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Coles Mobile SIM 365-Day 60GB Plan $99 (Was $120) Delivered @ Coles Mobile


• 60GB, 365 day expiry
• Unlimited standard International calls to 15 selected destinations

Terms And Conditions
Offer $120 SIM, Now $99. New customers only. Limit one per customer. All data allowance is applied upfront after $99 payment and activation. Offer ends 03/05/22, unless withdrawn earlier. Ongoing recharges revert to standard price of $120 or as otherwise advertised. Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion, whichever is earlier, to get advertised inclusions.

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  • New customers only. Damn as an existing Coles Mobile customer I was hoping to purchase one as my plan is about to expire. Time to change phone company again.

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      If you are an existing customer, you can renew for even less, $90.
      Either renew manually, or setup auto

      Just a friendly reminder that your 365 day Coles Mobile plan is due to expire on XXXX/2022. Remember you can get 25% off your next recharge, when you recharge by XXXX/2022 for service number XXXX.

      The easiest way to take advantage of this exclusive offer, is to:
      Log in to your Coles Mobile app or online dashboard before XXXX/2022 Turn on AutoRecharge
      You're all set. Your plan will automatically recharge at 11:00pm AEST/AEDT on the day your current plan expires with the 25% discount applied.
      Alternatively, you can choose to manually recharge your service via the Coles Mobile app or log in to your online dashboard

      • Did not know this. Thanks!

      • Did you receive this by email or text message?

        • That was email. I don't know about SMS, as it is my kid's phone.

          Just log in to the website, "my account" when the plan is near end, and see 25% off for renew before expiry.

          • @bargaino: Thanks. My plan is due to expire in Sep 22. I haven't received any renewal offers from them yet. Still 5 months to go so it might be too early.

            • @arctan: I received this by text message a month before my current plan expires.

      • I didnt get this and im not set to auto renew and my plan expires on 27th.

        • Have you tried logging in to your account?

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        If you don't need international calls this Amaysim deal is even cheaper.

        $78 for 12 months after coupon code & cashback. Equates to $6.50 per month.

        • No referral credit with cashback?

          • @bargaino: I guess not because you need to click through from Cashrewards.

          • @bargaino: I think I know what you mean ;)

      • Doesn’t look like this is a thing anymore. My plan expires on 2 July and the recharge is $120.

  • Telstra vs Vodafone vs Optus
    Which one is better?

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    • Better for what? Coverage?

    • Depends… My experience is boost > Aldi > Woolworths

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        For coverage Woolworths and Aldi are the same.

        • Shouldn't all 3 be the same since Telstra?

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            @FeZZa21: Telstra MVNOs don’t get access to the full Telstra network (except Boost).

            From experience, all this means is that your top speed is capped at 100Mbps down (tested with a Telstra device and got 250Mbps 4G vs 99Mbps on ALDImobile) and you don’t get features like VoLTE and visual voicemail.

            • @noren7:

              and you don’t get features like VoLTE and visual voicemail.

              Do we get these in boost?

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              @noren7: Also means you don’t get the same coverage map. Many rural areas are serviced by Telstra Retail (eg Telstra and Boost) but not by Telstra Wholesale (eg Aldi and Woolworths).

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      Depends where you live.

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    Very Tantalizing thumbnail

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    Does Coles Mobile support VoWIFI (seems my parents metal roof is munting their Amaysim service, and Amaysim don't support it AFAIK)?

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      Nothing to do with anything but I snorted really loudly when I read "munting" 😂😂

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      No VoWIFI

    • -2

      Metal roofs are pretty light, a couple of 4x2 should support it with no problems.

      Pretty sure amaysim don’t do roofing as you mentioned.

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      No VoWIFI or VoLTE.

      • Oh I thought Optus opened up VoLTE/Vowifi for all their MVNOs.

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      Worst mobile network so be very very careful if you want to buy 12 months plan.

      I don't get signal within Sydney.

  • Damn I couldn’t get optus deal. +500$ worth Tab A8 4G + 300$(30GB/mth) worth plan for just 150$. I have same coles sim and now even this feels like expensive 😂. Lucky those who get that deal

  • when it comes to calling international. can I call a US toll free number as part of calling the US..? don't understand how that works on prepaid

    • Would think so?

  • Does it work changing directly from one Optus MRO to this (being another Optus MRO) or should I burn another sim on a different network?

    • Should be fine. A friend of mine went from Optus to Coles and it only took a few hours. Worst case scenario is you'll have to contact them (live chat) if there's any issues, so try not to do it Saturday arvo since porting hours end early and are closed on Sunday.

      • I went from optus prepaid to coles in less then 5 mins, this was in 2020.

  • Just out of curiosity, can I purchase now and activate it in August ? Or I just wait for July promotion and hopefully to get one ?

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      To use this service you need to purchase and activate a Coles Mobile Prepaid SIM. You need to activate your SIM within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in a promotion (whichever is earlier) in order to take advantage of the inclusions in any advertised plans.

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      These specials are on all the time, they rotate the $150 and $120 plans on sale.

    • i did online chat. they said coles sim never expired. i screenshot the conversation.

  • Attractive pricing but…beware the network is very slow. Mostly it was on 3G and rarely on 4G. I think Coles uses the most inferior bandwith of Optus. Have experienced call dropouts and signal issues. Text messages have arrived an hour later, can be pain during 2FA and password reset issues. Pulled the pin and switched after 6 months to a better network.

    • 3G is slow. Suggest you are in a 4G black hole.

    • Optus 3G finishing this year.

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      I love the way people use one data point to say it's the entire network. Makes so much sense.

      • How are they supposed to use 2 or more data points?

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          I dunno, maybe by realising they're not the only person in the world and seeing other people responding positively? I guess that's a difficult thing to do, though.

        • When moving around e.g at the shops, out with friends or working in the cbd etc

  • Would this Amaysim deal be better? It's still Optus but they suggest Optus 4G Plus Network.


  • I might consider this deal as Belong Mobile is scrapping my $10 monthly plan and is forcing onto their $15pm plan!

  • I regret switching to Coles Mobile on a recent $99 deal. Porting took over two weeks, during which I spent ~$45 repeatedly recharging my prepaid Optus plan so I could keep using the phone.

    Then after activation, Personal Hotspot doesn’t seem to be available (maybe I’m doing something wrong?).

  • Churned from Belong to Coles as the $10 plan expired. The most notable feature was SPAM calls dropped to ZERO on Coles/Optus. On Belong/Telstra I was getting 1-5 a day !

    Picked up a 120gb/$150 SIM when on special for $119 in store and it scanned up at $99. Works for me.

  • Does it have roaming feature?

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    Anyone know where can I get cheaper Boost mobile plan, currently I am using the $150 plan for 12 months, and it is expired in 2 weeks, to renew I need to go to $200 plan for 12 months. The reason I need to go with Boost its because my location only work with Boost network, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths all have no receptions.

    • Check your emails from Boost. When you got migrated there is a section at the bottom saying they will give you $50 off your first recharge. The image doesn't take you anywhere. You need to contact chat to recharge at $200 and get them to refund $50. They asked me for a copy of the email.

    • You can get the $200 SIM for $150 at a bunch of eBay stores.

  • What's better, this or woolies mobile?

  • Please do a google search on reviews of Coles mobile before you decide to purchase, many have had terrible experiences and I was one of them also

  • Just a heads-up for anyone that works in Coles/Coles Express/Liquorland - the 365 day 120GB SIM is available at the same price as the above offer instead of $150, and then take the extra 5% off to make it $94.05.

    • Is that a glitch? Or do you mean only for employees?

      • For employees with a MyColes staff card.

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