cords.

Choose the 18V Lithium-Ion battery for the runtime you need. Approximately 10 minutes run time with 1.5AH battery (not supplied).

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  • +1

    At checkout it has gone back to $72.50. Price has gone back to normal

    • +1

      Same happened to me, but I am in QLD.
      Checked post again.
      It's VIC only 💔

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    Bought one of these at full price a few months ago and can recommend it. Works well for cleaning leaves off the driveway, blowing leaves/twigs off pebbles in the garden (personal favourite use), cleaning up grass post whipper snipping / mowing. I’ve tried it once to dry off the car post washing but didn’t find it that beneficial and have gone back to a big Microfibre towel.

    • +1

      I use this style blower for blowing water out of behind the mirrors, badges, fuel flap, grille etc. I don't think they move enough air for fully drying the car.

    • +8

      You are the reason I hate leaf blowers. :)

      • +8

        I appreciate that, I love using mine but hate when my neighbours use theirs.

    • +1

      Why is ok to use a leaf blower to blow leaves into the street, but if you swept them, it would not be ok?

      • +5

        It’s not ok in either situation. I blow leaves and loose grass into a pile to put into the green bin.

    • Would it be effective to blow just the leaves from mulch?

      • Yep, it works well. You will lose a small amount of mulch, but it’s much better than a rake.. or your hands.

        • If it's big enough mulch (heavy) a vac is far better. I've got an area with pebbles and rakes and blowers move them around too much. But too heavy for the vac to pick up.

          Except yeah usually at this price point it'd be the corded one so extra hassle and what not.

  • Maybe depends on postcode, north west Sydney stores coming up as 72.50

  • Browns plains QLD click and collect coming up as 72.50

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one for click and collect in Altona, Vic.

  • +1

    It popped up at the $34.50 on the site and then changed back to $72.50. That was Coffs Harbour store.

  • $72.50 online at 5 of the closest stores to me in WA. However, showing $34.50 at Sunshine and Maribyrnong..could be a Vic only special..

  • Ordered one for C&C at Epping, VIC

  • +1

    Had one of these .. generated a breeze rather than a storm and the battery didn't last long. Replaced it with a a BAUMR Cordless for around $100 that does a much better job and the battery is still strong after two years. Better buy IMHO.


    • +1

      Totally different size and not an Apples for Apples comparison. This Ozito one is small and light and great for smaller jobs. Ozito do have a larger more power version.

  • where can we get the battery?

    • +9


  • +2

    I’ve had a few of these for years, pretty good light weight units but not too powerful, just in case someone was wondering

    • Second this! Reliable and had no issues.

      • +1

        I wish they'd die, or wish my stihl 2 stroke would die so that i could upgrade to a much larger battery powered unit

        • +1

          They can read your thoughts hence refusing! So you have to live with it unless you get chronic upgrade-itis :P

  • Sunbury VIC $34.50

    Vic special?

    • Also $34.50 for me (in Vic)

  • Seems to be $72 in nsw…

  • $72 for Indooroopilly

  • I bought one of these 5 years ago, in a kit with a whipper-snipper and 4Ah battery. It still works very well, with plenty of thrust, and the battery lasts for 20-30mins runtime. Tempting to buy a spare, but mine is still fine

    • +3

      Get another and tape them together.

      • +2

        Nah, dual-wield em. Blowers akimbo.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for this to do on special. Got the price listed in VIC.

  • Wasn't one of the Ozito blowers issued as a recall recently?

    • +1

      Nah it's been on recall for years.
      It's the green corded one.

      If you can find one of those for cheap, buy it and you get to trade it in for the cordless blower kit

  • Skin only means no guts inside as in, case only?? No motor nothing?

    Or no battery?

    • +3

      Yeah a skin means no battery or charger, just the tool. Only useful if you already are in that ecosystem and have batteries and chargers.

      • Thanks it’s a strange way to describe when you compare to phones

    • No battery included

    • -2

      I suppose they are used in open homes and people put them in garden sheds, like hired furniture inside??

