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[Switch] Metroid Dread, Monster Hunter Rise, Skyward, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl $34, Snap $27 + Post ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon AU


Amazon AU has price-matched the the remaining Harvey Norman Switch Games (that are in stock)

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    So tempting… but already have so much backlog on Gamepass :(

    • In the same boat !!

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    Skyward Sword is matched as well https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08WW82P3T

    • Just updated

  • +2

    Amazon you came through!

  • +1

    You can add Xenoblade to this list as well now

  • +2

    Good stuff, Amazon - if only this had happened for Kirby last deal :')

  • +2

    YASS i was holding out from purchasing my price matched Metroid, for 39.95 at JB,
    Had the Unidays $20 credit for amazon, so $14 dollars for Metroid!!!

    • +1

      Decent game. Shame Nintendo still suck at the controls. They really make you fight the controls to get all the secrets. The control fixes are so obvious and easy to implement.

  • Only thing that's missing looks like Pikimin

    • Also Paper Mario, I believe

      • +1

        Both Pikmin and Paper Mario are Out of Stock directly from Amazon AU.

  • +1

    If you want Xenoblade, better hurry, with part 3 coming in July, the fever for Xenoblade games will increase.

    • +1

      No deals for Xeno 2 as far as I can see :(

  • I knew it! Had faith after Amazon price-matched Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe after Target had already ran out of stock, last week.

    Finally got Snap at a reasonable price.

  • thanks OP! grabbed metroid!

  • +1

    Got Metroid and Wario, sad that I missed out on Xenoblade

  • +2

    Too much games.. not enough time…

  • WarioWare back to $54

  • Got Metroid too, cancelled the back order from HN.
    Thank you Amazon, and I got 10% from using gift card purchased a while ago.

  • +1

    Awesome find. Sad that i prefer a huge multinational to harvey norman but here we are.

    (Also, free shipping)

  • Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, guys?

    • +1

      Check Bulbapedia for version exclusive Pokemon, I got Diamond.

    • +5

      Don't waste time researching. Buy both then decide

    • +2

      Your only option is Pearl now, as Diamond has return to normal price.

      Pearl won't last long

      • Still available, got the Pearl, for this price I don't mind adding this to my backlog.

        • Are they the same game just different Pokémon exclusives like sword and shield?

  • pheww grabbed wario before the price went back up, I knew it wouldnt last long

  • When i click on metriod its showing up at full price, does anyone know why?

    • Means its OOS

      • damn that sucks, literally just clicked on it too

        thanks anyways!

    • they are updating prices back to the original, pokemon snap is back to full price

    • You can get a used copy from Amazon for about $31.30

  • Can I order Pokemon again and return the copy I bought last week which was $60?

    Nevermind it's expired :(

  • Skyward Sword back to regular price

    • +1

      You can get a used copy for ~$30 still. They’ll probably update the pricing soon though

  • +3

    Some of the sold out ones have used copies for a couple of bucks cheaper. Just got a used copy of Metroid for $31.28

    • +1

      Thanks, this helped me get Metroid and Skyward Sword.

      Looks like used Metroid is gone now.

  • Battlefield 2049 is $9 at Harvey Norman and Amazon too. On all consoles

    • +2

      May as well become F2P at this point

      • Is it a decent or bad game?

        • +1

          Dysfunctional FPS game that can't get the core mechanics of an FPS correct.

  • Bummed to have missed Snap for 27, been waiting for something exactly like that to happen, and I just had to be at work.

  • +6

    Wait for this all day then it appears as soon as I have a work meeting. Classic

    • LOL same here.

      • My first day back in the office…… sobs

  • I still don't have an answer if monhun is good lol. I already own world and find the menu cumbersome. Too much down time.

    • +1

      I think MH World is one of the more accessible entries in the series. I’ve only ever played MH3 on Wii U and World on PC, and World is far easier.

    • +3

      It's great, but if you didn't like World, I doubt you'd like Rise.

    • Just chiming in my two cents, I really couldn't get into it despite the rave reviews. Expected it to be open world but its not…its like missions go to a self contained map then come back to town. Found this style really old school.

  • +1

    Can't believe i missed out on these deals!
    Don't think we'll some of these games this low again.

  • Wow these went quick

  • Skyward Sword went up but I still had it in my cart, was able to checkout at $34!

  • Deals gone so quick, missed Skysword…

  • Why they expire the prices so quickly ?!?

    • +3

      I'm assuming its because Harvey Norman sold out so quickly. Pokemon Pearl is the only deal still up and its the only deal HN still have in stock too. I imagine once HN sells out Amazon will then put the price higher too.

      • +2

        yeah its weird that amazon even price matched, most of the titles were OOS and amazon still price matched, but they pulled the plug quite quickly.
        Usually amazon only price matches when the competitor is still in stock, but the odd few times they price match even after the competitor sells out.

        I suggest everyone keeps an eye out, if HN puts new stock, Amazon will rematch

  • Aww - missed out again :-(

  • +1

    As an FYI. If you keep the items in your cart but don't buy it. Forwhatever reason it was still the reduced price. I managed to get metroid after deal had expired

    • The cart keeps the price at the time you added the item until you checkout, assuming the item is still in stock and your cart has not expired yet.

    • You must have been quick, usually, cart prices update.

  • I saw the HN one in the morning but was too late for Xenoblade…
    Missed it again with Amazon :(

    • Same. Ah well.

  • That's weird, CamelCamelCamel isn't showing that Snap dropped to $27. I have it set to $30.

    • I think CamelCamelCamel only pings product pages periodically. If there is a price drop within a very small window like these items did, CCC may not record it.

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