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Sapphire Radeon RX 6900XT TOXIC Limited Edition Graphics Card $1449 Delivered @ PCByte


This is a pretty amazing graphics card, but not really for everyone as it requires room for a 360mm radiator - yes that means it has All-In-One cooling! As far as I'm aware the previous best price was around $2199. Not sure how much is in stock, it seems to only be available online (so no store pick up).

According to Steve from Hardware Unboxed: "It's pretty amazing, in fact it's very amazing" and "it's one cool customer." Take from that what you will.

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  • +7

    Insane card for a great price!

    Curious to see how much prices will drop over the coming weeks

  • +8

    Pretty sure this is mainly targeted for aesthetics considering how easy it is cool a 6900 XT.

  • +4

    If the next gen wasn't right around the corner I'd be jumping on this.

    • +21

      Good idea, I don't think it would support your weight.

    • I think you'll get this kind of performance for well under 1k within a year.

    • yeah, with rumours like "the 4070 will be 20% fast than a 3090", it's hard to jump on deals like this.

  • +7

    couldnt hold anymore!

    Thanks op

  • Is this ranked between a 3080ti and 3090?

      • +17

        It can equal and/or slightly beat the 3090 in some titles that better utilise it's features like faster clock speeds, more vram etc especially at 4k and above but mostly it does lose out to the 3090 and sometimes by quite a margin (more so than in titles that it beats the 3090 in).

        You were downvoted most likely because most people can google better than you based on your claim.

        With a watercooled 6900xt I would expect better fps numbers but I would still select a 3090 above the 6900xt simply because of the software stability, shadowplay and of course it's across the board performance in all gaming titles rather than a select few. I should also mention that I do own a ryzen 5900 which when paired with an amd gpu can unlock some extra potential but even so I would at least for this generation still stick with NVIDIA.

        The price though is fantastic so if anyone wants a top tier gpu I'd say go for it.

        • +7

          I don't use DLSS, the visual impact is noticeable, not in every scene, but it's there.
          Ray Tracing on the other hand, I would like and waiting for a decent price on 3080 or 3080 12gig for that reason.

          • +3

            @beeze: I want to like DLSS but I'm finding the same thing.
            So much evidence of it in action that I wonder if it's even worth turning on.
            Don't know how to describe what i see, kind of like blurs and 'scuffs' that don't belong particularly in faster linear scenery.

            • @virtual81: Agreed. It CAN look amazing, but every game has an area where it just isn't working.
              I wanted to run Cyberpunk with RT and DLSS, but it looked better without either.

          • -1

            @beeze: I don't have access to DLSS capable GPU, but I hear good things about their latest versions, have you tried them?

        • With this much power, do you really need dlss? For 4k144hz maybe?

          I'd argue the main issue here is RT performance for AMD currently.

          • @incipient: Yes. It lets you turn literally everything up to the absolute max, prevent stutter/jitter during high action scenes/incidents, all that jazz.

            If it doesn't help you "increase" any of that, then it lets your card hit the same maximums with less effort, saving you power/heat.

            There really is no way for even the most rabid AMD fanboy to spin the fact that this current gen, is currently inferior, even if the "fps for fps" in non-dlss titles is exactly the same.

            I look forward to the day nvidia has some competition and prices are less insane, but the informed consumer has an easy choice at this point.

            • @[Deactivated]: I have a 4k monitor, and if I can hit 4k 60fps in a game without dlss, I'm not going to use it. Saving say 100w while I'm playing a game just isn't needed.

              • -5

                @incipient: 60fps is a 2010 benchmark mate. Good for you if you're happy using only part of a cards capability, meaning you should have bought a lower tier. OR a much lower tier with DLSS, lol.

                • @[Deactivated]: I'm not a competitive FPS gamer. I like pretty, that's why I went for 4k60 panels over QHD120. I'd expect a minority of people would be buying 4k120 panels.

                  • @incipient: There are many other options, 1440 @ 144hz is common, I'm on Ultrawide - 3440x1440 at 144hz. I like 80+ for some titles, 100+ for online.

