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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G $0 on Optus 30GB Choice Plus Data Plan $12.50/Month for 12 Months @ Optus


This one started today, but I went into my Optus App to get it and there was a 50% off data sim offer that stacked with the $0 Tablet.

Has to be 30gb data plan or above.

So my deal was

$12.50 x 12 Months
Tab A8 64gb 4G
30 GB Data added to my data pool
$150 total cost.

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        did you try tracking via the https://optus.startrack.com.au webpage?

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          I also ordered on the 24th, startrack shows as: "Sorry, but we cannot find your OPTUS Order Number"

        • Do you use the same order number ending in A to track it? If so it find nothing. Ah well, play the waiting game.

    • Did you get the order confirmation email?

  • anyone got the model number of the device?

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    Meh, I ordered mine minutes after this deal is posted, got temporary order number. Just called to sort out my temporary order and now got an order ending with A. Don’t foresee myself getting it anytime soon. Congrats to those who got it.

    But I was told that new shipment just arrived- still sitting at dock. Don’t know how true that is. But if you go to the deal page you should see that A8 is back on the website but marked as OOS

  • Setup my new tablet now. I can see call and sms function on it. Is this tablet capable for call and SMS with a normal Sim Card?

    • Yeah only ipads disable that.

      • Thanks ya

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    Ordered on the 28th at around 7 pm , got an sms late this afternoon and an email confirming I'll shortly receive confirmation from my career. Was given a phone number. Was finally able to track just now, shows it was scanned around 8 pm Sydney time for delivery to WA tomorrow.

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      I'll shortly receive confirmation from my career

      There’s nothing quite like getting recognition for all your hard work… of so I’m told… yeah I’m still waiting…

  • Ordered on the 28th at around 7 pm , got an sms late this afternoon and an email confirming I'll shortly receive confirmation from my career. Was given a phone number. Was finally able to track just now, shows it was scanned around 8 pm Sydney time for delivery to WA tomorrow.

    • How did you manage to order like 40 mins ago? I thought it’s oos?

      • Sorry my bad, was meant to say 23rd lol

        • Lol.. I thought they were that efficient. Anyway, you got your order confirmation this afternoon with a phone number and after that you are able to track on optus app? Man mine was stuffed up. 23rd 3.30WA time, got a temporary order number, they have just done ID check today. So upsetting.

          • @Kahbo: Oh ,i didn't even know about the ID check. When i checked on the app it kept showing that i dont have any accounts but i clicked on the link and it took me to star track which showed me scanned at 8:30 pm sydney time

  • Weird that people who ordered well after most people are getting their orders.
    All I have received is a single email with a real order number.

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      Same. Almost seems like they allocated devices last in first out. Optus told me on chat they cancelled as they are out of stock. But if that was the case, they should not have been able to sell more than they have, unless their online system doesn't take into account stock levels held. Having said that, when this deal was being OzBargained, it went out of stock on their site so I think what has really happened is that the latest orders may have been fulfilled first. Who really knows though….

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        They did go out of stock but some people managed to place their orders using links posted earlier. That may have screwed up the order system and jumped the queue…

  • Kudos for everyone who got their tablet/s. I ordered on 24th early morning, no sms and email about delivery. Even though i don't need it urgently but still don't like waiting.

  • Ordered 2 in separate orders (23rd 5pm then again 10pm), 64GB & 128GB
    64 Arrived yesterday
    128 Today.
    Not existing customer but do have an active login from a few years ago.

  • Ordered at 10pm 23rd. Melbourne. New customer. Received text message and email this afternoon 3pm saying the it’s ready for delivery. Startracks showed dispatch is from Sydney and ETA is tomorrow.

    • Ditto to WA delivery

  • received the tablet, very nice. Can this tablet make phone call or receive phone call with this data plan? or was this just pure data plan? I am new to this. thanks

    • pure data

      • My current data SIM from Optus can receive SMS (free) and send SMS (10 cents) in a phone.

  • Got an sms late this afternoon and an email confirming I'll shortly receive confirmation from my career. Was given a phone number aswell but link does not show any delivery information. It just says order submitted, I am not sure if there is some thing else to find the delivery informatyion

      • Thanks I can see it now shows will be delivered tomorrow

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      an email confirming I'll shortly receive confirmation from my career

      What career do you have? Nice to see they approve :)

  • I want to try and get android 12 running on this tab using this guide
    good idea or na?

  • Based on all the responses so far, I can confirm that anyone in SA is getting theirs dead last.

    I ordered 23rd, yet they didn't bother to allocate stock for me. Guy on phone said it's not even in existence so no shipping obviously.

    And its weird cuz its a confirmed -A order so its not a temp. Got the email and everything.

    • Did you get a new phone number on your confirmation?

      • Yeah, phone number was in the contract

        • Ordered on 23rd 4pm. Still nothing

          • @monitha: Wack, near same time too, guess we're both getting the short stick

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      Not true, mine's due to be delivered later today.

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      Am in SA. Got mine on Wednesday.

      • Cheers, at least SOME of us South Aussies are getting them, overall seems were getting shafted as a state thou.

        • Should be used to it mate 😂

    • Got mine yesterday in Adelaide. Ordered on 23rd.

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        Well if I don't get mine today, I don't think it's coming lol

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    Ordered 12.50am on the 24th (Melbourne). Contacted chat and they said order is with the warehouse but no ETA on stock - waiting for restocking. Saved chat for posterity. Let's see what happens.

