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Apple AirPods Max $619 (Pink) Delivered @ Harris Technology


Have been looking for AirPods Max and this is by far the cheapest deal I've found. They show as all in stock. Only pink ones left now. Free shipping too.

I have an order currently being fulfilled.

Pink (MGYM3ZA/A): https://www.ht.com.au/product/cd216-37016

Silver (MGYJ3ZA/A): https://www.ht.com.au/product/cd214-37014
Blue (MGYL3ZA/A): https://www.ht.com.au/product/cd215-37015
Green (MGYN3ZA/A): https://www.ht.com.au/product/cd217-37017 Green is now showing as out of stock.

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    No idea what's going on with Airpods Max prices. Lots of retailers selling them between RRP $899 and $619. As far as I can tell these SKUs are the same as you'd get from Apple in Australia, but I wonder if there's some parallel importing going on?

    • Like, techically these guys have the black ones too, but they are still $899 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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        Like, ok.

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        • Like, totally, girlfriend.

    • +10

      It’s because they can’t sell them.

      I ordered one and refunded after 30 mins of ownership.

      Before I ordered, I did tons of research and expecting good sound with very good bass and headband can relieve the heaviness of the headphone. “A LOT” of YouTubers praised the AirPods Max and since I am deeply in the Apple Ecosystem, I gave it a go.

      The reality?

      1. Sound is good but not as good as people praised. The bass isn’t strong at all. Even my WF-1000XM4 has better bass.

      2. I love spatial audio, it is not better than my AirPods Pro. It’s pretty much the same with slightly better sound quality.

      3. The biggest problem I have is, it hurts. I wear glasses, and I don’t have a skinny face, so both sides of the earcup actually pressed very hard on my glasses frame. So both sides of my ears were sore pretty much within the first 2-3 mins. I can’t wear them any longer due to the clamping force. So I tested the sound quality and the fit a few times before I gave up.

      The weight is heavy, I can feel it wobble on my head while I was suffering the pain on both sides of my head.

      So I returned it and got my refund right away.

      I don’t recommend them.

      • +2

        I’ll let you know. I have glasses too and I am a bit worried about the clamping issue.

        • Good luck!

      • +1

        Thanks, have the AirPods Pro so you saved me some decent $$$

      • The reality?

        Another downside is that the battery isn't replaceable and you're at the mercy of Apple as to how long it'll be supported. Since there's no passive/analog mode, then they become junk once the battery inevitably dies. IMO this is completely unacceptable for premium headphones.

        • It really depends on the use case regarding battery. Most Bluetooth ANC headphones do not have user replaceable battery. So you can’t really fault Apple for it.

          Not everyone buy a Bluetooth ANC headphone wants to use it wired. Why get a BT one if you can get a decent wired one cheaper.

          If battery is dead, time for a new one. That’s also the case for most people having earbuds.

          • @goraygo: Most ANC headphones don't have replaceable batteries, you're right, but there are some exceptions such as the B&O Beoplay H9i.

            At least with Sony's WH/WF 1000XM3/XM4 series, they don't hinder battery replacement as disassembly is easy and their batteries aren't soldered in. Technics (Panasonic) EAH-A800 is also another with an easy to replace battery.

            Not everyone buy a Bluetooth ANC headphone wants to use it wired. Why get a BT one if you can get a decent wired one cheaper.

            The point I was trying to make is that the wired option is there as a fallback. If you have BT headphones without an analog port, then they become useless when the battery permanently dies. With daily use that's pretty much a certainty in 4-5 years.

            If battery is dead, time for a new one. That’s also the case for most people having earbuds.

            Headphones in this price range should be built to last, not throwaway junk.

            • @skittlebrau: Battery replacement for AirPods Max or any AirPods can be arranged with Apple.


              Even first gen AirPods can have their batteries replaced.

              • @goraygo: Yep, but that's only while they classify them as a 'current' product. After a period of time determined by Apple, they mark products as 'vintage' and will no longer perform out-of-warranty servicing on them and cease all support.

