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40k Bonus Points, $300 Virgin Travel Credit or 6 Months Gold Status When Taking out a New Velocity Points Earning Card


Just got an email regarding this promotion. Pretty good deal, especially if you were planning on getting one of these cards anyway. Unsure if you have to specifically apply through this landing page:

To unlock this offer, choose your exclusive benefit by clicking through to our benefit selector below. Apply for a Velocity Points earning credit card with an annual card fee, be approved and meet the minimum spend criteria for the individual credit card offer.

That’s your choice of card and your choice of an exclusive benefit, on top of the bonus Points offer you’ll receive for the card you select if you meet the minimum spend criteria.

American Express

American Express Velocity Platinum Card : Spend $3500 in 3 months, $375 annual fee, 120k bonus points (+40k), free return domestic flight & 2 Virgin lounge passes

American Express Velocity Business Card : Spend $3000 in 2 months, $299 annual fee, 150k bonus points (+40k), 2 virgin lounge passes

Bank of Queensland VISA (Unsure if these will trigger the offer as they do not have a minimum spend requirement as stipulated in Virgin T&Cs)

BOQ Specialist Signature Card : 20,000 bonus points after making 10 transactions, $400 annual fee. Includes Priority Pass Standard Membership (4 lounge visits per year).

BOQ Specialist Platinum Card : $150 annual fee. 10,000 bonus points according to Virgin page, but no information on BOQ website.

Virgin Money VISA

Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card : Spend $3500 per month to receive 25000 points per month, for the first 4 months. $289 annual fee, includes $129 travel voucher and 2 virgin lounge passes

Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card: Spend $1500 per month to receive 25000 points per month, for the first 4 months. $129 annual fee (halved for the first year) and includes a $129 travel voucher

Westpac Mastercard

Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card with Velocity Points : 90k bonus points (+40k) in the first year and an extra 30k points if card is held for 12 months, $250 annual fee ($150 if you are an existing Westpac customer) + $50 Velocity program fee, includes Priority Pass membership (2 lounge visits per year), 2 Virgin lounge passes per year (after a direct spend at Virgin Australia) and 2x Economy X upgrades per year (after a direct spend with Virgin Australia)

Westpac Altitude Platinum Credit Card with Velocity Points : 75k bonus points (+40k), $150 annual fee ($49 for first year, waived entirely if you are an existing Westpac customer) + $50 Velocity program fee, 2x Economy X upgrades per year (after a direct spend with Virgin Australia)

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        • Still waiting for mine, it's been 3 days!

  • +1

    Approved within a day, good, clear comms via sms. I like this card already!

    • Jesus that's a rarity in this world. As someone who churns through a few cards a year, generally speaking it's a shitshow!

      • +1

        I’m the same and have a strong opinion on pretty much every bank in Australia now. For example, I love how with BankWest you can use your card already via Apple Pay before the plastic one arrives by setting yourself up via the app. Great for churners like us who want to spend asap to get the bonus points quickly and move on! Suncorp has been the worst one, from application down to having to chase for your bonus points.

        • Oh that's cool with bankwest. The worst for me is Virgin Money, which is sad because that's probably what I'll end up doing with this one (I noticed my recent Westpac was too recent to be eligible). The way they text you a code EVERY single time you navigate to a different page within your account is absolutely painful

          • @nickyd84: My above comment re smooth sign up process was in fact re Virgin Money but what you explained sounds indeed a bit painful.

          • @nickyd84: Yikes, that app is indeed pretty bad! Crashed on my a few times already and is asking for an access code but doesn’t take what I specified during sign up. Now access is blocked and I need to ring back tomorrow to speak to someone to get this resolved.

  • +1

    Anyone had experience closing then reapplying for the Velocity Flyer card? Do you need to give it some weeks? Or can you just close then reopen once you have confirmation?

    • Wanting to know this also as there's no exclusion period.

  • +1

    It says you need a confirmation email that you applied for the offer first before applying for a credit card. Have people been getting the confirmation email? I’m still waiting for mine, thanks.

    • No, but the Velocity offer page will tell you what you've selected, and invite you to apply. Don't worry about the email if you have that on the offer page.

