[eBay Plus] 35% off + 12% off Baseus USB Cables: USB-C to USB-C 1m Gray $3.42 Delivered (Expired) & More @ Baseus eBay


35% off Cable Deals + 12% off for eBay Plus Members (using code PLMISC12)

Baseus 60W USB-C to USB-C Cable - Expired

  • 0.5m - $4
  • 1m - $3.42 (Gray) to $4.40 (Black & Red)
  • 2m - $4.91

Baseus 2.4A USB-A to Lightning

  • 0.5m - $4
  • 1m - $4.57
  • 2m - $4.86

Baseus 20W Type-C to Lightning Cable

  • 0.5m - $4.91
  • 1m - $5.48
  • 2m - $5.71

Baseus 4 in 1 | 3 in 1 Charging Cable for Apple + Type-C + Micro USB Braided Cord - Additional discount if you purchase 2+ Credits to dmbminaret

  • 4 in 1 1.2m (2x Lightning + 1x Type C + 1x Micro USB) - $5.71 ($10.29 for 2 Pcs)
  • 4 in 1 1.2m (1x Lightning + 2x Type C + 1x Micro USB) - $5.71 ($10.29 for 2 Pcs)
  • 3 in 1 1.2m (1x Lightning + 1x Type C + 1x Micro USB) - $5.48 ($9.72 for 2 Pcs)
  • 3 in 1 0.3m (1x Lightning + 1x Type C + 1x Micro USB) - $4.91 ($9.14 for 2 Pcs)
  • 5 in 1 100w 1.2m - $13.72

Baseus USB C Type C PD 20W Cable Fast Charging Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 Pro X - $3.77 to $5.13

Baseus USB Charging Phone Cable Data Cord Charger For iPhone 13 12 11 X 8 iPad - $3.77 to $4.57

Baseus USB C Type C to PD 20W Fast Charging charger Cable for iPhone 13 12 Pro X - $5.14

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  • +5

    Thanks OP

    Baseus 4 in 1/3 in 1 Charging Cable for Apple+Type-C + Micro USB Braided Cord

    Bought 2x double iPhone and 2x double usb-c and got another 20% off in addition to the 35% & 12%.

    • +3

      Bought 2x double iPhone and 2x double usb-c and got another 20% off in addition to the 35% & 12%.

      Interesting. Did some tests and it only applies to the Multi-Cables:

      • 2 Items = 10% off
      • 3 Items = 15% off
      • 4+ Items = 20% off
      • +3

        Great deal with the extra 20% for 4+ items. Got 8 cables via 4 different double packs of 3 and 4 in one cables for $32.01 in total - less than the cost of one Apple lightning cable. Just $4 each.

        Thanks OP!

  • How are they compared to much more expensive anker cables

    • +27


    • How are they compared to much more expensive anker cables


    • +2


      I bought 2, one lasted 2 months and the other 3 months.
      The lightning end came loose on one and broke off on the other.

      • False economy then. I might just get the Anker one, it says it can withstand up to 12000 bends or something. Seems more durable.

        • +3

          i have purchased the usb-c to lightning cables in the past.
          they will stop working wirthin 3 months, give unknown accessory errors etc.

          i gave up on 3rd party lightning cables and went genuine now without any problems.

          other cables from baseus are very goood

        • I've got 5 USB-Cs from this brand, four have lasted me around 3 years so far. One (that I keep in the car) became loose after about a year-ish.

          I'm relatively gentle with my stuff at home but the car one would have taken some extra stress.

      • +2

        Got a USB C cable of this brand, seems fine
        If anything the plug seemed marginally tighter than usual but ok after using a few times.
        $4 is a no brainer for a PD cable, better than spending 30$ at JB hi-fi

      • My USBC ones having been going strong for the past 10 months. I just got some lightning cable ones because I got given an iphone from work, I hope they are good quality.

        It also depends how you treat them. If you mistreat them, of course they wouldn't last.

    • +2

      Tried them twice on USB to lightning and USB C to lightning. Both stopped working after 6 months with no signs of damage. I just buy blitzwolf cables now.

    • These are amazing cables, very good quality.

    • I have 6 Baseus USB-A to USB-C cables that i've been using for about 4-5yr. I have some newer USB-C to USB-C ones too. Never had any of them fail, although the ones around 5yr old feel slightly loose at the USB-C plug.

      I've had Baseus Lighting cables I bought fail within a year although I wasn't using them personally and I know they had slightly hard life. From what I can gather from other people's experiences, the Baseus Lightning cables don't last anywhere near as long as their other cables.

    • Not as good as Anker ones but still way better than the sh*tty Zulab.

  • Confused on the 3 x different listings for Type-C to Lightning Cable. Just different styles?

  • Might be a stupid question but does anyone know if the iPhone cables are MFI certified or not?

    I'm guessing they aren't but just want to double check


    • +2

      Don't think so but I've never had any issues with Baseus lightning cables on my older iPhone.

    • +3

      verify here if you know the model/product code of the cable

  • Op any USB C cables that I can connect my laptop to my monitor?

    • Probably not. Charging only cables are often USB 2.0 support. Check USB 3.0 supported cables or Thunderbolt cables

  • +1

    Nice. Needed a 50cm one for the car.

  • I was hoping for an oculus quest cable. And a multiport usb charger. No joy.

    • +5

      I was hoping for a new car.

  • Bought 2 multi cables for $10.28. Thanks OP

    • +9

      $1000 - $2500 phone, no problem. Get cheap non certified cable for said phone, genius.

      Who's dumber? The person buying the overpriced phone or the cheap cable?

      • +3

        The person spending$2500 on a phone lol.

        Thanks op, grabbed another 1m cable

  • Thank you! Bought 4 sets to get the additional 20% off. Great deal.