            • +3

              @[Deactivated]: How do they have an easy choice? 3090 is double the price of this. So I guess yeah they have an easy choice, get great performance from a 6900XT or pay double or more for a slight improvement.

        • +3

          DLSS breaks the moment you have varying objects on screen moving at different speeds.

          In shooters or games with capped movement. its fairly easy and decent but in something like racing games artifacts balloon like crazy and even basic numbers on road sign becomes unreadable.

  • +9

    For people chasing even faster performance, the Radeon 6950XT is slated to release on May 10th with improved memory bandwidth and 350 watt TDP, and will compete with the 3090Ti. Probably very expensive though since it's the highest tier product from AMD.

    • +3

      Then you've got navi31 allegedly pushing 92TF fp32 for post September release.

      • +1

        That would probably be 2000 USD, but then the 7800XT should still be below this 1500 price hopefully.

    • -8

      It won't compete in any title with DLSS. Not even close.

      • +4

        FSR 2.0 is an upcoming thing.


        • -3

          "Upcoming". Been said for years, and yet to be proven. DLSS works, now, and is getting major adoption.

          • +2

            @[Deactivated]: FSR 2.0 upcoming hasn't been said for years, it was announced last month as an open standard to be released in the next couple of months. It is already has support in games and numerous publishers have announced they are supporting the tech in upcoming games.

            • -4

              @FabMan: How did FSR 1.0 go there sport.

              How do you expect it to compare against hardware with dedicated cores for upscaling.

              Come back and let us know when it exists. But for today, this isn't the smart buy.

              • +6

                @[Deactivated]: FSR 2.0 was just announced last month and it is currently working in one game, Deathloop, but it isn't released to the mass market yet, looking at next couple of months. FSR 1.0 isn't yet a year old, and we know that DLSS took a while to gain traction with 3 games in one year. In less than one year with FSR 1.0, we have these games supporting it:

                • 22 Racing Series
                • Anno 1800
                • Arcadeggedon
                • Assetto Corsa
                • Back 4 Blood
                • Baldur´s Gate III
                • Black desert online
                • Call of Duty: Vanguard
                • Chernobylite
                • Deathloop
                • Dota 2
                • Edge of Eternity
                • Elite Dangerous
                • Enlisted
                • Evil Gun 2: World Domination
                • F1 2021
                • Far cry 6
                • Forza Horizon 5
                • Gamedec
                • Godfall
                • GTA V
                • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
                • Kingshunt
                • Marvel's Avengers
                • The Medium
                • Myst
                • Necromunda: Hired Gun
                • Resident Evil Village
                • The Riftbreaker
                • Terminator: Resistance
                • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt
                • World of warships
                • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
                • World War Z: Aftermath
              • +3

                @[Deactivated]: If you want to talk about FSR 1.0 we could also talk about DLSS 1.0 and how bad that was? I dont see your argument about NOW when we're talking about GPU's that arent even out yet, your entire point is ???

              • @[Deactivated]: I came back as requested by you, less than 2 week later and FSR 2.0 has been launched, two months after its announcement.


          • +7

            @[Deactivated]: Tbh I have a 3080 and haven't been using DLSS at all. It's nothing like playing at native and anyone who says otherwise either isn't wearing their glasses or is having a laugh.
            Both DLSS and RT are still not really ready for market in my mind, they're basically being beta tested by everyone.
            Until RT doesn't gimp a AAA title at high settings I'll pass on it.

            • @DeToxin: DLSS got a giant upgrade from it's first version that was admittedly not quite there.

      • +2

        At this level of performance, dlss is less of an issue than RT. Amd needs to boost their RT performance from what I've seen.

        • -3

          Well that's a blunt lie.

          DLSS let's you super-sample even at 1080p, which has very proven benefits. To the point most FPS games offer it in their options now.

          • +5

            @[Deactivated]: A lie is knowingly spreading a fallacy. You mean I'm wrong.

            I'd be curious to see the benefit of using dlss when using a 6900XT at FHD. I could expect if you're a hyper-competitive FPS gamer with a 240hz monitor, then it may be relevant? I also said LESS of an issue. Not "not an issue".

