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$5 Healthy Fried Chicken Burgers (Usually $13.50 - $15.90) @ Grill'd (App & Relish Membership Required)


Just started today is a new promotion at Grill'd for their HFC burgers.

Must be a relish member and the barcode will show in the app to redeem in-store or at checkout online.


  • $5 HFC Burger offer is exclusively available to qualifying Relish members only, at all Grill’d Restaurants.
  • Offer is for one (1) of any on-menu HFC Burger: HFC Classic, HFC Smokey, HFC BLAT & HFC Bonfire BBQ, to be claimed for $5. Pattie swap not eligible for discount.
  • Only one (1) $5 HFC Burger to be claimed per Relish Member in a single transaction. Discount applies to the lowest cost eligible item. Add-ons and modifiers (including speciality buns) at additional cost to Member.
  • To redeem in restaurant, offer barcode, found in Relish promotional email or Grill’d app, must be presented and scanned at time of transaction.
  • To redeem online, Member must add any HFC burger to cart and select ‘$5 HFC Burger’ Coupon at checkout. Offer available for dine in, takeaway, pick up phone orders, online ordering, and Grill’d Delivery.
  • Excludes third-party ordering and delivery platforms.
  • $20 minimum order applies to all Grill’d Delivery orders.
  • Offer cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Upon redeeming this offer, Relish Member will qualify for another $5 HFC Burger coupon. Coupon will be issued after 2 hours 2 days of qualifying, and sent to the member’s Relish email address and the member’s Relish account. Relish Member can qualify for a total of 5 x ‘$5 HFC Burger’ offers during offer period.
  • ‘$5 HFC Burger’ offer period is 26/04/2022 – 08/05/2022

For those who can't find the offer in app: Maybe check your email also, I received some emails which have the barcode in them which you could use instead.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +21

    Cheap and available, my fav things

    • +14

      Cheap and available

      Just how i like my women. Oh wait…

    • +1

      Essentials to be classed as an OZB deal too.

  • +9

    Note that there are 5 vouchers in total available. Use by 8 May 2022.
    You may use 1 per order, and the next voucher will show up after that.

    • +1

      You have to wait 2 days. I got the notification for the second voucher but there is nothing when I go into the app.

  • +1

    Lunch sorted, cheers

  • +3

    5 $5 burgers in 8 days. Sure!

    • +3

      offer period is 26/04/2022 – 08/05/2022


      8 days


    • +2

      challenge accepted !

    • 13 days? 🤔

    • +11

      I think I did 11 days in a row, 5 years ago when they had the paint your nail for free burgers promo.

      I've just moved all my steaks from the fridge, to the freezer for this one!

      • Do your freeze the Grill'd burgers? How do defrost them? What's the quality like after defrosting?

        • +3

          I think they mean they put their steaks in the freezer, not the grilld burgers

          • +3

            @Tgb: Ahh it makes more sense if I remove the comma.

      • +2

        Yeah, I remember I had about nearly two weeks of free lunches of Grill'd. I also used the opportunity to try burgers I wouldn't usually try since they were free anyway.

  • Decent deal, thanks OP!

  • +1

    which HFC is best?

    • +3

      Can try them all!

    • +4

      The BLAT looks the pick of the lot - avo and herbed mayo added to the usual BLT. Nice mix.

      I'd go the Classic after that - lettuce, mayo, pickle.

      The Bonfire BBQ looks off-putting to me - pickle, slaw, onion, "backyard" burger sauce AND plum (!) BBQ sauce 🤢

      • +3

        Just had the Bonfire BBQ and it was yum!

      • +2

        Had the BLAT one recently, it was surprisingly bland. I love a good blat but the balance was all off, mostly just tasted like under seasoned avocado. Needed a little more sweetness to it as well, or just some tomato that actually has a flavour.

        Will try the classic next, hard to get that wrong.

    • +2

      The HFC Hot is super tasty imo. If you don't mind a small amount of spice and are feeling like a zesty tangy burger, it's delicious. There's not much to it but it's a very specific flavour that hits the spot granted you get enough sauce.

      • +2

        My goodness, the HFC Hot is gone…

        I hope they bring it back some day, it was so good.

  • +1

    Does look like they are worth $5

        • +3

          Lmao, maybe read & understand the comment before ripping into the person for what they never wrote.

          The comment was not about the oil used in cooking, but the oil seed / plant based burger patty available at Grill'd.

          For whatever reason some don't want them, not even all on plant based diets like them! So was a personal opinion.

