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Apple MacBook Pro 13: M1 Chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD $1707 (Was $1899), 512GB SSD $2039 (Was $2199) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest that has been on Amazon for the 2020 M1 Models but still 10/11% off, not a bad price for the 512gb model.
Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 512GB or 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Grey (Latest Model)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Worth noticing that WWDC is coming up in early June - new models will probably be announced

    • Potentially, although they might be later in the year in the Fall. Thats when these 2020 models were announced

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        Fall? Are you American?

        • +7

          Given it's an American company with an American schedule that regularly references "Fall" as a release time, it's a perfectly reasonable use of the term

          • +10

            @Rail Rider95: @Rail Rider95: Perfectly cromulent.

          • +5

            @Rail Rider95: I don't think it's perfectly acceptable. Perhaps we should revert to the imperial system.

            This is just a small step towards becoming like America which isn't good for anyone on this website.

            I don't even know what Fall is. Is it their Autumn? Which is now in Australia? Meaning their fall is our Spring? So why not just say Spring? We'd convert measurements to metric, why not American seasons to Australian?

            • +4

              @giventofly: Fall means nothing to me either and it always confuses me.

              Much better to just say a quarter: ie. 2020 Q1

              There is no ambiguity then.

              • -5

                @lysp: Imagine being confused by something so simple.

              • +1

                @lysp: Wait. Calendar quarter or financial year quarter?

                • -1

                  @cunningdrew: Depends which financial system. American financial year begins October 1st

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      Waiting for new model without notch

      • +10

        Check back in 5 years

    • Yeah hoping they release something juicy this time round.

    • -1

      I guarantee there won’t be a new MacBook Pro.

    • new macbook air model too?

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    10% is not a good deal actually. JB Hifi has 10% off apple products every one or two months. And even more discount for those who has access to the Apple Edu store

    • +15

      who has access to the Apple Edu store

      Pretty much everyone.

    • do you know you can always ask to price match Apple Edu at JBhifi anytime? I always get 10%-15% off at JB if you know how to bargain :P

      • Price match or price beat?

        • They do price match but you can always ask for price beat too. If they say no then go to different stores

          • @0PriceJack0: Apple products like MBP MB etc have very low margins, you'll likely not see much better than 10% off retail, education pricing is slightly better but not by much. Margin on Apple accessories is usually where retailers make more money as there is a much bigger difference between wholesale and RRP.

            • +1

              @Felixrising: Thats why i said 10-15% off. Last time i got 12% off for MBP and 15% off for iMac 27 at TGG

      • Can you do this on everything? Or just using education pricing on apple products?

      • why not just buy from apple edu then?

  • What is the price for the 256gb version with apple edu ?

    • +1

      $1,678.60 for 256GB, not a huge difference

  • +3

    The base M1 is still limited to a single external display? Or has that changed/been updated/fixed?

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      • Ah legend. Thanks!

      • Isn't there a software work around?

        • Yep with displaylink

          • @modsec802: That's what i thought it was called.
            Any recommended adapters?

            • @BewareOfThe Dog: I just use the apple USB-C to USB A (3.0) and daisy chain the DisplayPort monitors and it works well with the software drivers

            • @BewareOfThe Dog: I don't believe you'll be able to watch DRM content while using displaylink. So no Netflix, etc.

              • @ryskel: just checked and this is correct - can hear it but blank screen
                fortunately I don't watch movies at work πŸ˜‰

      • max additional displays allowed by DisplayLink devices is 6 - unfortunately, this is Windows.
        I will test if the $300 Lenovo Chromebook dual can handle 2 or 3 (I only tried 1x 4K).

    • That's only fixed in M1 pro and max and ultra

    • +1

      I use a MB air with two displays at work - you need display link and to use a USB C - USB 3 adaptor

      • Can you please link to these products on Amazon? Thanks.

  • +2

    Looking to upskill into ios app development, is 8gb enough?

    • +2

      While, it might be alright for running xcode but as soon as you open up multiple tabs of chrome + xcode, the memory will fill up. So, instead grab 16GB + 256GB ssd. You can always use external ssd, but you are stuck with same ram forever.

    • +2

      I have a intel core mac mini with 16G memory, and sometimes it isn't enough for web development

      • -1

        that's cause Marcos is a pos when it comes to ram, look up system monitor, if you use Linux to could probably use 4GB again a way apple markets you more!

