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[VIC] Oxelo MF 500 Inline Skates $149 (Was $185) in Store Only @ Decathlon, South Morang


Oxelo MF inline skates.

Colourway is white, black and orange. On special IN STORE ONLY for $149. Usual price is $185.

FYI I bought (and took a picture) at the South Morang (VIC) store. Price scanned at regular price on checkout but they honoured the special price shown next to the skates.

I imagine this is at all stores. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm guessing they are clearing out this colourway to make way for a new mint green and black colourway. (My wife preferred the skates on special).

These bad boys are known as the best budget aggressive skates you can buy…aaaannd they're on special in store.

Check the Decathlon website for availability of sizing at your local store.

Also please make sure you get the appropriate safety gear.

Have fun!

EDIT - Not sure why it's not showing the picture of the special flyer I uploaded..

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  • +1

    Was my dream to learn skating until I broke my leg. A true fun sport

    • +1

      it was my dream until I took an arrow in the knee

    • Not those. They are very cheap quality.

      • The Impala or Oxelo? Or both?
        Oxelo seems to have decent reviews

        • +1

          the impala - cheap, uncomfortable, beginner skate.

          I haven't seen the oxelo in person. FR FRX 80 is a nice skate, but twice the price at $300.

    • My wife has the Impalas. There is no comparison. The Impalas are toys compared to the Oxelo.

      (She loves them though)

  • -1

    80 mm wheels so last decade.
    All the cool skaters use 100 - 125 mm w2heels now

    • +2

      Holy crap those are ugly

  • Every time I see roller blades I automatically have broken bones images in my head…. Prob so traumatized from childhood memories, but not that I broke anything.

  • Seems it's specific store only

    • Thanks for letting us know, have you been to another store or called? Hope I didn't waste your time.

      There was a proper sale sign with images etc… wasn't a hack in store job..

      • +1

        Visited Tempe in Syd, they said they usually do per store.
        Also mentioned that new store in Miranda (also Sydney) has 50% off most of the items

        • Sorry mate. Thanks for posting.

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