          And agreeing these burgers are worth the $5.

          what oil isn't plant based…

          Not all cooking oil is plant based!
          Animal fat has long been used in cooking & especially frying. Lard oil is produced from lard (animal fat).

  • +1

    Thanks doweyy, lunch sorted 👍

  • -1

    So I could do 3 pick up orders for the same time as single orders?

    • +5

      no - only eligible for one burger at a time, and the next voucher only regenerates 2 hours after use of the first one

      • +2

        3 accounts

        • How do you get around the mobile number requirement?

      • +2

        So breakfast, lunch and dinner then?

        • If you got some of the decent cinema vouchers you could do burger, movie x 3. What an ultimate lazy day.

  • When I tap relish in the app, I just get a blank screen with a big X on the bottom, not sure what I'm doing wrong?

    • same here :(

    • 2 accounts, both blank..

    • +1

      Maybe check your email also, I received some emails which have the barcode in them which you could use instead.

    • just use the website, log in, and at checkout there is a drop down menu for vouchers, the $5 burger will be there

  • +5

    If you can't see the deal the garbage app has probably logged you out. Try logging in again twice and you'll see it.

    P.S. our app doesn't support password managers but it will nag you to enable touch ID and notification every time.

    • Saved me in restaurant. Many thanks!

      • Did the app give you the heimlich?

        • No but my suit coat has instructions for that inside for some reason 😂

    • +1

      i've logged in three times…i stil don't see anything. i only had one burger yesterday and today it's gone :(

  • +3

    What exactly is Healthy Fried Chicken burgers? What's different compared to a regular one?

    • +1

      Wanting to know this as well. Fried and Healthy don't tend to go together. Good price though.

      • Just read that it's fried in Olive Oil, maybe that's why?

    • +2

      i'm sure those words can't be strung together in the same sentence ..

    • +1

      It’s kfc but sold at Grilld so it’s healthier 😂

    • BS marketing. Not healthy in absolute terms. Ppl will eat it and feel good about themselves. Have a grilled chicken with no mayo and very little relish (mostly sugar) if you really want to be healthier

      • +1

        Sugar and carb phobia is unreal these days, fat is ok though :P. Can make them lower calorie meals overall though which was the point I think :)

    • just the marketing. For a long time Grill'd have marketed themselves as the "healthier" burgers. Turns out there isn't much difference. Who knew !!

      (just like band-aids used to say on each pack that using their product "makes wounds heal twice as fast". This claim was based on a small (and incredibly flawed) study. This study has since been proven to be of no validity whatsoever so now band-aids no longer make reference to this claim

  • Does anyone know if Grill'd's meat is halal? Or at least the chicken used in this burger?

      • +5

        About 2 billion people may care

        • +11

          Didn't know Australia had such a big population.

          • @cms1: Of racists? Go figure.

    • +5

      See here, the very bottom question.

      • Cheers, so just not certified halal, pretty standard. Should be able to give it a go.

    • +3

      Google "Grill'd Halal" it's not that hard!!
      I did it and the answer is the No1 entry.

    • +1

      Go vego/vegan

  • +2

    i remember the first time going to grill'd and asking if they had fried chicken burgers in which the server responded with a lot of attitude "no, we only grill burgers here"

  • Sweet as! That's such a good deal. Just ordered ahead and grabbed one for lunch today.
    Thanks for the heads up. :)

  • +6

    Healthy and Fried chicken do not come together.

  • +1

    We can get $5 burger with NO other purchase ?

    • +2


  • +4

    I'm all for marketing. But… How is "healthy" and "fried" in the same sentence? Lol

    • Suppose if you shallow fry stuff with a few drops of olive oil on Teflon as opposed to deep frying in old canola

      • I don't work at Grill'd, but something tells me that cooking it that way would be a lot more effort than it's worth for them

    • I don't think it's what they are doing, but air-fryers are healthy.

    • -2

      Why is fried unhealthy to you

      • Usually cooked in a lot of oil

    • It's just air fry.

  • +1

    Anyone else having issues with not seeing the actual offer on the app?

    • I can see the in-app ad but nothing in eligible benefit on checkout

    • Maybe check your email also, I received some emails which have the barcode in them which you could use instead.

      • +1

        Just came through now! Thank you!

  • +5

    Had today. Can confirm awesome.

    • +2

      Which one did you get?

      • +1

        Just the most basic one - HFC classic.

  • +1

    App downloaded. Offer will be abused for 5 days straight. Thanks OP.

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