    • +1

      It'll get you started, down the line you'll want more memory and more than 256GB primary disk storage (Xcode can be flakey on non-primary storage and you'll likely want multiple versions, and multiple simulators). You might want to consider a Hackintosh VM and then second hand hardware if you're only dipping in a toe.

    • Hell no, these 8GB machines are entry level only. If you do any kind of serious development or processing work, you need 16GB minimum.

      I'd say wait till later this year when the new MacBooks are due to be released, perhaps there will be a "stock" new config that includes 16GB RAM — though knowing Apple, I also wouldn't be surprised if they kept everything at 8GB.

  • +1

    MacBook Pro 14” were also discounted on Amazon when I checked earlier today

  • The loss of so much legacy hardware with the introduction of M1 and Big Sur has turned me right off Mac. I'll return to PC so I can still use all my gadgets.

    • +5

      i think the benefits might outweigh the cons, eventually. it just sucks now, but they had to start somewhere and intel have been sitting on their laurels for far too long. the longer they waited to move to new architecture, the harder it would be for people to make the switch

      • That's true, however there are just too many devices no longer supported. They probably needed to invest more in supporting those legacy devices.

  • That pp tho…

  • +6

    2000$ is a lot of money spent on a laptop with just 8gb ram which is not upgradable. Think about future compatibility before you buy. People used to buy 16gb pros in 2015.

    • +5

      As long as there are people who happily pay this much for them, apple will happily sell them at this price. Imo you should either get a MBA or if you need something better get the 14 or 16 inch pros. This 13 in pro model is just pointless especially at this price

      • +2

        It is still faster than Intel Mac though. But that 8 GB bothers me! Because that same ram is shared with GPU as well. Few Chrome tabs and os together already takes 5+ GBs. And people tend to use these for 5 plus years. Imagine using 8gb machine in 2027!

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          Yeah but it's asking for almost 400 dollars for a fan and a touch bar. Just get a MacBook Air 16GB model and save yourself a couple of hundred bucks if you need a proper day to day machine.

        • +6

          I see this posted a lot, but have you really tried loading up an 8GB M1 Mac? I have been recommending family/friends to get the base M1 MacBook Air with the 8GB RAM for everyone that uses a laptop for "regular use", and they really are incredible machines. I can open every single app in the dock at the same time, open a bunch of tabs in Safari and then still use the machine normally with no slowdowns, up to and including working on 4K video in an optimised program like iMovie or lots of photos in Photos.

          I think everyone is forgetting just how fast these machines can write to their SSDs. Once the RAM is full, they just swap it out to the SSD, and the user barely notices the difference in speed. They just don't do that old "freeze up" spinning beach ball anymore unless there is an actual program error.

          Please don't shoot me down if you are doing super heavy lifting with your machine. No you cannot edit multi stream 8K while running massive 3D models while compiling code while gaming with no dropped frames etc etc. If that is you, then you need a different machine, and you will know that anyway.

          For 95% of people 8GB of ram will be plenty to do pretty much everything they will ever do with their laptop. And I think warning people off the 8GB is scare mongering Joe Average into buying a $4-6k MacBook Pro with far more RAM than they really need. Note: I am writing this on a 64GB RAM 16" MacBook Pro and for normal use it is functionally the same as an 8GB M1 Air. Only in Lightroom am I seeing any real difference in speed, for everything else its pretty much the same, even with LOTS of apps open at once.

          • @dtpearson: That's true but don't forget about SSD longevity as especially since apple never released the TBW rating of their M1 SSDs and that makes me even more worried. No TBW to hold them responsible down the line and non replaceable SSD are two scary warning signs. These SSDs are very fast, but how long can they last under heavy swapping? Nobody knows.

          • +1

            @dtpearson: Thats not the only stuff, the SSDs are just 256 GB on the base model. Knowing people, they definitely fill it up to the brim in no time with photos and videos. Whats next? Very less space for the swap. Even though the swap is fast and even assuming TBW is quite high, the smaller swap space will start killing the SSD faster due to writing to the same area again and again.