                It remains to be seen when that'll happen with their audio gear since the AirPods series of products haven't been around that long, but it will happen eventually.

                Sorry I don't mean to sound argumentative, but planned obsolescence really annoys me.

                • @skittlebrau: They still offer replacement batteries for the iPhone 6, so it's safe to say they'll offer replacement batteries for these super expensive headphones for a long time.

      • I totally agree with you. I don't recommend them at all

        The sound is OK
        I have a Sony WMX 1000 M3 which is half the price.
        I can tell the Max sounds a little better using Apple Music. But they are pretty much the same if I am using Spotify or Youtube Music.

        Spatial audio is more of a marketing idea. Can't really feel the difference.

        Works well with Apple devices. But Apple devices only.

        Too many cons:
        1. It's really heavy. Clapping. Discomfort.
        2. The ear cup is smothering and will collect sweat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLZ211I6WSk
        3. The lighting charging port is stupid in 2020.
        4. It won't turn off until put back in the case.

  • +9

    Be honestly, I have tried this one, this too heavy, i prefer my Bose and Sony ones.

    • +3

      I agree, too heavy for me - it felt like it was always clamping my head too much (or maybe I have a very wide head). I ended up selling mine and getting the Sony XM4's which are way comfier but sadly sound a little lacklustre compared to the Airpods Max IMO.

    • +6

      The weight isn't too bad IMO and I got used to the weight quickly. The main issue for me was at first the clamping force was a little much but I managed to get used to the force as well. Glad I did because they're the most amazing sounding wireless headphones I've tried to date.

      • +1

        Yeh, I'm a little bummed that the Airpods Max weren't comfortable for me as they sound amazing. I do wear glasses every day too so the clamping force on my glasses was annoying after a few hours.

        • ah yes, with glasses it is a little harder to get by. I found they do stretch over time and some people also go out of their way to forcibly stretch them out lol.

          • @itsmehuey: Ha - If I were more daring, I would try this! I'll just have to wait impatiently for an Airpods Max 2 and hope the new design isn't so 'clampy'.

      • +2

        Yeah, I was really keen on these until I tried them at the store. For my (oversized?) head, the clamp pressure was too uncomfortable.

        • that's unfortunate mate! hopefully the next iteration takes these complaints of clamp pressure/force into account especially for those like you with, as you say, "oversized" heads lol.

    • I got the Airpods Max after trying workmates Sony XM3 (or 4s maybe) and Bose Quietcomforts, and the Airpods are much better IMO. The earpads are far more comfortable and much cooler thanks to the material, and the noise cancellation and especially transparency mode is unmatched.

      Just claimed another $70 back on these from this deal using my 28 Degrees Price Drop Protection :D. Paid $899, now got $275 back.

      • That's great!

        How doe the price drop protection work? Can you claim multiples times? How long are you price protected for? Been meaning to get into it just wasn't sure how it all worked.

        • +2

          You can't get new price protection policy on 28degree. It has been grandfathered.

      • +2

        Tried them in jbhifi on the weekend and wanted to hate them and found I really liked them. Based on a very short wear, I preferred them to my XM2's at least which are noticeably heavier than XM3 and XM4

        I just can't bring myself to pay 899 for them. 619 is still too much for me but I no longer silently judge people for buying them hah. And that bloody lightning cable has to go

      • +2

        Offset a neg vote because preferences are personal and can be subjective.
        These are not for me but YMMV.

        • Appreciate the up vote.

  • Can office works best it ?

    • +2

      Calling them :)

      • +1

        Keep us posted!

      • +4

        They can price match not an issue!

    • I managed to get a silver one and I am in WA.

  • +1

    I'm a little surprised that HT has stock of something they are discounting.

  • Wow this is costlier than my Nokia 8. Looks great!

  • +12

    iPhones use to be this price once a upon a time

    • +4

      Tim did a great job making apple greedy again.

