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Baseus USB C to Lightning Cable Supports 20w PD Charging $5.94 Delivered @ Baseus eBay


Long time lurker, first time poster. Please be kind to me oh scary bargain nerds.

Got these cables last time they were here. Been using a house full of them for three months and haven’t had an issues with any of them. Mine were delivered within 48 hours last time. They’re 15% off again. For $5.94 delivered it’s hard to beat. Enjoy!

EDIT previous deal here where everyone reports not being on the MFI list as not being a problem.


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    I believe some identity as ‘terrifying bargain geeks’.

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    Grabbed the 2m for $5.98 with the coupon code PRIL12

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    I don't think Baseus are MFI, so you always run that risk with lightning cables

    • Thought so. I'll save my money

    • +4

      I was I totally worried about this. Haven’t had one problem with around 15 cables. Also given some out to family and they haven’t had any problems. Baseus is a pretty good brand

      • +1

        Baseus is my go to brand for cables, with Anker for lightning cables

      • How long have you had them?

      • +1

        I am also using Baseus lightning cable. No MFI issues encountered. Very good cable.

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      I don't think Baseus are MFI, so you always run that risk with lightning cables

      I wouldn't worry about MFI - it's basically just a "scam" from Apple to extract money out of accessory manufacturers, and as a result, out of you and me, their paying customers.

      I don't think it actually means anything unless they're closely auditing each individual product being released by said company (which they aren't). FWIW, I've had MFI certified cables that break easily and non-MFI certified cables that have been super reliable. Quality of the actual product matters much more IMHO. If you absolutely must get something that is "Apple certified", then I really suggest just getting an original cable from the Apple store.

      • +3

        MFI just means certified, nothing much else (yes quality is all over the place).
        But Apple are F'wits every so often in IOS updates magically make non-MFI cables stop working. Which is shitty, but nothing you can do.

      • +2

        I wouldn't worry about MFI

        Until Apple releases an update that makes the non MFI cable stop working.

      • +7

        Apple should worry more about making their own cables better quality. They’re notorious for the tubing splitting and revealing the wires.

      • Apple releases updates which kill non mfi cables, how do I know? They pile of non mfi cables I have thrown out in the past!

        • +1

          Same here. Non mfi cables will always work fine at the start, sometimes even for 2+ years but one day they'll stop working or play up (only charging when first plugged in to immediately stop afterward, or only charge from one side). Meanwhile, the original cables I had from my iPhone 5 look a bit rough now but still work every single time.

    • -1

      Sorry what is mfi?

  • +1

    Is this MFI

    • No mention of that anywhere in the listing

    • NFI

  • What's the best brand/deal for a proper MFi Cable?

    • -1

      Probably Kmart, their cables are MFi

      • No, never get these. These kills all tristar chips (charging IC chip on board) on iPhone/iPad.

        • +1

          Their current range are all MFi. How do you attribute Tristar damage to this?

          • @pinchies: Yes I am aware of that they are all MFi and I work in mobile phone repair industries. I see so many people with damaged Tristar IC from using Kmart cables as they are one of the cheapest MFi cables available out there.

            • +2

              @lehendx123: With all respect, as I do not work in the industry, how have you confirmed that it is the Kmart cables that cause Tristar damage, and not a cheap unregulated power supply for example? I am in no way disputing your observations, but correlation does not equal causation. MFi certification means that the producer must use some specific components only sourced from specific apple approved suppliers.

              • @pinchies: I have no theory behind as i’m no expert in those electrical field. However i can confirm that i have seen/repaired phones/tablet w/Tristar issue and things in common were it was charged with Kmart cables. Not all Kmart cables cause this but based on amount phones/tablets coming in with Tristar damage due to Kmart cables gives me statistical results.

                Yes, they do go through certain certified hardware in manufacturing to MFi standards but it does not guarantee the level of quality standards as they are not all 1:1 quality as Apple cables. MFi is pretty much another way for Apple’s profit and official certification that consumers can trust but it doesn’t necessarily means it’s issue-free product. I judge a product by quality, not by a brand. I wouldn’t gamble my $2K phone just for few dollars hence i just personally avoid Kmart cables.

                • @lehendx123: The real question here is what charger did they use? The kmart cable is only half the equation, bad chargers are more often responsible for frying tristar than the cable itself. If they used kmart cables and bought kmart chargers (somewhat of a reasonable assumption), I feel like their questionable kmart chargers are responsible, not the cable itself.

                  • @awph: Based on what they mentioned, it's the 5W apple chargers that they were using. Also, from years of my datas, there was no phones/tablet tristar that got killed from 3rd party charger. It's all coming from the cable. I had reports where chargers would just die by itself randomly (quite rare for a decent quality charger but common in cheap products) but it doesn't necessarily kill the device.

    • +6

      Personally the Blitzwolf have been the best for me & my destructive family. I've still got cables I ordered in 2016 & 2017 in circulation.

      • Hands down the best. Better quality than Baseus too. Bangood is the best supplier.

      • +1

        Interesting. Blitzwolf braided cables were one of the worst for me. Apparently it depends on the batch. I'm now trialling Amazon Basics.

    • +1

      Ikea. Seriously

      • I have these and can confirm those braided cables are really good, but I haven't had them for long so can't form a verdict on them yet. Only problem is they are a little stiffer than I would like, but it's sort of expected from a thick braided cable.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Ordered 4

  • +2

    I found cheaper ones https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313719839932

    OP is your one better than this?

    • $8.99 with $1.09 coupon once you actually select the item though

      • It’s gone. It was $3.99

    • Thanks! I like the purple one, but it's more expensive than the others. Should I? @[email protected]

  • Thanks OP! Got one

  • +3

    Please be kind to me

    Hellooooooo Newman….