          • +1

            @[Deactivated]: What benefits does a 3090 have using DLSS at 1080p without RT on? So you can get 400fps instead of 300fps?

            • -1

              @wozz: In that case the benefit for whatever low end game you're playing there is you can get 120+ fps with a 3070 and save your self a few thousand bucks.

    • The 6X50TX cards are meant to be direct replacements, not sure if that's going to be reflected with on shelf pricing right away.

    • Looks like the next gen end of high end Rdna3 cards will have 32gb of ram.

  • +1

    Is this xtxh? If so, good price for a watercolled 6900.

    • -2


      • Great. Grab one to replace my 1070

        • +3

          Yep and people would still rather buy a 3080 for 1300 lol

          • +1

            @abjsdhasehasee: DLSS will keep a 3080 going longer than this will and unless FSR 2.0 significantly changes things that will be the case for a while.

            Cooler on this is fantastic, but its a shame that the pump noise makes the noise levels higher

          • @abjsdhasehasee: Depends how much room you have. I'd get one personally, but my case can't fit a radiator that size.

          • +2

            @abjsdhasehasee: 3080 12GB are pretty tempting for RTX and DLSS.

    • +11

      NO this is not XTXH, the 'Extreme' edition of the Toxic card is XTXH while this Limited edition version is XTX. Always do your own research, it's quite easy to get the two versions confused

      • +1

        After some research I'll second this comment.

      • +1

        Well I'm braindead lol

      • Is the Extreme version better than this “Limited edition” version? What is the difference between the two?

        • +1

          Extreme edition is better than this limited edition. It uses higher binned XTXH 6900 XT die vs the regular XTX and has higher clock speeds as a result:

          XTXH Extreme edition: TOXIC Boost Up to 2730MHz
          GPU: Boost Clock: Up to 2525 MHz
          GPU: Game Clock: Up to 2375 MHz

          (This deal) XTX Limited edition: TOXIC Boost Up to 2660 MHz
          GPU: Boost Clock: Up to 2365 MHz
          GPU: Game Clock: Up to 2135 MHz

  • +3

    I have this card in my build and can't fault it. Radiator is great for cooling and the toxic software is built to OC the card in a click.

    • Is the voltage unlocked? I got one of the sapphire triple fan cards at launch. Overclocks well but doesn't go too far with the stock voltage locks.

      • The toxic software (called trixx) pushes it past stock voltage lock up to where they say is peak performance. All the toxic cards are built to be overclocked. There's a good Aussie YouTuber who reviewed it

  • +2

    Ordered. Thanks. After buying the gigabyte a few days ago. Will be hard to explain it to my wife why I have spent $3000 on gpu's in a week

    • +2

      Whatta u mean … Mother’s Day is next week and you got twin babies for her … how sweet :)

    • +3

      Why have you?

      • +2

        Because he's addicted to them, doesn't he know that they're toxic?

    • Why do you have to explain to your wife?

  • +1

    This whole GPU design is so amazing! Just like a piece of art!

  • Very good price compared to what it was selling for before, I'm holding off because the giant 360mm radiator will limit case compatibility, the AIO looks like a pain to replace if it develops a fault outside of warranty, and the 6950 XT is about to release in a few days which will be a bit faster and will likely place further price pressure on regular 6900 XTs (also RDNA3 will be revealing itself soon)

    • This is below MSRP no one else dropping below 1900 and 2000 for reputable retailers. I think PcByte ordered too many and they are getting squeezed.

  • +2

    I have 12 fans and a 360mm radiator already so I can't fit this in but I want it …

    • +3

      Ended up buying.

      • Right decision!

  • -1

    I didn't have good experience with Sapphire, which the only graphic card that burn with visible flame, without any overclock.

  • +1

    Hard to sell water cooled cards on the second hand market. You see them on Gumtree and Marketplace they just sit there.

