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Lenovo IdeaPad S540, Intel Core i7 2.8GHz Quad Core, 16GB 512GB SSD 13.3" QHD $939 + Shipping / CC @ Bing Lee via eBay


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  • +1

    Price and store in the title

  • -1

    Also it says the item cannot be shipped to Australia??

    • I already got this from from Rhodes NSW today

    • “Delivery is available in most areas within the Sydney and Melbourne Metropolitan areas and limited areas within close proximity to Regional Stores (both within NSW and Interstate).”

  • +1

    Nice laptop for the price - I have 2 for student use in my house.

  • Nice specs, but QHD on a 13.3" scared me off as a desktop replacement. Would have jumped in for a 14" or 15.6" screen.

    Regardless, thanks OP!

    • +2

      No worries. My plan is to pair with the Dell S2722QC and this one ticks all my box

      • Sounds like a plan.

        Have you confirmed you that the integrated graphics can handle one 3840 x 2160 and one 2560 x 1440 display? I could yet be tempted if I thought it could. Main usage will be AutoCAD via a secondary display.

        I know it's got a decent processor, but I don't know enough to be confident whether the new Integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics will be handle dual displays of that resolution…

        • Let me try tomorrow since my S2722QC still on the way LoL

          • @yeketianwei: Be sure to report back. If there's any still available tomorrow, I'll jump on board once someone confirms it can handle all those pixels.

            Good luck!

        • https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-5-serie...

          According to the 2nd pdf (13ITL), it seems it can.

        • I am running my old Lenovo Yoga 720 with 13" 4k screen (3840 x 2160, 175% scaling) and Dell S2721Q 4k screen with no issues, it is a great combo. Whenever I look at the other Yoga 720 13" with Full HD screen I have at home, I really notice how each pixel is visible and it is just not as crisp. The 4k screen with scaling is the way to go.

  • Does this do Windows Hello? Thinking of either this or the Acer Swift 3 which has a fingerprint reader.

  • +2

    i7 1165G7 (I think) for those that are wondering

  • For anyone else like me, contemplating whether or not to buy this tomorrow, use the 24 hours to order yourself some 5% off gift cards from https://shop.redeemyourgiftcard.com.au/ using the login shoppers.

    Note that the wiki at https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/discounted_egift_cards lists the Redeem Celebration card as having a 3.5% discount for eBay/Amazon when it is currently a full 5% at eBay and 4% at Amazon, which brings this laptop down to $892.

    Cards aren't issued instantly and can take up to a day, so I'm now in the lap of the gods to see whether or not the $47 saving to buy this laptops results in it still being available or not…

    • I'm predicting these will get snapped up quick unless they have a tonne of stock. Impressive specs for under 1k

      • +1

        Every chance. It's a crying shame that Bing, Yenda and Lionel don't have the common decency to list how many items they have for sale.

        As Doris Day always says, Que Sara Sara…

    • +1

      Oops. Login for the redeem your giftcard shop is "shopper" not "shoppers".

  • Any suggestion if this is a good deal? 2k 300nit 16g i7 11th 1. 28kg 16hrs battery. All seems tick my box. The only extra I want might be a touch screen then I will pull the trigger straight away

    • +1

      But touch screen is much heavier, and how often do you use it?

    • +1

      I have the AMD version of this and it's the best laptop I've ever owned. Not sure you can get much better for the price (if you're happy with the screen size and ratio)

  • good price for these specs, purchased one thank you

  • Thanks op, was contemplating on waiting for EOFY but this seems like a pretty decent deal.

  • Anyone with experience with the battery duration? How does it compare to XPS 13 and HP envy?

  • It seems an Ryzen 5 5500 system has similar speed?????? (well at least multicore apps, Intel does much better on single core).
    This Lenovo Yoga 6 13ALC6 (82ND001FTA) AMD RYZEN 5 5500U is like $150 more but also seems to be 2:1

    what am I missing here?
    is the lightness?
    is the much better performance on single core apps (like adobe)?

    • +1

      If multicore performance is similar and single core performance is better on the intel, the intel will be faster in real world use.

      Unlike a benchmark, most software relies heavily on single core performance. Even if the software can support multiple cores, often an instruction cannot begin until the previous one completes.

      Adding more cores only does so much.

    • +5

      I think for a lot of people the UHD (2560x1600) screen on the S540 vs the FHD (1920x1080) screen on the Yoga 6 would be the main point. Both screens are 300 Nits…

      Sure it isn't a 2in1, and sure it doesn't have a touch screen… But a lot of people have used machines with those features and decided they don't actually improve the user experience!

      So the Yoga 6 is more expensive, with an inferior screen (is how some people will see it!) - just my take!

    • Personally I picked up an AMD s540 a while back and it is really nice. But one important consideration is that Intel offers thunderbolt, AMD doesn't. If that affects you, it's important. Otherwise either will honestly be fine, maybe pick the one with longer battery life

  • Is this model Windows 11 ready?

  • +1

    Any good for school kids ?

    • +1

      Good fast laptop, but not sure if it's durable enough for younger school kids. That'll be up to you. I'd personally probably prioritise something with good battery life and durability for a school kid. They don't really need this good a CPU for their work

  • Order from this morning has already shipped.

  • Mine just shipped earlier, ordered last night, that was fast.

  • I got the AMD version of this a few months ago for $1275, so this seems like a great deal.

    The screen is very sharp but also small, so it's more suitable for close viewing (eg, lying on a couch with the laptop on your chest). Not so great for desk use.

    The power button is on the side and you WILL keep accidentally bumping it and sending your laptop to sleep until you disable that from windows power settings.

    I somehow managed to break the keyboard a month ago. It got sent in for repair and returned to me within 2 weeks, no dramas.

  • Specs look good for price. Bought one, thanks OP!

  • For those who have this, how's the fan noise/temperature?

  • Just saw the S540 in store and it feels really well built and the screen looks good, better than I expected, assumed it was some cheapo build.

  • Thanks OP picked mine up yesterday.

    Now in the market for a dock. Anyone have recommendations?

  • Got mine today. Screen and build quality is so much better than I expected.

  • thankyou, using to type this.

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