            Think how bloated applications will become in the coming 2 or 3 years and how much more memory is required. Websites are literally becoming dektop applications. I literally dont care about 8GB on the air. But this is a "PRO" fooking model and even base model cheap chinese phones and tablets are having 6 to 8GB memory now.

            One of the youtube reviewer recommned against 32GB models for developers but to get 16 instead but with a bigger SSD so swap wont eat into storage life.

          • +1

            @dtpearson: I like your answer.

            I am still frustrated though at the high price Apple charge for small marginal upgrades. SSD's are cheap as is RAM everywhere but in the Apple ecosystem.

            A 500gb ssd is available to us retail plebs for around $50 -$60 but Apple sells JUST a 256gb upgrade for around $300 because the kids "just want a mac".

            I am won over by the product itself but the marginal charges make me feel robbed and like my kids loyalty to these products is taken for granted.

    • i'm on 8GB of ram model and it's perfectly fine, comparable to my 16GB windows laptop

      • +4

        8gb on M1 is a lot better than 16gb on Intel.

      • +3

        8 gigabyte is 8x1024 megabytes no matter where you install it. The M1 chip is a super efficient chip when it comes to power usage and thermal management but it won't suddenly double up your memory capacity compared to MacOS on Intel. If 8gb on Intel Mac was not enough for you, it won't be enough on M1 either.

        • +2

          Someone negged you because they are certain that MacOS will double your memory capacity. Fanboys are strange.

          • +1

            @Aureus: It reminds me of the infamous "SoftRAM" scam software in the 90s and people were paying for it and were quite happy with it lol

      • +2

        It looks like it's enough for now for many because the memory is hyper fast and the swap is fast too and people won't notice the speed difference. But if people keep using it with high load the swap will start eating into its small 256 GB hard disk life which is also not replaceable.

    • +1

      I think 8GB is fine, unless you're a heavy video editor. And how many people seriously are heavy video editors? 0.1% of the population? For reference, I've been using an Intel i7 desktop PC with 8GB ram for work 40 hours a week for the past few years. I frequently have up to 15 MS Word documents open at the same time, some of which are hundreds of pages long and full of diagrams, tables, etc. Plus 20 or 30 Google Chrome tabs open, and multiple Pdfs open in Adobe Acrobat. Plus MS Outlook open permanently, and on top of that I may occasionally also open Excel docs, Paint 3D, Snip, or the calculator. That's all at the same time. Rarely experience any slow down or other problems.

      My Mac mini M1 also has only 8GB ram, but the processor is MUCH much faster than my Intel i7 desktop, and it has a much, much faster SSD. Plus it's all on a properly integrated chip. Don't you think it will be enough for most users for the foreseeable future? I think it will.

      • 8gb is more than fine for most users but it totally depends on what you are using it for. My home PC has 8gb, no problem, my work laptop, 8gb no problem, but all I am doing is sending emails, watching youtube, running sql queries etc. I have no value for 16gb so 8gb would be fine for me.

  • +4

    Just get the base Macbook M1 Air with 8gb - beats Intel laptops right out of the water even with 16gb RAM if you're one of the 'usual' users - meaning you're an average user having multiple Chrome tabs (including Netflix, etc.) and have multiple apps open.

    Unless you have a specific use case to have a Windows based machine (work or personal - like gaming), the value for the base MBA is excellent. And the resale value after years of use will be a lot higher than any Windows/Intel laptop.

    • +2

      The MBA is an excellent value machine but something tells me it's the gateway drug of Apple ecosystem. They have minimised their margin on this thing to drag people in their ecosystem to rip them off later. Similar strategy coffee capsule makers use when they give you their "free" coffee machines. I tell my folks as long as they don't need to be unplugged for more than 6-7 hours, go with a proper AMD laptop with 16 GB memory for the same price. It's just better in terms of ports, connectivity, SSD and sometimes RAM expandability down the line and it my opinion, a far better OS. Go Mac if you absolutely need that extended battery life cuz that's exactly where its advantages end and quirks begin

    • The resale value of 16gb will be lot higher.

  • +3

    8 and pro should not be in the same title. come on apple its 2022.

  • The OS often has some overheads to manage memory. The more memory the better.
    You may not want to upgrade in many years if you buy the right item right now.

    "A rich man buys it once, a poor man buys it twice.”

    • Note the MacBook Air

      • pls ignore. i did not read properly

  • Prices updated

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