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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G $0 on Optus 30GB Choice Plus Data Plan $12.50/Month for 12 Months @ Optus


This one started today, but I went into my Optus App to get it and there was a 50% off data sim offer that stacked with the $0 Tablet.

Has to be 30gb data plan or above.

So my deal was

$12.50 x 12 Months
Tab A8 64gb 4G
30 GB Data added to my data pool
$150 total cost.

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      • THIS IS PERFECT!!!!! Many thanks, can someone please update the original post?

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        My order didn't go through (error message after I've verified ID and credit card). I'm checking with optus support, he/she said it's not available for prepaid, recommended me to change to postpaid :(

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    Any one have experience with the Unisoc Tiger T618 or a tablet with 4gb RAM?

    Vanilla Android would be ok (I imagine) but what about with OneUI on top?

  • Can the sim be converted to esim? What's the best voice only plan to pair with the 30gb data plan? I am currently paying $10/mth circlelife with 5gb data.

    • No esim support on this from what I can see

      • Can we change the sim card to esim from chat?

  • Awesome, thanks just ordered via the provided link in the comments… hopefully turns up!

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    Ordered one - my ID verification failed couple of times during the process. is below the normal next step outcome?

    You're almost there​
    What's next?

    We'll be in touch to let you know how your order is progressing in the next 48 hours. Keep an eye out for our SMS, an email, or you might get a call from 02 8049 XXXX

    Please note that if we require further information to progress your order and are unable to contact you, your order may be cancelled.

    • Same

      • are you able to access my optus account yet by any chance? I am keen to start watching optus sport

        • Mines waiting for service to go through before jt let's me access account in full

    • What did you use for ID? I used driver license and it went smoothly.

      • used driver license. NSW one

      • My DL (VIC) failed to pass, had to use passport and it went through without any issues.

        • I thought about doing the same. i.e. passport but mine is expired now. ha and it wouldn't take expired date passport

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    Are these tablets locked to optus?

  • I just got one..5.82 month for 128gb and $12.50 for 30gb over 12 months..


  • Wow how big is this Tablet. I got a free Galaxy Tab A8 a few years ago coincidentally also from Optus but that was literally 8 inches

    • 10.5inch

    • 2 inches more this new one. Every inch counts.

      • That’s the same size as the Tab S7 I have right?

  • No Spen support on A8 by the looks

    • Won’t be expecting that with this price point

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    Includes Optus Sport for $0 a month too if anyone is keen.

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    Got one, Paid the extra $5 for the 128gb version.

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      $5.82 per month x 12 months ≈ $70

      Seems like a great deal until you realise 128GB SD cards can be hard for about $16 these days.

      Then again, this is onboard storage so maybe it's worth it.

      • From memory Samsung does not allow you to install apps onto a microSD card

        • Reviews show you can move apps tp SD Card.


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            @krouton24: Looking deeper it seems like all apps have to installed onto internal storage, then some apps (like Asphalt 8) can be moved to run on external storage afterwards depending on the developer.

        • The video review posted above shows an app being moved onto the micro sd

          • @Wizballs: All apps have to be installed onto internal storage, but some can be moved onto a microSD card if the dev allows it

            • @brosk1s: I had alot of hassles with my old phone with updates moving the apps back to internal storage

      • +1

        Not as fast speed and alot of hassles spreading between local and sd storage

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    Good luck to all with this. I would jump on if i wasn't dealing with a complaint and ombudsman interevtnion with Telstra and their incompetence. Lost my faith in any telcos for now - like we all have at some stage or another.

    • You can always buy it outright from Officeworks

    • +1

      Yeah. Currently in the checkout. Don't really have any need for a new 10" tablet, or more data. Not sure I want to deal with any potential hassles down the track for this.

      If I had a need for either it would need a different story…

  • I got this deal, contract is in my inbox and its all good.
    Only issue I did not get the 50% discount despite using the link provided because I don't have a current optus phone number.

    Anyways still a good deal as I get an approximate $250 discount on the tablet and an additional 30GB per month.

    Thanks OP

    • +1

      So does your contract say $25 / month instead of $12.50? that's weird

    • Clear the cache in your browser or try from a different browser and follow this link.

      Sign up as a new customer and it worked for me

      Need to sign via this link to get 50% off the monthly plans

  • Hey guys,
    On my order PDF, it states like below
    30GB Optus Choice Plus Data Plan(Oct 21)
    50% Discount for 12 months(Subs)
    Samsung Tab A8 64GB

    It doesn’t mention the discount of the device fee.

    Does this look right?