      • +3

        he also did a great job at removing innovation from apples playbook, with the notable exception of the M1 chip on the new macs. iphones used to be better than android phones, but these days androids seem to be better

        • +7

          I think its the opposite, imo Androids used to be better but iPhones are now better.
          My 11 Pro is much better than the Note 10 I had.

          My problem with iPhones back in the day were how they were missing too many features like oled displays, wireless charging, fast charging, screen recording etc (compare the Galaxy S6 to the iPhone 6) but now since they've been added I prefer iPhone. Combine that with Apple's years of updates, easier support, much more refined UI, better resale etc and you have a pretty damn solid phone.

          • @UosdwisRDewoh:

            Note 10

            yeah i don't really have a high opinion of samsung any more, they seem to have the pricetag of apple, but not the quality. i was thinking of the chinese androids, in my experience they have been great phones

          • +2

            @UosdwisRDewoh: Thinking the same. I jumped to Android after my iPhone 4 died. My Galaxy S10+ is on it's last legs - once it dies, iPhone 14 might well be next

      • +3

        Tim's MAGA

      • +1

        He did a great job at his job. Like him or hate him he’s one of the few CEOs that is worth every Penny.

  • +2

    great cans

  • +2

    These will be fantastic for camping

    • +3

      User name checks out.

  • If you don’t mind pink, $629 at Amazon, currently stackable with SB 5% cash back, even less if you have discounted gift cards.

  • +5

    Decent value at more than half the price of Bang & Olufsen's H95, but the limitation of the lossy AAC codec is an issue in this price range.

    • Love the down vote without the counterpoint!

      • +2

        The counterpoint is you'd mostly likely pair these with other Apple stuff and Apple stuff doesn't support most good codecs.

        Downvoting that comment is stupid though.

        • So we agree that it's a design choice by the manufacturer that reduces the value of these expensive bluetooth headphones that don't support Apple's own hi-res streaming bitrates.

  • +1

    I am wondering how much is the real price and how much was put as a brand margin.

    • +3

      $200 worth on its own for good build quality and sound and ANC
      $100 for convenience in the apple ecosystem
      $319 for brand premium
      $619 total

      As for Sony WH-1000XM4:

      $180 worth on its own for build quality and sound and ANC and functions
      $50 for reliability and reputation after excellent implementation of many iterations and product line
      $100 for brand premium
      $330 in total

      • +1

        Where can I get WH-1000XM4 for $330?

        • Can be had even lower at times got mine for $280

          But I hate the touch controls and no on/off switch, but more comfortable than my bose

          • @thesainter: The XM4 has no on/off switch? or do you mean a button instead of a toggle?

            • @ONEMariachi: It has a button you need to hold for 3secs

              • @thesainter: yeah same as the xm3. That was a mild annoyance when I switched from the QC35, but I found the ear pads on the QC35 super weak. They wore out in a couple months on my beard.

                • @ONEMariachi: Yeah I was on my 3rd set of ear cups after 6 years of the QC35s, hopefully they have improved that with the new version

      • +1

        I think there is considerably more to the build of the AirPods max than your $20 difference there.

        That said I don’t think there needs to be, and design decisions give the XM4 the win.

        If anyone has seen the leaked render of the XM5, it will not fold, reducing portability, just like one of the fail points of the AirPods Max.

      • I have the XM4s and while the sound quality is decent the constant Bluetooth issues between switching from Mac to iPhone drives me insane. I am considering the AP Max for this very reason, oh and the Sony’s annoying as shit voice that announces modes changes and you can’t even turn it off…

    • Also why would you buy this over Bose?

      • +2

        To impress people you don't like…

      • +1

        Got QC 25s and I recently bought airpods max when my 7 year old qc25s died i would say quality mostly and sound the sound quality blows away my qc25s

        • -3

          QC25s is how old ? AHHHH here " when my 7 year old qc25s died"
          And the comparison was with the QC25s just before it died or after ?

