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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G $0 on Optus 30GB Choice Plus Data Plan $12.50/Month for 12 Months @ Optus


This one started today, but I went into my Optus App to get it and there was a 50% off data sim offer that stacked with the $0 Tablet.

Has to be 30gb data plan or above.

So my deal was

$12.50 x 12 Months
Tab A8 64gb 4G
30 GB Data added to my data pool
$150 total cost.

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      Do you actually need to be an Optus member for this? Looks like I can get to the checkout page just using this link!

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        You can choose to port a number or start a new service from one of the options.

    • hrcdan on 23/04/2022 - 19:38 Comment unpublished. (Requested by Commenter)
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    $150 total cost for 12months + data allowance seems a good deal.
    Just bought a alldocu kpad for $170

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      Same here and the bloody thing doesn't have a good microphone so bo good for calling on messenger/duo

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        And it doesn't have a headphone jack so we can't supplement it with headset either.

        • In my case I had very basic requirements so this hasn't bothered me (yet)
          Thanks for the heads up

        • USBC to headphone jack

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            @Zilch: This always comes up.

            Please never use those. They usbc port are not designed to be tugged in the same way you would with a head set. It will get loosened. Depending on the device, repairing will cost the same price as the PCB.

            Just buy a wireless gaming head set if you're calling with these, or most modern phone for that matter.

      • Bluetooth?

    • UniSOC T618 vs T610. That's okay.

    • Same, I literally just received it Friday lol.
      Turned it on and used it for a few hours but think it's not sturdy at all and might break apart in a few month time.
      I will check with the support how does the "free return" works.

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    I think it's an excellent deal. I don't even need it and I'm getting it.

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      Dont forget to add optus sport for free, I missed first time.

      • Good point, thanks

      • Don't need it and haven't been Optus customer for years but tablet plus 30gb data for $150 over a year. Too good to miss. Didn't bother with sports pack because it only mentioned soccer. I get the feeling maybe I am missing something.

      • can you use optus sport straight away before you get the tablet?

  • Any way to get an optus account free?

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    dang I assume a new version is coming out, googling prices its $500 standalone

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      It was released in January so unlikely.

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      Had a quick Google and it's $299 at Big W

      Sure you could find cheaper online. Not sure where you get $500?

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        That's wifi only

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          Fair enough.

  • No 50% discount for me but I only have Optus 5G Home Broadband on my account.
    edit: scratch that, it does appear after clicking on view all.

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    you can also choose 128gb for an extra $5.82 per month

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    Isn’t it you have to stay with them for 36 months

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      Thats what i thought. It says at the beginning when you choose the device, 0$ fee when you stay connected to optus data plan.

      At check out

      Minimum total cost of $496.94 over your selected contract terms includes your chosen add-ons for their minimum term. SIM plan price, inclusions and add-ons may change if your plan changes.

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        That's what I'm seeing aswell. Wouldn't want to be caught out by that

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        Chat lady said plan is month to month and If changed before 12 months you have to pay out device. Ymmv

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        Yeah that's so confusing. Is this deal $150 or $497!?!

        And presumably the device is still locked at the end and costs extra money to unlock?

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      Whichever contract/repayment length you choose

      "Interest free device payments if you remain on an eligible month-to-month Data Plan for 12 months."

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        If I choose 12months. Why does the minimum payment in the fine print not equal the total of the 12 monthly payments?

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          yeah, the minimum payment has me puzzled

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            @mtg: Although it says clearly "Save $528.48 off RRP $528.48"

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      You are right. They will make us pay the difference at the end of plan if you exit before 36 months.


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        It is a 12 month contract - and if you remain on it for 12 months, you will get the $44.04/monthly device discount (which is the $528.48, roughly equal the $529 RRP for the tablet). The device creits terms on the contract is pretty clear: "To receive this device credit you must maintain an active mobile service or an eligible plan with Optus for the 12 months".

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          But it says the minimum cost is $500(roughly) in the fine print…

          • @Doineedthis: I have no idea how they got that minimum cost.

            The terms of the contract states the terms of tablet repayment is 12 months, and the terms for the actual data plan is month to month.

            No where on the contract does it mention 24 or 36 months (assuming you chose the 12 month option for the tablet).

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              @Fiximol: Alright, I manage to figure out how to get that figure. If you get the Device RRP of $528.45/12 = $44.04.

              After 1 month is $44.04 * 11 = 484.44. Which is the minimum cost for the tablet itself and add in the plan cost of $12.50 which gives you 496.94.

              We are taking 11 months for the tablet cost as you will need to stay for a minimum of 1 month before cancelling.