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      It will list it in conditions us we that

      • +1

        Oops, thank you for pointing it out. My eye just decided to skip that part when I checked the PDF. Lol

  • How does the TFT display look on this?

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      $0 from Optus. 4g version. Your point being?

  • Is this a good device to stream movies etc via Plex?
    Can it handle 4k video streaming ? Thanks

    • It hasn't got a 4K screen…

      • Indeed. FYI:

        Display Size (in inches) + Type + (Pixel Density)
        10.5" TFT LCD Display, 2340 x 1080 (WUXFA), 216 pixels per inch (PPI)

        • Thanks. So after 12 months I can, cancel the plan and keep the device for no extra costs?

          Or can I cancel right away if I don’t want the data and keep the device at $0?

        • +2

          Is Optus reporting the correct specs for the screen res? Just checked Samsung website and it shows : 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)

  • For any optus staff - would this be covered under Care4Me?

  • Thanks OP! Got one! I was looking at a S7 or S8, but this is an amazing deal and will be a great stop-gap.

    If I get enough use out of it, I will look to buy the more expensive one in a year or 2.

  • Seems like an error - the A7 is more expensive which makes no sense.

    • Not really an error, I ordered via chat.

  • -1

    Just a question.. is the galaxy a8 tablet cellular version? Cant seem to see it on the site.

    • Yes - it has to be bundled with a 4G SIM

      • Thanks i hope so. Otherwise will need another phone for the sim to hospot the data.

    • Optus and all other Telcos sells Cellular version to go with their data sim plan.

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    Thanks OP. New Optus member, but secured it for $12.50 pm over 12 months.

    • Did you receive a confirmation email or just email about registering optus account?

      • +1

        I received two emails. One for the account confirmation and the second with the order confirmation. The arrived 2 minutes apart.

        • I luckily screenshot the order on the site. I never received the order confirmation. Went through to chat who said there was issue with ID, had to give details to Agent and he eventually put order through.

          He did initially say they couldn't 2 two discounts but was fine once I provided link

          Initially I managed to spell my surname one character wrong and date of birth one digit off bit thought I amended it.

          Had to use ID by Mastercard to provide drivers license and facial details.

          • +1

            @Jameslane: Cool. Glad that was sorted. I signed up at breakneck speed myself. FOMO 🤣

      • Yup, unsigned up via chat coz I made an error in my original form

  • Thanks for the post, just signed up

  • What's with the minimum cost of 496.94 over the contract period?

    • +9

      If you cancel in the first month.

      Full device cost + 1 month discounted plan fee - 1 month device discount

      $528.48 + $12.50 - $44.04 = $496.94

    • +4

      If you cancel after 1 month $12.50 for data and device cost for 11 months of + 11 x 44.04.
      You get an extra $44.04 discount for every month you stay connected.

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    I placed two order and still no confirmation email and chat rep saying no pending orders on my account. They instead placed an order for a sim only plan at full cost and I’m pulling my hair out trying to tell them to cancel it. All day in chat. Crap

  • +5

    Didn't need one yet bought two. Real Ozbargain experience.

  • +2

    Any TRUE Ozbargainer would've bought this on sight without hesitation.

  • Thanks OP, ordered one too. I also haven't got an email yet, despite being an existing post-paid Optus customer for years but I did notice that under Orders in my Optus account it is showing a current, in progress order now saying:

    Optus will provide you with regular updates as it may take longer than 1-5 days to complete your order.

    So hopefully the order will proceed smoothly.

  • +2

    Credit check kills the deal

    • I was before with Optus so I just logged in and deal is confirned, they didn't do a credit check

      • The same here, it didn't even bother to ask my ID just went through.

        • I was with Optus too they had my details just asked me to confirm them.

  • Where is this option in the app?

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      Top right, "offers"

  • +3

    There is a technical issue occurred and you will be contacted by Optus xxxxxx.


    • +1

      got same issue. anyone know what it means

  • +1

    Anyone has issued at the end where it says
    "Application for credit declined" as I am new Optus customer. Tried 2 times with different email and both declined. Anyone is new customer has gone thru.

    • Did this happen while you are trying to create your first order?
      Or is this happening after you have ordered already, then you get rejected/declined?

      • First order, hence tried again, but unsuccessful

        • maybe your identity details are wrong or address. good luck

  • -3

    "Min cost $496.94 includes device payments over your chosen term and one month of your discounted plan fees."

    I got this comment on my summary - would somebody help explain this? The system is still charging me $12.5 a month for 12 months.


    • +1

      Credit to HomeAlone

      "If you cancel in the first month.

      Full device cost + 1 month discounted plan fee - 1 month device discount

      $528.48 + $12.50 - $44.04 = $496.94"

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