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$140 (Save $10) 365-Day Prepaid Mobile Plan (Unlimited Calls & Texts, 100GB Data) @ Woolworths Mobile (Online Only)


Equates to $11.67 for 8.3GB per month. $10 off shows up in the cart and is mentioned in the fine print. This discount ends 10 May. Online only, not in stores.

Been looking for cheapest phone plan and noticed this is currently discounted from today.
Seems okay considering you can get 10% off groceries each month to offset the cost.

Can also get a $10 WISH gift card with a referral from an existing customer. See grey box below for details and a random referral link.

Plan lasts for 365 days and includes:

On the Telstra Wholesale network - coverage: https://mobile.woolworths.com.au/coverage

From T&Cs:

$10 discount will apply to the $150 Woolworths Mobile Long Expiry Starter Pack between 00:01am AEST 27 April 2022 to 11:59pm 10 May 2022 AEST. New Starter Pack purchases only, excludes recharges. Available online only on mobile.woolworths.com.au. While stocks last. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (339)

The referrer and referee will both receive a $10 WISH eGift Card. Referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 10 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • +13

    Boost is another 40Gb for an extra $12 - with VoLTE/VoWiFi too — the Woolies offer is only really worth it if you're getting good grocery discounts

    • +5

      also Woolies can do an esim

      • +1

        yep, i do wonder why boost still doesn't support esim

    • +6

      Also Boost is full Telstra unlike Woolies

      • +1

        Woolies is Telstra Wholesale, so yes reduced coverage map compared to Telstra Retail (which Boost uses)

      • Yeah it might not seem like much difference but wait until you go out to rural / bush areas. Woolies is awful coverage and where you were getting maybe 1-2 bars of reception on Boost (and Telstra full price) you get nothing on Woolworths. I guess if you stick around the city you won't see much difference in 90% of cases.

        • +1

          Even the newly developed parts of Sydney I've found trouble with Telstra wholesale vs Telstra retail (full Telstra network). Going up the coast it feels like a completely different network.

      • -1

        Woolies 4G LTE

    • Boost has no data rollover on 365 recharges or Sim pack recharges.

      • You only receive that if you make another transaction so it should be ignored.

        • With Woolies you don't lose unused GBs when you recharge for the next year, right? I just did that with boost and lost unused 100GBs.

    • +1

      Also, Boost has some free overseas calls included.

    • +1

      With Groceries on the rise on prices I say this is a better deal than Boost. WFH don't need that much data. You easily save $12 on the course on 12 months on groceries. Enough said

      You can no longer get free sms on roaming on Boost.

      The only advantage is access to 4GX network Telstra has.

  • Kogan mobile gives you 100GB and costs only $99. I don't see the value in this.

    • +14

      It is basically free if you spend ~$140 a month on groceries at Woolies.

      • +3

        Yes, but you have to purchase $140 in one transaction because the discount can only be used once per month.

        • Yep correct.

          • +1

            @djkelly69: Wrong, you get 10% online and 10% instore every month.

            • +1

              @pao2x: I am not sure about the online one as I don't buy groceries online, but assuming that is correct then yes it could be over two shops.

              • @djkelly69: You're missing out on another 10% ಠ‿↼

                • @pao2x: How do you get 10% online and in store? Do you need to sign up to an everyday rewards card?

                  • @lolwut: Have a qualifying woolworths mobile, cc or insurance and everyday rewards card

        • -5

          No, you only need to spend $140 / 12 per month as it is 12 months sim, but probably only the discount in the 2nd month?

        • +2

          My biggest monthly grocery amount at the checkout is usually around $100 and I use the discount to offset it. I'm a small family with one dependent. Trust me, even at $140, you'll get most of your money back, especially with the rising groceries price.

          For me, this plan is far superior in terms of value compare to Kogan the Bogan or Boost prepaid plan.

          • @Gorodemon: Plus 3% fuel saving giftcards. So 3% + 4c/L total discount when fueling at WW Caltex, plus earn reward points.

        • +1

          Wrong, you get 10% in store and 10% online

      • -4

        I have point offers worth more much more than 10% spammed like a bad smell to me . The 10% is virtually worthless.

        • +3

          You can combine points plus 10%, they are not mutually exclusive. Spend $100 in one shop once per month and it pretty much covers the year.

          • @bg: Nice to know that . So when it goes on a decent TA special I can load another sim with it .