    • If you click on the link again while your logged in, will show you the offer you selected. Screenshot and go for it I reckon,

    • Waited 2 days for a confirmation email, nothing so far. Think I'm just gonna go ahead and have my screenshots as proof

  • Just for info. Card cannot be added to Google Pay, but works on Samsung Pay.

    • Maybe specify which card you’re referring to?

      • Ah sorry, the Virgin Money card. I tended to dismiss the others based on points and fees.

        • Yes, I just called them and found this out after I didn't work for me either. So stupid, their website bangs on about "DESIGNED FOR MOBILE, MADE FOR YOU"

          If you were designed for mobile, your credit card with work with Google Pay, like your debit card and ALL MY OTHER CARDS.

  • Anyone else run into an error? Can't get past the employment info page of the application

    Edit: of the Virgin Money Velocity Flyer card

    • Having the same issue, looks like you managed to get through in the end?

      • yeah, no thanks to customer support lol

        I split my one word street name into two words and it let me through

        • thanks mate, got through it. for anyone else having issues, basically it will give you an error message rather than telling you that you've incorrectly entered a field box.

  • If you don't get to use the free return flight this year, does it roll over to the next?

    • You can usually just book the flight and then postpone it and get credit or rebook

      • Is it free cancellation though?
        And does this mean the credit expiry is extended a bit longer?

  • Sorry if I missed this in the T&C but do I have to apply and be approved for the credit card before may 31st or can I apply anytime after that date?

    • You have to choose the "exclusive benefit" before May 31 to be eligible for the 40k Bonus Points, $300 Virgin Travel Credit or 6 Months Gold Status. The cards themselves each then have their own cutoff dates for the separate offers they've got going on.

  • I signed up for the Westpac Altitude Black card about a week ago - easy application, online automated income verification. Hit the min spend threshold today, will keep track of how long it takes the points to materialise.

  • Applied for velocity flyer card, 6k limit. Application declined as soon as I pressed submit.
    Tried calling them to discuss, but as soon as I confirm application# and press speak to customer care, the line gets disconnected. wt's going on.

  • +1

    Does any1 know what the churn over time for Virgin cards are and is citibank credit cards included?

  • for the Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Cards, I doubt i'll hit 1500 spend each month but maybe for 2 out of the 4. Will it simply qualify you for those months that you hit it? e.g. they don't have to be consecutive (but only the first 4 months can qualify). never had this card before.

    • ah wait, I guess you need to hit all 4 months to get one of the 3 bonuses. but still wondering for the card if you could earn for some months and not others

  • So….do you just click which offer you wish to get (by May 31st) (ie. 40K Points), sign up for one of the credit cards, meet the minimum spend of that card, sit and wait?

    • Seemingly yes. I applied for Virgin Money Flyer and have been using it all week and got an email last night from VA confirming I had activated the offer, but it walks about meeting the criteria which on this card is $1500/month for 25k points so I wonder if I get the bonus points after the first month

  • I selected my offer on Sunday but haven’t got the email yet. Is it safe to go ahead and apply for the card?

    • Same here, still waiting…

  • Pft declined by Virgin - maybe I've been churning too much..

  • Has anyone managed to clarify whether you need to meet all 4 months of the Virgin Money card spend to be eligible for the Virgin bonus offer, or just the one? From reading the T&Cs it could go either way to "meet the minimum spend criteria".

    FWIW it was fairly painless to get approved for the Flyer card. I've not applied for it before but do have one other Citi card at the moment.

  • Back in January I applied for a Suncorp credit card but got rejected. What are my chances of being rejected again?

    • +1

      I think 6 months if you are going for the same lender. If different lender, could try right away.

  • just got approved for Virgin Flyer credit card ($6k credit limit), and a bit confused on whats the extra charges will be for the 1st month, do i get charged for $64 fees only or there are other charges that i should be aware of ?

    • Yes, just the $64 annual fee in the first statement.

      • thanks.. just want to know the fees that im going to pay.

        • Just be aware that the first statement might come in within the next couple of weeks. Best to enquire on the date so you can do your $1500 spend prior to the statement.

          • @Coops1: what do you mean by that ? yet to receive anything, so not sure how i can spend $1500 prior that..

            • -1

              @annielee: Once you get your card, the first statement isn’t usually exactly 31 days later, it can be just a week or 2 after you get the card. So the $1500 monthly spend needs to be reached to get the 25000 points.