    • Maybe on Gumtree or Facebook, but I have never had an issue selling water cooled cards on eBay. Have been doing it since 2013 with both custom waterblocks and AIO GPUs. Just utilised all the eBay seller promotions at the time to reduce the fees. Always found many tyre kickers on Gumtree.

  • +1

    Can anybody provide an fps/$ ratio for this card relative to others?

    • +23

      These numbers are from the latest Hardware Unboxed 12 game average benchmarks for 2022 (https://youtu.be/oBDFtJ4lR2c?t=463). It doesn't take into consideration Ray Tracing, DLSS, etc I am aware 3k res isn't a thing, but I averaged the 1440p and 4k resolution performance stats. I personally run a 1440p ultrawide, so 3k is about right for me.

      Avg FPS (1440p) % of 3090 Ti —— Avg FPS (4k) % of 3090 Ti —— Avg FPS (3k) —Recent Bargain— $ per frame (3k)
      Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti 171 100% 108 100% 139.5 LOL
      Nvidia RTX 3090 163 95% 98 91% 130.5 $2,700 $20.69
      Radeon RX 6900 XT 160 94% 90 83% 125 $1,449 $11.59
      Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti 158 92% 95 88% 126.5 $1,800 $14.23
      Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB 153 89% 91 84% 122 $1,250 $10.25
      Radeon RX 6800 XT 147 86% 83 77% 115 $1,317 $11.45
      Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB 146 85% 86 80% 116 $1,259 $10.85
      Radeon RX 6800 131 77% 74 69% 102.5 $1,299 $12.67
      Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti 124 73% 70 65% 97 $932 $9.61
      Nvidia RTX 3070 116 68% 64 59% 90 $857 $9.52
      Radeon RX 6700 XT 109 63% 57 53% 83 $769 $9.27
      Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti 104 61% 57 53% 80.5 $699 $8.68
      • +1

        Will say that the Sapphire Toxic RX 6900 XT is a little overclocked compared to the base version, so you might get a few higher average frames comparatively.

  • Now I regret buying a 3080 12g for just a $150 less…

    • +3

      I regret buying this for 2200ish for one of my kids pc's a few months ago lol

      • +6

        Never regret, always buy and enjoy.

    • +1

      May I ask why? they're extremely close in performance overall, and with the Nvidia card you get more features.

      • I think 6900xt is on par with 3090 with DLSS and raytracing off? Plus this is a flagship version and also looks better lol

  • +2

    360mm radiator, that must mean this is a good heater right

    • Certainly needed in Melbourne's winter nights lolz

  • +1

    Will this run leisure suit Larry 480x640?

    • Is that the VGA version? Might be touch and go.. ;)

  • I'm happy with my Asus 1650 Super I got from Facebook for $180 yesterday, invoice and still under warranty for 2.5 years. This after I sold my Dell OEM 1650 Super for $400 in December last year.

    • +5

      that is not really even remotely close to the same thing but glad you are happy

      • -6

        Was meant to be a joke mate (my username & this crazy market!).

        • Haha! It was so specific I missed it. Carry on!

  • I'm tempted but I'll wait still, this is an extremely good deal.

    Remember how the smart money was (only in theory) on the 6800XT because, it also has 16GB of VRAM and was only 8-9% slower? Well that means you'd need to find a 6800XT at, at least 10% less than this card, before factoring in the radiator.

    The cheapest 6800XT I can find is 1299 which is 11.5% less, so is technically still slightly better bang for buck, but it also means the radiator is only another 2-3% on top, which makes this a pretty good deal.

  • -2

    Rather have the sony tv geez!

  • +2

    Nice ended up pulling the trigger i am sure pricing will go up for next gen and this will last me a very long time

  • if they had a plain waterblock version (for custom loop) I would jump on this,

  • -2

    You could buy this and sell it 1800 when this sale is over.

  • +2

    I even want to replace my 3080 with this card. Luck me, my little itx case cannot fit it in :D

  • On the edge on to buy or not lmao. Lot of reports of pump failures/loud whining pumps though

  • FYI ordered - invoice says it is the sku with 2x DP 1 HDMI and 1 Usb-c 11308-04-20g

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