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Boost $200 365 Days Pre-Paid SIM $152, Boost $300 SIM $228, Lebara 13 Months 150GB $150, Free Post @ Lucky Mobile & eBay


boost $300 sim 365days plan 260GB $228 free shipping by regular letter with tracking or free local pick up in Adelaide.(luckymobile.com.au)

boost $200 SIM 365days plan 140 GB $152 free shipping by regular letter with tracking or free local pick up in Adelaide.(luckymobile.com.au)

lebara 13 month plan $150 total 150GB

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  • Lucky Goldstar did become a major success story known today as LG. Will Lucky Mobile follow?

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    When do these need to be activated by to use?

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      Also like to know. The website is pure garbage.

    • Yes I would like to know that too.

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      "Things you need to know
      All data offers are valid for new customers only who activate or first recharge by 4 Jul 2022.

      $30-$70 Offers: First recharge by 4 July 2022 and remaining two recharges by 31 August 2022."

  • Anyone know if Pricematchworks will beat this? (Boost $300 sim for $228)

    • yes officework will price beat this.

    • how did you go with price match?

      • i got mine price matched

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    Not too much drama to port number from Telstra to Boost?

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      I did it once and it was a pain in the proverbial. They had to first convert the number to Telstra prepaid then port it to Boost if I recall.

      It worked, just meant a few calls back and forth from a second service which may be a pain for some I guess. Not sure if it is still like this.

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      It was a lot easier for me to port to Boost from Voda than from Telstra. Porting from Telstra involved a dew live chat sessions.

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    Not sure it happen to anyone else but I found that mobile and data dropout randomly.

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      Doesn't happen to me. Very very happy with the service. What phone are you using?

      • Samsung S20 and P30 Pro. I also find it strange as I have no issues when I was with Belong mobile.

        • You’re talking about your experience with lebara?

  • I'm done with boost they stopped unlimited calls to the Philippines so 1 less customer. And they don't have international roaming.

    • I'm done with boost they stopped unlimited calls to the Philippines

      Everyone I know there uses Viber or Whatsapp with a few on Kako, and calls using those.

    • Thanks for letting us know

  • If you are an existing Boost user can you still use this deal if you DGAF about the number/sim and just want to use it for data? I have a boost prepaid about to run out

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    Tried to price beat from OW, they refused. Saying they couldn't find the product number on the website.

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      They have been a pain the last few times I have tried to price beat at OW. Last time they wanted to speak on the phone to the store who's price they were beating, and as they were a corporate supplier they were closed on Saturday afternoon.

      I usually now just buy at the competitor or Amazon which is usually OK.

    • Similar experience today in the Brisbane City Officeworks. They said, unless they can find the item code or SKU then they're more than happy to price match.

      Oh well.

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    got officeworks to pricebeat the $300 sim - $216.60. thanks OP

    • Where did you find the product code to ask for pricebeat?

  • OW price beat $200 -> $144.40

    thanks OP

    • Where did you find the product code to ask for pricebeat?

      • I'm curious about this too and it's kinda funny (or suspicious lol) that the posters you've asked haven't replied.

      • My local didn't need the product code. What tight arse store. Price beat the 300 dollar pack.

  • So what if I use this and I’m an existing boostie?

    • get a kogan cheap prepaid start pack to port to, took no more than 5 minutes for me. Then port again to Boost which took around 5 minutes as well.

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        Do you have to wait 28 days?

        • i too like to know this

        • no, I was on Kogan for just 3 days before I ported back to Boost.
          Kogan download speed at where I live is pathetically slow, not even 3 Mbps. Hence I could not be bothered to stay any longer with them.

      • Did have to be away for number of days to port back to boost from Kogan. Care to share your story.

        • sorry for the late reply.
          I only stayed with Kogan for 3 days.
          tbh I had the same doubts at the time regarding how long I should wait.
          anyway, I would suggest at least wait for a day or two to be safe?

  • can port from belong to boost without issues?

    • I too like to know, and do you need to be away from boost for certain number of days before you can port-in. Any guidelines appreciated.