  • Brought one of these about a month or so ago. Does what I need it to. Just to blow the grass clippings etc, battery last enough for what I use it for.

  • nice little blower

    • That what… Nevermind.

  • Go into store in states other than Victoria and ask for a price match?

    • -1

      Do they do that?

  • Thank you, got one in VIC for c&c

  • +4

    Thanks OP, will get a pair of these to cool the brakes after a trip to the shop.

  • Assuming it's the same as was included with the whipper snipper kit. Does the job imho, very happy with both tools and the battery life

  • I used to own this blower, the jet blower and the small workshop blower.

    This one is good as it's lightweight and decently powerful.

    The jet blower is way more powerful so I sold this blower.

    Then I sold the jet blower and bought the blower vac which isn't as powerful as the jet blower despite having a brushless motor too and having the same wind speed rating.

    Having said all that, the small workshop blower gets the most use as it's great for drying the cars after being washed, and for blowing out dust and debris from the garage and shed

  • As these are light and the nozzle is skinny, I also use it in my gutters to blow the remaining dirt up the gutter to my next cleaning point. Works really well…..in my gutters at least.

  • Thanks op ordered one for C&C VIC for $34.50 🙏🏽

  • skin only mean no battery?

    • Correct, battery not included

  • Bought this a month ago at $48: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/675624

    Not as good deal as this but think it's good for that price.

  • Battery recommendations please.

    • Ummmmmmmmm PXC

  • your neighbours hate you

  • +4

    List of stores with stock in VIC. Please note this might be out of date, e.g. stores with 1 may have none.

    Store Phone Stock
    Altona (03) 9392 7700 6
    Bairnsdale (03) 5150 2800 12
    Ballarat (03) 5336 8500 6
    Bayswater (03) 8720 1000 10
    Bendigo (03) 5444 8555 7
    Box Hill (03) 8878 0900 19
    Broadmeadows (03) 9351 3800 12
    Caroline Springs (03) 8358 0300 16
    Carrum Downs (03) 8787 9100 9
    Clyde North (03) 9293 9300 25
    Colac (03) 5230 0300 2
    Collingwood (03) 9281 2900 2
    Craigieburn (03) 8338 3500 7
    Cranbourne (03) 5991 3100 15
    Croydon (03) 9722 4500 12
    Dandenong (03) 8780 6100 5
    Delacombe (03) 4372 6800 19
    Eltham (03) 9430 0100 9
    Epping (03) 8401 7800 11
    Epsom (03) 5449 4700 15
    Fountain Gate (03) 8796 6600 7
    Frankston (03) 8790 7100 8
    Geelong North (03) 5240 3300 9
    Hamilton (03) 5551 9400 4
    Hastings (03) 5979 0400 16
    Hoppers Crossing (03) 8734 4600 22
    Horsham (03) 5381 7900 9
    Keysborough (03) 8796 7100 16
    Leopold (03) 5250 7500 19
    Lilydale (03) 9213 7800 5
    Maribyrnong (03) 9319 7300 16
    Melton East (03) 9216 6700 13
    Mentone (03) 9581 7100 8
    Mernda (03) 9216 2700 12
    Mildura (03) 5018 5800 8
    Mill Park (03) 9404 8400 13
    Mornington (03) 5973 9000 11
    Northland (03) 9416 6000 25
    Notting Hill (03) 9518 4400 11
    Nunawading (03) 9845 3900 28
    Oakleigh (03) 9865 2800 17
    Pakenham (03) 5945 4900 5
    Port Melbourne (03) 8646 9800 9
    Ringwood (03) 9871 0000 4
    Rosebud (03) 5982 9300 7
    Sale (03) 5143 6200 6
    Scoresby (03) 9730 8900 4
    Shepparton (03) 5825 7200 13
    Springvale (03) 8558 7300 16
    Sunbury (03) 9744 0600 16
    Sunshine (03) 8326 8600 1
    Swan Hill (03) 5036 2000 9
    Tarneit (03) 9749 9400 37
    Taylors Lakes (03) 9449 6000 8
    Thomastown (03) 9462 8000 13
    Vermont South (03) 8805 0800 9
    Warragul (03) 5623 9100 7
    Waurn Ponds (03) 5244 8200 22
    West Footscray (03) 8398 8000 24
    Wodonga (02) 6043 8900 7
    Yarrawonga (03) 5743 9700 5
    • +3

      great. how do you manage to get this list.