    • Hello Jerry 😒 Haha love this!

    • +2

      Exactly what I was thinking!! 🤣

  • +1

    I wish I can give 0 star to this seller.

    I ordered two "2.4A USB to iP (White)" cables, within 5 minutes, I just noticed, it's only 0.25m…
    so I requested to cancel the order and re-ordered the black one.

    Then the seller just rudely DECLINCED my request and chose to post it immediately.
    I noticed this and then chose to cancel my very recent order( the black one) and contacted the seller that since they
    posted the white one, so I no longer need this black one.

    Then the seller rudely DECLINCED my request again and posted it.

    I had been buying things on ebay amazon for ages, this is the first time to see a seller behave like this.

    Wish I can report it to ebay.

    • +2

      Sounds like it was already posted. Mine was posted super quick. Just return the item which eBay allows. What’s the problem?

      • -2

        it sounds dodgy to me. I don't think they can process the orders that quick. maybe I am wrong.
        from order to post, just 5 minutes? and also happened to two orders? lol

        • +1

          yeah same happening to me, requesting cancel within a minute. 30mins later tracking number added & rejecting cancellation!

          • @grouchiness: same feeling yeah?
            I am so upset about it. it's not about money, it's all about how did they treat their customers.

            I would definitely order more cables from them if they at least have sympathy/respect on their customers.

            • @cht8687: agreeing it was a bit unfair to mark as posted so quickly (even on public holiday) probably return them if that's an option, cheap enough to buy another two.

    • +1

      It just be marked as shipped. Not actually been shipped that fast I guess.

      • -1

        exactly! this seller is so unrespectul and money-oriented.

    • +2

      No experience with the seller, but some introspection would be nice. Whose fault is it that you ordered the wrong cable? Should always trace problems back to their original source.

      • +1

        Whose fault is it that the OP ordered the wrong cable?


        Whose fault is to respond to a customer rudely?


        • root cause found. not OP and Seller's fault. lol

    • ok some updates.

      Seller contacted me saying it's system error.
      They kindly refounded my 1st order.

      because we have packed and arranged to send the item out and have uploaded the tracking number to the order page, and eBay detects the item was sent out so they reject your cancelation directly,
      but we stopped the parcel before it was picked up by the shipping company so the parcel did not send out successfully.
      Now we have arranged a refund for you,

      Happy again.

      • +2

        They are most probably reading this thread.

      • typo refounded -> refunded

      • +1

        If you can’t use that item or do not want it any more, please refuse to receive the item later.
        When the parcel comes back to us, we will refund it fully for you, but this process will take some time.
        Here we suggest you sell this product or give it to your friends who can use it after you get it, that will be faster to solve the problem than return parcel.

        • really? you didn't get refund for your order?

  • +1

    My new order is two; Length: 2m, Color: Black&Gray (braided) for 40¢ more per unit as looks nicer & possibly stronger

    • +1

      Thanks, got one of these as well

  • +1

    Not as high power delivery as this deal. But I find the Kmart lightening cables great. Regular price of $11 as well.

  • +1

    Just because Baseus hasn't paid Apple to get MFI rating doesn't mean they are not as good. Baseus has impeccable feedback rating for many of their products. Have a look on eBay or AliExpress at their feedback for iPhone cables, it's 4.8⭐4.9⭐5.0⭐.Baseus eBay feedback rating is 99.6%, or only 1 in 250 people have a negative experience. I guarantee you that you will not get that from the Apple store. Don't become a marketing victim of Apples very high walled garden. I bought Baseus USB iPhone braided cables for our workplace years ago we have them in our offices and vehicles and the only problem we have is people stealing them, other than this not one complaint about the cables.

    • Good point, but feedback is usually left soon after purchase, whereas non mfi cables usually die after a period of time, sometimes up to 2 years later, where MFI cables dont

    • Sorry, saying you just have to pay to be certified as MFi doesn’t appear to be correct. Every MFi certified cable contains an authentication chip for verification that it's suitable to use.

      • And does the company have to pay Apple for that chip??

        • Just because Baseus hasn't paid Apple to get MFI rating doesn't mean they are not as good.

          It does mean they’re not as good. They’re missing a component which means Apple can kill them whenever they feel like.

  • +3

    I've used Baseus cables for over 3 years now.

    They have lasted me the longest with two 2m USB to Apple cables that are used by my kids (4 & 6yo). Never frayed or broke.

    Good price for these. My collection are:

    4 x USB C to Lightning - oldest 2 years old - 1 x failed due to kids jamming it in draw. Physical damage.
    5 x USB C to USB C - oldest 3 years old
    6 x USB A to USB C - only 1 has failed. Nil physical damage visible, but it won't charge/connect.
    4 x USB A to Micro USB - 4 years still going strong - Used as Audio cables for my DAC/AMP.

    just crabbed a few extra USB C - Lightning cables I'm set for the next 2 years.

      • ahahah, forgot to mention, they have all been the braided Baseus cables.

        This will be my first set of non-braided. Soo will have to sus it out before giving a + vote…….. jkz.

  • Anyone using their car wireless charger? I am using S22 ultra with Supercase so unsure if I can find a good one or even other brands. Thanks

  • Will this work with 5 year old iPad?

  • Late update but maybe this will help someone on a future deal. These don't work with the Romoss powerbanks, the amperage fluctuates all over the place and the phone wont charge. Ive had the issue with this same type of cable before, it may be MFI related.

  • These cables are really really bad. The two that I've purchased have stopped working in less than 2 months.

    Never again.

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