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Yonex VOLTRIC 60 Made in Japan Badminton Racquets $139.00 Free Pick up or + Shipping


Yonex VOLTRIC 60 Racquet (Frame Only)

Now Only:$139.00

LIGHT fell CARBON generates a light feel and flexibility at impact

Item Code: VT60
Flex: Flexiblef
Frame: Ultra H.M.GraphiteLIGHT fell Carbon Tungsten
Shaft: H.M.Graphite Ultra PEF
Weight: 80-84.9g
Colour: Aqua
Made in Japan
Racquet does not come with string

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  • Awesome. Always wanted one of these…


  • +1

    You can ignore the $229 RRP b.s, real world saving is around $10-15.

    • +4

      According to the good people at Google Cache, their price was previously $165. So yes, the quoted RRP is bogus.

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    "Racquet does not come with string", how much does it cost to get stringed…?

  • Around $20-30 depending on the string.

    • Including labour cost?

  • Topserve have some specials on badminton too.


    • I couldn't find the VT60 to compare on that site?

  • Calibre Australia has it for $154 - http://www.calibreaustralia.com/badminton/catalog/
    You might be able to get James to price match.

    • shipping is less with this mob too so brings the cost a lot closer if inc shipping

  • No Shuttles?

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