          • @Doineedthis: pretty sure the omsbudsman will be on your side if they try to sneak stuff like this in the fine print

    • Where does it says that? If you click on 12, 24 or 36 months the device costs remain $0.

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    Also 1/2 price is only applicable for 12 months, what happen if after that 12 months , while you have to stay with them for 36 months to get the Tablet for $0?

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      If you select 12months then the fine print displays
      Interest free device payments if you remain on an eligible month-to-month Data Plan for 12 months.

    • If you click the link it states $0 on the 12 month also.

      • It also is very confusing as it states it only goes for 1 month below the pricing but states 12 months in the pricing.

        $12.50 per month. Plan fee reverts to $25/mth after 12 months.
        Includes a $44.04 monthly device discount if you remain on a data plan for your selected device repayment period.

        Min. cost $496.94 includes device payments over 12 months with one month discounted device fee and one month of your discounted plan fees.

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    so after 12 months can cancel data plan and keep tablet no extra cost?

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    • But isn't that total BEFORE the $44 discount on the device repayments?

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        I mean it says clearly "$528.48 off RRP $528.48" which is 12x $44.04, so free?

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        Correct, So is $0 on 12 month $12.50

  • Maybe a silly question, can we port in a number to that offer?

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      Not to a data sim

      • How strict are they with their 50% off plan?
        I've subscribed to a 50% off back in August last year I believe. Will it really revert to full price after 12months?
        Thinking to take that offer up and cancel the other one in July (I get 25gb for $7.5)

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          Yeah it will revert back after 12 months

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        I actually had the option to bring in an existing service or upgrade an existing Optus service.
        Got a new service instead.

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    There is 44.04 discount for 12 months as pointed above, bought 2

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    when i add $0 samsung a8 64gb 12 months + 100gb plan $30 (50% off $60) to the cart it says that minimum total cost is $514.44 (not 12*$30)



    • Weird!!

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        yeah, i'm not signing up until i figure that one out …

        • Also holding out for abit.

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            @Whatisthatvelvet: See my pic below. Pretty sure it's just that the credits are not counted towards the min spend, as they are dependent on you keeping the plan

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      514.44 = 11 X device credit $44.04 + 1x $30 monthly plan fee.

      Min. cost $514.44 includes device payments over 12 months with one month discounted device fee and one month of your discounted plan fees.

      Actual total outlay is $360 for the 12mth $30 plan.

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        oh i see! the minimum total cost is for the MINIMUM TERM (1 month)

        it makes sense now. i was trying to interpret it as the minimum total cost possible

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          OHHHH. So this means, that if you cancelled the plan after the first month you would pay $496.94.
          Device fee = $484.44 (11 * 44.04)
          Discounted Plan = $12.50

          Minimum Total Cost (for the minimum term) = $496.64

          However you'd obviously just pay for the 12 months for $12.5 * 12

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            @Coolkid21: I don’t get how this is a good deal?!?! U can buy the tablet for 300$. This is $496

            • @Gavman: Where can you buy a Galaxy Tab A8 64gb 4G for $300?

            • @Gavman: As I said, it only costs $496 IF you cancel the data plan after 1 month. The cost of the tablet is free if you stay on the plan for 12 months. Thus the amount you have to pay is $150 (12.5 * 12).

      • Thanks. Now I understand the $496.94. Am gonna give this a go.

    • It says in the order pdf, which seems to align with our understanding:
      "Device Credits
      You are eligible for a device discount as a $44.04 per month credit for up to 12 months on service number 04xx xxx xxx. To receive this device credit you must maintain an active mobile service on an eligible plan with Optus for the 12 months. If you terminate, port out or change to an ineligible rate plan any remaining device credits will be forfeited and you will need to pay out in full any remaining device charges."

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    Does it apply to prepaid customers?

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    on live chat optus confirmed after 12 months cancel data sim, no extra cost

    • Yup.

    • Have you got a copy of your chat? I ordered one but concerned I'll be up for tablet after 12 months

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        yes i always copy chat as an evidence

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          We might all need a copy in 12 months 😁

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          could you please PM me a copy?

        • Can you please send me copy of your chat via PM?
          I have the feeling I will need it by next year

        • can you kindly issue me a copy, thank you in advance

        • Can you please PM me a copy? Thanks

        • could you please PM me a copy?

        • Can you please PM me a copy? Thanks

        • Could you please PM me a copy of the chat too.

        • Can you PM me a copy too? Thanks!

        • Hi,

          Could i get a copy too please

        • Could you PM me a copy please? Thank you.

        • +1

          Maybe upload it and post a link… Anyone who needs it can access it easily.

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