              • @Coops1: oh… can we call them to change the statement date once receive the card ?

                • @annielee: No idea, you could try if it is a short period. Just be aware that it may impact your bonus points, so confirm the statement date and spend accordingly.

                  • @Coops1: thanks for that.. will keep that in mind.. pretty sure i can meet the $1500 once the card arrived.. as im holding some payments that will be due end of this month.

                    • +1

                      @annielee: hi annielee, your statement date is usually exactly one month after the "approval date" (the date you receive the "your card has been approved" Email). If this was 16th of may, your first statement will be on the 16th June. Also watch out for exclusions on where you can spend the $1500. Good luck

                      • @erd: oh.. exclusion thats not good.. hope my bills are not in the exclusion list..

                        • @annielee: A lot of bills are on the exclusion list, including anything paid via PayPal

                          • @endolphin: Is there any way to confirm that the 1.5k spend has been reached before the end of each month, just in case there have been any ineligible payments?

                            • @forrester: ya.. im curious too.. as ive received my card and just spend $1500 on bills.. but having difficulty finding the fine print..

  • Can anyone provide an idea on the time it takes for the application to be reviewed and approved/rejected please? Virgin Money card

    • Within 24 hours for me. Submitted all info and payslips during the application stage and was notified of approval via email and SMS within 24 hours.

      • Great thanks. I applied on Wednesday, was hoping to hear back before the weekend but looks unlikely now

  • +2

    Just a heads up that Beemit bill payments transactions are classified as "Transfers" with the Virgin Money Velocity Frequent Flyer credit card rather than a purchases, unlike most other credit cards which classify them as purchases. So these now won't count towards minimum spend.

    • How do I find this transaction category?

      Would this also apply to similar BPAY services such as Sniip?

    • Thanks for the info. I'll try Sniip on Tuesday and report back

      • Sniip is also classified as a 'Transfer'…

        • How do you identify that it is a Transfer?

          • @CaptainHoltisDad: in the app, under accounts each transaction will have the store name as a title then more info in the sub text

            My sniip transaction says 'Transfer' in the title

            • @caustic birch: That's unusual as Sniip is totally based on the idea that you get points for your transactions…

              • @Autonomic: Yeah, actually now looking at my statement it seems almost everything earned velocity points at the rate of 0.66/$ for the first $1500 and 0.5/$ after. I got my bonus points. Now I'm wondering if beemit works

                • @caustic birch: Were you able to confirm if Beem works?

                  • @76F: Won't be able to until my next statement

                    • +1

                      @caustic birch: Based on that earning rate, it does seem that Beem payments earned points on my latest statement, but not sure if it would count towards the minimum spend.

      • I did a council rate payment via paypal/auspost bill pay and category it is showing in app is shopping. Do you think it will be count towards minimum spend?

        • Unsure about eligibility for the minimum spend, but it definitely won't earn points.

          For the Qantas Money card, also run by citi, that's ok, because minimum spend eligibility was less strict than the points earning eligibility. But I'm not sure about Virgin.

          You'll know soon enough though, and you can work out exactly what earnt points. At least you only lose one month 25k points amount if it doesn't count.

          • @endolphin: Would mortgage payments count or is that also a transfer?

            • @yasminew9: Please share your ability to pay your mortgage off on your credit card!? I will LOL now, but happy to be educated.

              • @Coops1: It was a question - no need for the attitude thanks. If you can't say anything nice…

                • @yasminew9: It’s not being not nice, nobody can pay their mortgage on their credit card! As I said, happy to be educated if you can do that.

        • Not a chance that it meets spend or gets points. My council comes up as “Transpot”, definitely didn’t count. I spent 3k on first statement, only $1700 counted. Any government related bills or anything close will be excluded! If you want the points, make sure you do $1500 plus on “normal” things, eg prepay gas, power or health if you have to.

          • @Coops1: paid few bills (racv insurance and yvw) not sure how to check tis under bills or not as its still pending since last week..

            • @annielee: Insurance would be fine…. water most probably not, as it’s government owned. My water bill didn’t count, but allowed for that.

              • @Coops1: thanks for your prompt response.. how about uni tuition fees ? anyway for us to check on the exclusion? sorry if this been asked before..