          • @cameldownunder: yeah the issue was a dodgy speaker that died I can only go by memory what the sound was previously.

      • Sounds better. Earpads also don't shred like the Bose. But that's about it.

  • +11

    was able to price match with officeworks 1 min ago.

    paid $579 for Green and Black

    • +1

      Nice one!
      I couldn’t find an OW with stock near me.

      Edit: That’s a $420 price match reduction, as OW still have it for full price!

    • +1

      does the item need to be in stock before Officeworks matches the price?

    • +1

      Can you share what store?

      Checked the Officeworks stock checker and hardly any stores have it and none in Tasmania.


      Plenty of stock according to another stock checker.


      Well other stock checker is broken… reporting the same number across stores in state.

    • You got the space grey for $579?

    • Is grey on sale?

  • +2

    Either demand is slow, or there's a new model coming

    • +1

      Demand definitely slow, I think these cost $900 AUD RRP which is absolutely absurd

  • -3

    For that price of the Apple headphones (and the weight/bulkiness) ,
    the Nuraphone is cheaper, more innovative and most probably better sounding.

    • I have the airpods max and bose qc25s so i know the weight of both. And the weight is not any issue unlesss u try the airpods max what u see on paper is irrelevant. I have use the airpods max for hours on end not any issue on weight.

    • I was looking at Nuraphone and inquired as to whether earpads were available for purchase but since they were not that is a hard no from me.

      • The Nuraphone does not have "earpads" because they have these little in-ear 'nipples' that you insert into your ears.
        Then, the outer headphone acts like a bone-conduction headphone, where you hear the bass through your skull.
        The air vibrates around your ear to give the feeling of being at the concert.

        The Nuraphone is a love/hate item.

        • +1

          I need the earpads on my bose replaced regularly. If I can’t do that with Nuruphone then they will have a very low life expectancy

          • @Icecold5000: That's a good reason.

            I sold my Nuraphone after 1-year because I was just NOT using it often,
            but it was the best headphones that I ever had, for sound quality.
            Soon after, I discovered the world of DACs,
            and listening through a wired DAC was much better than listening over Bluetooth.

  • 591 a month ago for silver so not that cheap

  • Pfft I'll just stick to my Lamborghini Master & Dynamic eh?

  • +2

    Oh man how I would LOVE to justify buying a set to myself, but good lord that's still a LOT of coin.

    • -3

      They’re still a consumer grade headphone albeit more expensive but with a premium build with better sound. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend more.

      • Your sentence makes no sense.

        • -1

          That’s a sad indictment on our education system

  • What a great deal!!

  • +1

    Silver bra
    Blue bra
    Pink bra
    Green bra


  • +1

    WH1000XM5’s coming soon…I’m holding out for them, as much of a Apple fanboy I am, can’t bring myself to fork out this much cash.

    • Is there anything concrete on the XM5s?

      • +1

        Here is a leak

        the verge did a translate and despite what it says, you canna argue with the laws of physics man and if a non fold up cup is what Sony decided to copy from Apple Airpods Max, that is a fail.

        “Pictures of the leaked models in their carrying case show a design that ditches the collapsible folding of the XM4 that tucked one cup inside the other. Still, in these pictures, it seems doubtful they’ll take up much more space on a desk, stand, or in your bag.

        According to TechnikNews retail source, the WH-1000XM5 will have an estimated battery life of up to 40 hours with active noise cancellation (ANC) on, 10 hours longer than the XM4, with a total charging time of 3.5 hours via USB-C, about 30 minutes longer than the XM4. They also report it will use two processors for ANC instead of one, and sound will be produced by a new driver, although there are no details on what has changed. They still sport three microphones to pick up your voice and detect noise to cancel it, but the positioning has changed.”

        • +2

          If that leak is accurate and it does replicate the Airpods Max that is a massive disappointment. Hopefully they don't follow suit and ditch the 3.5mm jack. That would be tragic.

        • Damn it. They’re like AirPods.

    • Totally agreed!

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