  • Need to get magnetic cables… Anyone have experience with these


    • +3

      I recommend that you avoid ‘dumb’ magnetic cables.

      USB connectors have pins of different lengths so your device can detect them being disconnected, and do things like turn the power off.

      They also make guarantees that the ground pins are first to connect, and last to disconnect.

      MagSafe is designed to safely replicate this behaviour.

  • Hi, any deals for USB3.1 cables? (for fast data transfer)

  • Weird, I must have just missed .5m, just went OOS? I tried to add it to cart, when I selected 1 cable, it went to like $4.6X?

  • +3

    People looking to get MFi certified Apple lightning cables just grab this, 3 for $19 delivered (with Amazon Prime). https://www.amazon.com.au/Lightning-Cable-Certified-Premium-...

    • legend

  • +4

    Bought 2 4in1 2 type C from the last deal. Type C is SLOW charging. That’s what my Galaxy S21 warns every time I plug to a fast charger. Same warning with S10+. No I didn’t try to charge both at the same time and nothing else connected to the cable.

  • +1

    I’ve had the baseus braided lightning cable for 4 years and they still work great! No break, no tear, no pop up or anything. Basically Outlasted all other cables, including the Apple official ones…

  • Great price

  • +1

    Why do none of these USB-C cable deals never support DP1.4/Alt Mode or decent data speeds?

    These ones seem to be limited to charging and USB 2.0 data speeds. God dammit, USB-C.

    • +1

      You need to get the more expensive ones, which are usually thicker, especially at longer lengths.

      • +1

        … and never on OzBargain.

  • +3

    Days for $1 charging cable gone in history.. :(

  • +5

    Be aware that 3in1 cables dont have data lines connected except for iphone so if you have android phone and looking to buy it for apple car play or android auto then these cables will be useless. Learnt it hardway as wife's galaxy S21 charges but car doesnt recognise the phone.

  • Do these work with older iPhone and iPad models? I got a iPhone 7 plus and iPad gen 5

    • I'd like to know this too.

  • +3

    for Non-plus members you can use PLMISC10 for 10% off.

  • Got a couple of cables for the kids ipads. Was hoping for some usb a to usb c cables as well.

  • Isn't it $3.77 for 2m 20W Type-C to Lightning Cable White one?

  • +1

    I bought 2 of the Baseus iphone cables from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659182

    One lasted 2 months and the other 3 months.

    The iphone connecter end broke off on both of them.

    Save your money and buy something better.

  • any 2in1 but both are usb c ?

  • +2

    The USB-C to USB-C cable is trash.
    Been trying to use it with external ssd: the drive constantly disconnects. Using the drive with a different cable works fine.
    Tried using the cable for charging: the charging is slow.
    The fit into the USB-C sockets is bad. Need to push it in with some force but once its in the fit is loose.
    At least this cable was cheap, but its trash.

    • +2

      Pretty sure they're a USB 2.0 cable so not suitable for use with an external drive.

      • It should still work and not disconnect: backwards compatibility on behalf of the drive, etc. The problem is not that its slow. The problem is that it disconnects.

        And, it has never charged anything at the advertised 60W.

        Plus, as I already wrote, the fit is poor.

        The two good things so far is that the cable hasn’t fallen apart and it can be used to charge devices (slow, but still charges).

    • If you want one for data transfer it usually needs to be thicker unless it's very short. These are only rated at USB 2.0 speeds. They've worked fine for me when charging laptops and phones.

  • how is the quality of the 3/4 in 1 cables, are they worth it

  • +1

    Looks like you can't get USB-A to USB-C anymore

    • +1

      I'm sure you can - just not from this seller. I bought a couple last week.

  • Cheers OP bought some more the baseus USB c to USB c seem to work well with the Samsung 25w charger last 6 months.

    Got a few combo cables for the kids iPads


  • Looks like they restocked.

  • on a side note, im after a fast charger for my S21+ one that does not have a usb connected to a power adaptor, just one continuous unit/cable. not sure what these are called and hard time trying to find on amazon. Appreciate help.

  • -2

    cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable cable

  • thank you just what I was looking for. bought 2 lightning cables for the wife and a type C cable for myself.

  • Bought 2 cables, now where can I buy usb c charger?

  • -2

    eBay plus not worth it in my opinion.

    I signed up and then decided against it the next day (and cancelled the purchase I thought to use it for).

    Seller cancelled happily.

    eBay refused to cancel the sub.
    Apparently in their system it was impossible. It's certainly not an Amazon prime.

    • It is but they refunded me and I kept the subscription for the remainder of the year 😉.

      Also just re-subscribed, got the $40 voucher and used it. Had something refunded due to being faulty and looks like my whole $40 voucher was reactivated. So another free $40

  • Can someone please suggest any economical thunderbolt 3 or 4 capable USB-C cables (type c to type c) for charging my Dell laptop (Dell Latitude 5500)? I bought a 166 Gan charger (Brand name: TQUQ) from Aliexpress. When I tried to charge my laptop using the provided 100W, 5 V USB type C, my laptop is showing slow charging. I think the charging cable is not thunderbolt compatible.

  • Incredible fast dispatch and delivery. Ordered on Wednesday and already received it on Friday morning.

    • Same here! Just received mine and so far very happy. They look and feel good. Have tried connecting mine through data transfer (laptop to andriod phone and iPad) and all works seamlessly. Can't fault them so far. Thanks again, OP!

      • Which ones did you buy? I tried to do data transfer with one of the 2x Type C multi-cable and it did not work on my S20 FE.

        • I bought 5 packs. one of them was the single USB - Type C which is the one that connects via data transfer. The others (3 in 1 and 4 in 1) only do charging from laptop to phone/iPad.

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