                • @annielee: No experience with uni tuition fees. I would imagine, if it’s not government related, they would be ok. Power bills, gas bills, telco, health insurance are all ok and good for a prepay to get you over the line, if you can afford to prepay.

                  • @Coops1: thanks for that, will prepay another insurance then..

                    • @annielee: Be careful with insurance, as someone in PointHacks comments for this card said their health insurance payment did not count

                      • @erd: just got my statement, and ive over $3k spend but no rewards points ?

                        • @annielee: Your pdf statement should have a section called "YOUR VELOCITY POINTS SUMMARY" and they should show there. They won't arrive at your velocity account for another day or two.

                          • @erd: thanks for that, i just check the online statement and not the attachment with it, and yes got the 25k point.. ;-)

  • any idea when the gold status comes through?

  • The Virgin Money cards no longer (?) have an 'Apply Now' button. Anyone know if that was there and now removed, or am I missing the process for those?

    • +2

      It's your ad blocker.

  • did anyone actually receive an email as per part c? if so who was the email from/subject header?

    I didn't get an email..i wonder if i need to not accept the card. I basically started an application, then realised i needed to choose first, so went to choose then started a new application, but i didn't use the link from the email as i didn't receive an email..

    To be eligible to receive the choice of 40,000 Bonus Velocity Points, Trial Gold Status or $300 Virgin Australia Travel Bank Credit (each an ‘Exclusive Benefit’), you must (a) be a Velocity Frequent Flyer member, (b) make your selection of the Exclusive Benefit by visiting between 12:01am (AEST) 26 April 2022 and 11:59pm (AEST) 31 May 2022 (prior to the card application) and receive a confirmation email to the nominated email address in your Velocity Frequent Flyer account

    • Subject: Thanks for selecting 40,000 bonus Velocity Points.

      Body: Thanks for selecting 40,000 bonus Velocity Points* as your exclusive benefit. Once you're approved and meet the minimum spend criteria for the individual credit card offer you've applied for, your benefit will be applied. …

      The email was quite delayed. Going back to the offer selection screen, it will confirm the date you made the original selection so it's all good.

      • +1

        I didn't get an email confirming my bonus offer. What do you mean with 'Going back to the offer selection screen, it will confirm the date you made the original selection so it's all good.'? When I logged into my Velocity account, I noticed that I still had the option to choose between points or status - I already have my card and didn't think I had to make the selection outside of the card application process, should I have done this (in my Velocity account) before applying for the card (I don't think the card application process mentioned anything around having to select the bonus offer in your Velocity account as well)?

        • You had to make the selection outside the process, before you applied thru the credit card link!
          (wasn’t obvious there was a different link amongst the credit card links!) ,
          And I must say the Original post wasn’t very specific, but it was mentioned in a few later posts.

          • @Coops1: I see that now, reading through some of the posts on p1. I pretty much immediately applied when the deal was posted and didn’t notice the requirement to do anything in my Velocity account. It’s a bit odd, to advertise something this way on one page (credit card offers) and then expect customers to go somewhere else first (their Velocity account) to select their bonus option? I’ll have to contact Virgin and see if anything can be done still.

            • @bozbargain: There was a separate link on that main page that took you to velocity to choose, but it wasn't transparent at all. I think you have a good case, they should be accommodating if you explain. Let us know.

    • I didn't get the email and I waited nearly 2 weeks! So instead I did a screen recording starting with the page showing I selected the 40k, and then I recorded my whole application process.

  • Just to clarify, is the virgin velocity flyer card 100k bonus pts (+40k) when you hit 4 months of consecutive spending of $1500/month?

    • You get 25k with every statement cycle (if >$1500), for a max of 4 months. Not sure when the additional bonus points are credited though.

  • For the VM card where you spend $1500 for 4 months, does anyone know whether this is a calendar month or per 30 day period?

    • I would assume it's per statement cycle but also not 100% sure. Can't find any clarity on this in the terms either.

      • +1

        Yeah it's very annoying that it doesn't clarify. Do I spend 1500 from tomorrow onwards or do I wait another few weeks before second statement cycle kicks in?

        Makes sense to be statement cycle since if you get approved on 30 May, you'd only have one day to spend $1500 and get it cleared as well

    • +2

      Per statement period. Confirmed with Virgin CC call centre.

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