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Free Cadbury Layers Cherry Ripe 35g or Picnic 34g with any Hot Drink Purchase (Small Coffee $1) @ My-7-Eleven App


Not a bad offer from 7-Eleven considering they sell small coffees for $1.

RRP for Cadbury Layers is $2. On sale from time to time for $1 at Colesworth

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  • Single redemption only…. 🥺

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      No limit on number of accounts though.

  • +1

    Would've been great to have an option without peanut or coconut but I might give the cherry ripe a go if I'm buying a coffee anyway.

    • +1

      the cherry ripe has coconut.

  • Anyone know what the $5 slurpee bottle is like? Does it include the first refill?

  • +4

    Bet ya my tightarse 7-11 will remove the stock so that I can't claim it

  • +1

    Plenty of stock at the store I just went to.
    My 7-eleven guy didn’t even know about it and got excited when I told him, everyone loves a freebie.

  • 27 days to redeem on most offer. They go monthly cycle now instead of weekly. Very generous now, even gave more time to choose rewards

    • so does that mean the owners need to hide the stock for a month now instead for a week?

  • Stock was in a tray right next to the coffee machines.

    I imagined these would be a lot bigger than they are.

  • Which one is best? I've never heard of, layers, is it new?

  • I don't have the offer, any chance it's targetted?

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      It’s on the regular offers page a few lines down and not the rewards page.

      • thank you

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    This deal is back on again, expires in 6 days.

    • Never went away, was always to 30/5 in this Deal & app. Checked a few times since 3/5 & redeemed on 30/5.

      • +1

        Not on mine. It went away after I claimed it on the 3rd. Reappeared on the 23rd or 24th and a free one was available every day for a further 6 days. In total I got 5 free ones.

        • Lucky!

          • @Rather be Travelling: All of my colleagues had the same thing.

            • @mapax: Would have been more useful & easier to understand if said offer can be claimed again.
              (As you've now explained.)

              Rather than "This deal is back on again" when this Deal never went away here or on my app, before today.

              ie The offer returned if you had already claimed it (I hadn't claimed until late yesterday, so didn't know or expect the bonus.)

              Common issue in communication.
              It's obvious to those who already know, but difficult for others to understand without clarification. That can cause misunderstanding on both sides.

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