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      Ordered 11 am the same day and was told should receive the tracking number starting with 05 today.

      • Congrats! Let's hope the same happens for me, not holding my breath though.

        • I'm with you. Let's just hope for the best and expect the worst.

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            @szy2k: Update - got the ready for delivery message. Should be getting tracking soon.

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    For anyone still pending… Don't give up hope

    Mine got confirmation last night and due for delivery today.
    I figured after a few reports of cancelled orders they had finished sending out their stock but I guess it's just quite a long list they are working through.

    Thanks OP I was actively looking for a tablet for the kids as they are scrapping over the single ipad.

    Anyone recommend a kid friendly rugged case for this?

    • A used tyre 😁

  • how do you get into optus sport?

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    Got mine delivered yesterday! 😊 Had to show an ID. The order status is still 'Submitted' in the app. If you are trying to do a status check on your order, please ask to be connected to the sales team on the chat who will be able to provide accurate info. The customer service team is appalling at best. Also, I never received an email or SMS with tracking info.

    • when did you order? 23/4 or 24/4?

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        23/4 7.45pm

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    For the price the screen is pretty good. Very happy thanks OP!

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    i just activated 6 months amazon Prime membership. The last day is tomorrow.

    • Is tomorrow the last day for the prime subhub offer?

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        Yes unless they are extending the offer.For your information, Amazon Prime membership only can user for new member not existing!

        • So you signed up Prime with the same name and address but with a new email?

        • It states new and lapse member. Has anyone gotten it to work with existing account?

        • new or lapsed amazon prime subscription, can't have existing subscription. old/new amazon account doesn't matter

          just remember to cancel you subscription near the end of 6 months otherwise they will continue billing you $6.99/month

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    • I can't sign up for subhub. Always end up with an error. Anybody else the same?

      • Do you have an active optus postpaid service?

        • Not before this deal. Their system doesn't seem to be recognising this deal as a valid service for subhub.

          • @capslock: i used this deal as a qualifying service

  • I bought it late on Saturday evening around 8, it delivered this morning.

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    I am first time using Optus post paid. Should I cancel the service after I've paid the 11th month? For the 6 months free Amazon prime, after 6 months do I have to cancel it to avoid further charges? Thanks.

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    I'll be happy when I see a lot more who ordered the 24th get there's
    Holding my breath

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    Just got my email & SMS saying my order is on the way. Ordered 1am on the 24th.

    • I ordered an hour before you and also just recieved my email and sms saying my order is on the way.

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      Order 1230AM on 24th, got the text that it's on its way as well

    • ordered on 23 and order got cancelled

  • Just got mine delivered in QLD now . Ordered on 23 April 2022 about 10:00 pm ,had the tablet and the sim in the brown box . Thanks Op one stunner of the deal .for the ones who have already activated the sim can this data pack be used whilst overseas or it is just to use in Australia only

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      Aus only

  • Finally got the update that my order is on the way. Ordered at11pm 23rd.
    Thanks again OP.

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    Can posters also include (in addition to when the order was made), which state they're in and whether they are existing customers? I'm wondering if they would prioritise new customers because at least they could justify it as customer acquisition costs. Otherwise it doesn't make too much sense why those that ordered earlier are getting the stick.

    I ordered around 12am 24th and just got a shipping confirmation email + sms

    • +8

      which state? existing customers?

      • Hahahaha

        • sorry fair call, i got distracted :D

          VIC new customer

  • My tablet just arrived. Ordered at 11pm 23rd.

    QLD, new customer

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    Ordered 23rd @9:19pm
    Delivery update 28th @ 4:30pm
    Just delivered 29th @ 11:45am
    Location - Sydney.
    New Customer

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    Curious what people think the tablet is actually worth (especially when compared to say a base model ipad). I missed this deal but see some people selling them for ~$250 online so was tempted to nab one for that price….however i have found samsung tablets in the past get veryyyyyy sluggish quickly

    • $250 is probably a fair price
      Performance seems adequate

    • maybe I've had my old ipad for too long, not sure I'm used to the "widescreen" display ratio (great in landscape for video, a bit too narrow in portrait for reading) and the colour of the screen seems a little too blue for my liking. Facial recognition is very hit and miss, works maybe 60% of the time for me so far. Loud audio. Expandable microSD great for loading up videos and other content. Still great value for this deal price

    • You should still be able to get it for $25/m in store at Optus, HN, or likely other Optus dealers. Why pay $250 when you can pay $300 over the year and get the data plan as well?

      • Hmm, don't really have any need for the data….

        • If you can still get it for $25 from the optus website, you'll also get $55 cashback from CashRewards. Another benefit of buying it yourself on the plan is the warranty will be easier, and you could claim it on your tax if appropriate.

    • I’ve used this tab for couple days now. I say get the iPad. Unless you need android.

      • Can you find one within $500 of this

        • +1

          iPad 9th gen Wi-Fi 64GB is $499 RRP.

          • @Mucchan: Base iPad with cellular capability is $699

        • Exactly. An Ipad at this price range would not even have a laminated screen (unbelievable in 2022).

    • Might want to get alldocube iplay40, more ram and storage

    • -1

      Could be reason Optus has offered this on this deal and also heard this tablet being thrown in when you buy latest sammy phones - that they are clearing them out. I watched a reviewer saying the Tab A7 is better than A8. And there is the base ipad competing.

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