        • +1

          People post something like this (about not being able to combine points offers and the 10% off discount) in just about every Woolies mobile thread, but in my experience of just under 2 years with Woolies mobile this has not been the case at all.

          For example, we did a ~$230 shop in early April, used the 10% off, and got about 1300 ER points including whatever bonuses were on.

          • @djkelly69: Ditto. Been a long time user of 10% off the monthly shop, and have always been able to also get the various points promos at the time, so long as the final spend didn't drop under the bonus points criteria after the discount.

            We also have the WooliesCC, and two different everyday rewards cards, so can use the 10% multiple times a month.

            • +1

              @Jiffy: I do
              4% off WOW gift card
              + 10% off monthly shop
              + Bonus points

              Apparently the 10% off is capped at $50 discount. But haven't yet spend $500 in one transaction at wow ^^

    • +8

      Kogan uses the Vodafone network, Woolworths uses Telstra. Each to their own.

      • +3

        Don't forget it's the telstra wholesale network, not their full retail…

        • +1

          I got that 365 Telstra deal on here for $240 or something. I’m at 4051. It’s like 7kms to the city and I only have 2 bars

    • Kogan / Voda is all good if you are around major cities. Ive been with Telstra for years due to work phone but recently switched to Voda and its f terrible when we went away.
      Def wont be renewing it. Friends who were on optus and telstra were fine using their mobile

      • Vodaphone is one of the worst - try amaysim next time - optus network

    • Kogan not Telstra network

  • Any tips for recharging? Jumped onto Woolies for the past 12 months after Sim swapping for years and have been very impressed with the 10% off. Hoping to save a few dollars once again for a recharge

    • +2

      I don't think there is any.
      I've been topping up a spare service every 7 months (1 month recharge+ 6months grace period before they disconnect the service) to get the 10% off. Roughly $20 for $70+ ROI.
      But would be keen to convert to long life plan.

  • +5

    Does anyone else get the discount twice? I can get the 10% discount in store as well as the 10% discount on line once every month. Woolworths are paying me to use their service.

    • -4

      Pretty sure they are recovering the costs in the overpriced groceries you are buying from them.
      If you want to save more money you could sim slut and shop at Aldi.

      • +7

        How is ALDI cheaper?
        Only if you are comparing the house brands to name brands, or ignoring specials.
        In reality, if you stock up when items are discounted, and compare home-brand to home-brand, I see no saving.

        The real difference is that ALDI can be quicker due to being smaller and less duplication of lines over multiple brands.
        OTOH, my woolworths has far more choice of fresh food - meat, deli, fruit & veg, bakery.
        And is cheaper when you fill the freezer with half-price "best before tomorrow" meat & seafood. But maybe that's just my local.

        • my woolworths has far more choice

          12mths ago I would agree. But even yesterday our local Also had more stock then Woolies. About 1/3 of the shelves are still empty. Dairy, frozen cans are about 3/4 empty.

        • +1

          ….dont forget Woolies (and Coles) don't charge you for using a credit card.

          • +1

            @COVID-19: Or Tap and Go

            • -1

              @Carmen Sandiego: You just insert the your debt card and use savings if I can recall to avail the fee

              • +2

                @zemphism: And come home with free Covid by using POS pin pad.

              • @zemphism: Yes, you can.

                I still have PTSD from the people at old work screaming "bUt ThIS iS A deBIt CaRd!"

                Fellow human, tap and go is a credit transaction. Not my fault you refuse to read.

                • +1

                  @Carmen Sandiego: Insert the card, not tap and go.
                  Tap and go you get charged.
                  Insert and choose debt = no fee

    • I am a new Woolies phone customer, when you say 10% discount in store? Do you mean when you checkout it gives you an option on the till just like when you have $10 from rewards points? And then you get the same discount in the app again?

      • +1

        Correct. For in store, When you scan your everyday rewards card (linked to the mobile account) it will give you the option of applying the discount.

        For online, you have to enter a (generic) promo code (emailed to you).

        • Wonder if you can sell the code for other people then

          • +1

            @mokr: Nope, that won't work.

            I have 5 Woolies online accounts. One of them has a Woolies mobile and the other a Woolies insurance product. The other 3 have nothing.

            I have tried to use the code on the other 3 and it doesn't work.

            They link it to your account.

      • The 10% off takes a while to kick in for new members. 45 days rings a bell.