      • -1

        you must be new here

    • +3

      Honestly serious question how do you do the stock check magic?

    • +1

      Yeah if you like contributing to landfill.

    • +1

      Buy it again and return it with old receipt….. that's what I always read people do on here.
      I'm not for it, but better than returning the used item.

      • Oh thanks. I have never returned any items from Bunnings before. I am assuming they have 30 days return policy so my old receipt is not going to work.

        • +2

          That a lot of friggin around and questionable moral activity for $14

  • I swear for a sec NSW pickup and delivery was showing VIC price, minutes later back to 72 dollars.

  • Ordered. Thanks OP.

  • For those looking for the complete package - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-blower-kit_p338108... - $99

    • +2

      Just not worth it IMO. You can get a 2 x 4AH battery with charger for $99 when on sale then this for 34.50. Much better if you go that route.

  • Good deal for those in VIC. Strange it's not nationwide though.

  • It blows harder if you go with bigger 4AH battery.

    • Don't we all

    • +1

      The voltage is the same though .. so I would have thought it would just blow for longer..

      • +2

        The larger batteries have a lower internal resistance and therefore the ability to deliver a higher maximum current. To put it another way, the voltage doesn't sag so much under load.

        The nominal voltage is the same, but the actual voltage while powering a tool will be lower with the smaller batteries and higher with the bigger batteries.

        • Thanks for the insight .. that makes sense.

  • Bunnings hoppers crossing is $34.50 at the scanner even though price tag display says $72

  • Grabbed one - thx. I noticed there are different types of Ozito batteries. Are they all compatible with the blower?




    I presume the only difference is the amount of power they provide??

    • +1

      As long as they are Ozito PXC type they will be fine. I use a 2ah battery in my blower and probably get 15-20min out of it.

    • +1

      same type, different capacity. more cells inside for longer run time. also heavier with more cells

  • -2

    does this work with aldi battery?

    • srsly????

      • +2

        Yes. If you have a 3D Printer

  • +1

    Anyone able to post or pm reciept please. Ive had success price matching before.

    • Just to hang off your comment, even the tag instore has been enough for me to price match or get lower.

  • +3

    Alternative way to get this blower AND a battery for cheap is to look on marketplace/gumtree for the older corded ozito blower that is being recalled.


    1. Buy the blower ensuring you have the correct model (I paid 20 bucks)
    2. Take into Bunnings
    3. Walk out with brand new cordless blower and battery

    • Did that with a mower. Bought it off gumtree because the guy said he lost the batteries and wasn't sure if it worked but had the receipt ($349). Tested with my PXC batteries and it didnt. Returned it and just had to pay a extra $100 for one with batteries.

    • What model did they replace it with? Was it this one in the deal?

      • Yep, the replacement is worth 99 and comes with a 2ah battery and charger.
        All the information is in the flyer in the link.
        You might need to show the link to the staff member (as they might not know what to do)

    • Looks like someone on ozbargain is a journalist.

      • +1

        On the ball there, considering it was recalled in 2015

  • +1

    Got one of these as part of a discounted kit a while back. Not super powerful but not too bad and runtime is ok with a 4Ah battery. Gets all the sand and crap out of my garage.

    Just got back from camping, always take it with me now too. Great for clearing the site of twigs and nuts and small stones before putting the tent down. Makes packing up a bit cleaner too. (I also take the Ozito inflator/deflator, and Ozito worklight as a site light so is handy having everything on the same type of battery.)

  • Whats the battery 🔋 price?

    • +1

      It's not worth getting this if you don't have a battery. Buying a kit (tool+battery) when on special would be cheaper.

  • Any further discount using a Power Pass to purchase this in-store?

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