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Dell 34" Curved Monitor S3422DW QHD 100 Hz Curved Monitor $499 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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Decent price for a 100 HZ 34" monitor under $500

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      Use the discount code. Thanks.

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        Yep missed the discount code.
        My bad.

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    Can anyone who knows monitors tell me if this is a good monitor please?

    Anything I should be aware of, I noticed it’s not 144Hz only 100Hz, but I’m not really wanting it for gaming, more so scripting and programming, so having super wide would allow for great side by side scripting and what not in Xcode.

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      Yes, it would be cromulent for your needs.

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          Not cool. Why call them a flog for using a word. If you don’t like it, scroll on by, don’t attack the person.

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          A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.

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        Learnt a new word. Thanks.

      • I'm gonna use that word

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        love how simpson memes infiltrate everything

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      I have a 34 inch Samsung equivalent of this, although mine has USB C connectivity as well which is great for my work laptop.

      100hz is not much of a step down from 144 for work usage. I have a 165hz next to my 100hz and they both appear similarly smooth for desktop usage.

      VA isn't the best panel type for desktop work, but at this price point you aren't going to get an IPS. I've never noticed the viewing angle to be annoying.

      I use my one for spreadsheets and documents and I love it. I find I rarely need to use my second screen with the side by side options on this. I haven't looked at price history on this one so can't comment but for your purposes it seems a good fit.

      There is also the Xiaomi 34 inch that is similar as well that may be worth looking at for a price comparison

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      If u r software programmer, u should get a 4k 32 inch monitor. They have much more vertical footprint than this, for VS code or Intellij or terminals, and only 10% narrower.
      I brought two Dell curved 4k 32inch for about $380 each a year ago, the curvature and width are perfect match.
      I use 30 Hz for work (work laptop only has integrated GPU, bit even 60hz is overkill for programming), 60 Hz for occasionally gaming.

      • Which 4K 32 inch did you get?? And does it have USBC too?

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        I get headache with 30Hz.. 60Hz is minimum for me even moving windows around is janky on 30hz.

      • S322QS, I use a display port to USB C and normal HDMI 2.0 cable, bit no power pass through though

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        sorry this is dogma, not all programmers need more vertical space. I do not. I just jump between files or far away locations in the same file. Showing extra 10 lines isn't gonna do anything for productivity.

        On the other hand the advantage of an ultrawide comparing to dual screens or a traditional 32 inch is that you can put your main window at the center of the screen, and still have space for 2 other windows for multi-tasking. A 2 windows split set up is not good for your posture in long term, unless you put your monitor off center, which most people don't do.

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      This is the 144Hz version (extra $50): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393423266550

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    So waiting for the Samsung M8…..

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      the M7 was certainly a compelling product, and it raised the question about why TVs and monitors have been on divergent paths for so long - it makes perfect sense sell a multipurpose device like this. I think FTA still has its place on the market, and it would be a shame to see it being obsoleted because manufacturers don’t want to add a tuner to their products.

      It is good to see more focus on the aesthetics of monitor’s rear, as not everyone has works with the monitor facing a wall where it can’t be seen.

      The Netflix integration does demonstrate a lack of foresight though (they were bound to become relegated to a second tier streaming provider once Disney+ came on to the market). Does the M7 - or M8 for that matter - allow installation of other apps, like a regular smart TV?

    • Me too, but I'm waiting for deals on the Samsung M8…..

  • Good monitor but not suited to a PS5 as PS5 doesn’t support 1440p.

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    I use this monitor for my WFH setup and have no complaints. Great for what I need to do which is stare at word docs and emails all day. Good replacement for 2 monitor setup and I use it to watch youtube vids etc in my personal time.

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    Bought this one a year ago, very happy with the purchase.

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    i bought 2 of these last week, very happy with them.. 1080p does me just fine


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    Pretty good deal for an UWQHD. Got my upvote.

  • Would this make a good TV with a Google Chromecast or a HTPC?

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      I would say not… It's 21;9 aspect ratio.. most tv content is 16:9 plus I'm sure the speakers would be terrible.

  • Almost pulled the trigger but no USB C sadly.

  • Would be good for browsing etc but not for gaming, not very future proof. PS5/Xbox display at 120hz and new GPU's go well beyond 100hz which this is limited too. It will work fine but you are gimping your hardware

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    Incase anyone was wondering the Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3422DWG AMD FreeSync Premium Pro WQHD 144 Hz is $549 atm through the Dell eBay store using the code D20ELL.


    • Can I connect it with usb-c for external display and charging and keyboard?

      • It doesn't have a USB-C port.

    • Yep bought 2 now what am I going to do with it

    • Thanks for the tip on a gaming version. This is VA though, so probably why it is cheaper than the Alienware equivalents that IPS.

    • Is the only difference is the refresh rate 100vs144hz?

      • DWG also has higher max brightness (400 vs 300 nits), HDR and (FWIW) more usb ports.

  • This or the 32"?

  • Anyone using this with their macbook?

    does this work ok?

  • Got it for 439 a year ago, great monitor, only had to sell it to upgrade to Thunderbolt 3 monitor

  • Not sure if it’s the same panel but I have the C3422WE and it’s awesome. If so this is a bargain.

    I wasn’t keen on a curved monitor but it’s only a slight curve, just enough to correct the angle of view. In other words it actually appears more “flat” than a flat monitor. I love it.

  • Is it ok for architectural/structural drafting on its curved screen?

  • How accurate are the delivery times on this? I'm melbourne metro and it's saying end of may. Has anyone ordered and received an accurate delivery time?

    • Bought this one on the last 20% off back on 23rd march. It’s been sat at perth airport for the last week awaiting StarTrack deliver so I’d expect at least 4 to 5 weeks for delivery.

  • Did anyone try to buy with this D20ELL code for now? It says the code is invalid in the ebay checkout…

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      Worked for me just now.

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    Anyone know how to make these dell monitors sleep? Have it set to 1min on windows but they stay on

  • Bought this and then found the height adjustable stand too short compared to Xiaomi 34inch monitor. A bit disappointed that it sits so low even at the highest point. also no swivel so cannot turn the monitor left or right without moving the bottom stand….. I think Xiaomi one is much better.

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