  • I switch from boost to Woolworths, you get 10% off your shop once a month. My partner did as well so twice a month we get our discount which is $50 a month saving. So across the year will be $600, minus the $300 for the sim cards we get our phone calls and txt paid for the year plus save $300 and still on telstra network. Apart from loosing overseas calls which I don't use I don't know why you would stay with boost.

    • +1

      Boost uses the full Telstra network as opposed to the other MVNOs like Woolworths, ALDI etc.

      A very important factor for those who are located in more remote areas. The 2% difference in coverage is a lot when you are talking about 25 million people.

  • $5 shipping?

    Edit: If you choose before continuing to Checkout "Domestic Letter" it's free.

  • Porting out from Aldi to Boost can be done with this pack?

  • It seems that the only payment option at luckymobile is Paypal?

  • my boost plan expired today. Can i order this and continue to use for another 365 days without porting to another provider. Or do i have to port out and come back again to boost.

  • hi there, yes you need to port out and come back again to boost if you want to use this SIM.

  • I'm not confident in making a purchase through this website, I done an ABN & D&B credit report which ABN is legit but named Company Description: AUSTSUN SOLAR EQUIPMENT PTY LTD is located in FERRYDEN PARK, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Australia and is part of the Building Equipment Contractors Industry. AUSTSUN SOLAR EQUIPMENT PTY LTD has 3 employees at this location and generates $549,101 in sales (USD). (Employees and Sales figures are modelled).

    When you click contact us https://bestdealplaza.com/contact/ the webpage doesn't work and doesn't fill me with any confidence, I'll be waiting until a more know reputable seller has an offer on.

    There are many offers on Ebay which shows, good reviews from buyers who've recently purchased and given 5* reviews, this gives me personally a more confident purchase.

    • Received mine fine

  • Hi, we have a variety of businesses. Solar equipment is one part of our business and if you use ABN look up you can see we also have a business 'JACKEY PHONECARDS '. We also have a mobile phone shop which is located in Adelaide CBD (Shop 3, 85 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000). We offer both local pick-up and postage (buyers' payment is protected by PayPal). It's an offense that you put our sales figure here.

    • It's not an offence (maybe you mean offensive) but it's publically posted by Dun & Bradstreet, who you can ask to remove the information.

      I did for my business as it was wildly inaccurate.

  • Just now price beat the $300 Boost at OW for $216.60 (Yarraville store)

  • Just ordered the $200. Thanks OP.

  • Was able to price beat as well at OW, My final price was $221.35

  • Their website is down right now.

  • hi we just fixed the website issue ,all good now ! thanks for remainder

  • Hi just making sure this $200 sim has 140gb as the link says 365 days 85gb.


    • Officeworks price matched, then there was an error as EVERY boost sim they had expired in March

  • Hey OP. I finally received my Sim. However I can't find out by when I have to activate.

  • Who is considered as New customer. If I port out from Boost and port back in , will i be considered as New customer?.

  • Price matched at Office works $216.60.


  • OW price beat $200 -> $144.40

    thanks OP

  • I do not see the same price in their ebay: https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_dmd=2&_dkr=1&iconV2Reque...
    It says that "Extra $10 off with coupon", but I dont have any coupon:)

  • Looking to order this as a Telstra Postpaid customer but the website says this for the $200 SIM,

    "This is physical sim card only ,not recharge pin code! only for new customer ,not for exist telstra or boost prepaid or postpaid customer !if you are exist telstra or boost prepaid or postpaid customer ,you have to port your phonenumber from telstra or boost company to other nontelstra /nonboost carrier such as optus or vodafone carrier like lebara and amaysim ,then after 28 days ,you port back to boost sim !"

    But it doesn't say the above for the $300 SIM, does that mean that the $300 doesn't have the above disclaimer? Also, why is it only the $200 one that has the above disclaimer?

  • Boost mobile $200 pack Office works price match at Kotara, Newcastle, Newsouthwales for $149.15
    Tax invoice follow link


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