        • I think it kicks off following month you subscribe. Partner ported service in march and could get 10% off in April.

    • Sometimes I can double up but other times I can't. How are you finding it works? Using the instore one FIRST then online or is it the other way around?
      Have this months one untouched and needing to do a big shop but if I go instore at least I won't get the out of stock with click and collect. (But do love click and collect as much quicker less hassle etc)

      • +1

        Haven’t really noticed but this month it was in store first then online. It has been working for me for a couple years now.

      • I have tried both order and most of the time it works. Probably the safest is using it online first bc it doesn’t track it on the app, and if you go shopping in store you can just show them that you haven’t redeemed it and they’ll probably do it for you

    • Yes. My home contents insurance is free because of this

    • Yes, this double discount situation is grouse. One via online order and the other in store. Hope they never plug this double up!

  • Are you considered a new customer via phone number only not name? Meaning I currently have one of my kids on this plan (under my name) I want to switch another child over to this which would all technically be under my name but their ph numbers are different?

    • Think you can only get one discount per month per Everyday rewards card, so might need to be under someone else's name?

    • +1

      In what context? Here it just means a new SIM, not recharging an existing one.

      For the discount, you should have 2 accounts with different email addresses (used to log in) and Rewards Card numbers, but the name and address can be the same.

  • +1

    Does anyone know how long you have to activate these SIMs? Can't see it on Woolworths Mobile website but I am sure someone can point it out to me.

  • +1

    No volte no vowifi

  • What is the quality of the Woolworths mobile service in terms of the carrier and support should it be required?

    • In my opinion, Telstra has the best 3G coverage so when making a call, you should have better coverage than Optus & Vodafone MVNOs.

      Only once I had to call customer service and they were fine.

    • Woolworths uses Telstra Wholesale which is reduced coverage compared to Telstra Retail

  • Lol this is not a bargain.

    • To be fair, as someone suggested in a previous wow post, they do discount all the time, hence $10 off is probably not great if you can wait.
      For example, I currently have a 4000 points for the $40 Woolworths Mobile Starter Pack which I believe can be used to activate a long life plan.
      That's $20 off equivalent.

  • I notice if you choose eSIM the price is still $150. Does anyone knows a trick how to get eSIM with 10% off? Cheers.

    • +5

      I'm going to flag this to the relevant team so it is fixed :)

      • @danm02 Thank you for being awesome! :-)

        • +4

          No problem, FYI it is fixed, you may need to remove from your cart and put it back in :)

      • Can't you activate as esim in the app subsequently?

  • If you have 10% grocery shop, can you 10% off this as well?

    • Don't think so, it will only take one code online from what I remember, and if you have 2 10% discount products (insurance and mobile) they need to be on separate rewards cards or you can only redeem it once per month according to their online support.

    • just request new reward card# before purchase sim (different name or email), and link this purchase to new reward card, use you can get 2x 10% each month, 2 different purchase

  • Is this only for new users to Woolies? My wife is on the post-paid plans but want to move her over since this is a much better deal.

  • This is probably simple but somehow it's breaking my brain.

    What I want to do is churn my wife's number (on amaysim in her name) to woolworths mobile but have it linked to my rewards account.

    Can it be done?

    Am I risking a stuff up and my wife losing her number?


    • You should be able to. Once you’ve ported your wife to Woolies and she’s set up. Link it to your Rewards account. The mobile service and the rewards account don’t have to be in the same name. (At least that was the case a couple of years ago, I’m still getting 10% off my grocery shop as I gave my EDR number to my sister when she signed up to Woolies)

      • Thanks.

  • Anyone know if cashback is eligible with referral code?

  • I'm hanging out for number sharing with Apple Watch

  • +2

    Thanks, just in time for migrating 2 Belong numbers to Woolworths mobile, 4 out of 5 numbers in the family are no with Woolies, happy with the service and bang for the buck.

    • +2

      Belong are so dumb getting rid of their $10 plan. I will be leaving as well once my referral credit runs out.

      • +2

        Same here. Referral credit will run out faster now…

  • This has no international calls included right?

  • Does the Woolies connection to with Telstra use enhanced 4G+ or only 4G on Telstra?

    • 4G+. Only showing 1 bar where I am currently, but still downloads at near 100Mbps.

      • Thanks Frank! :)
        Can you advise can it at times say at night download at 180Mbps or 220Mbps etc as well?

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