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$100 Each for Referrer & Referee for Opening Orange Everyday + Savings Maximiser Accounts @ ING


Just received an email from ING. Same as previous $100 referral offer.

Here's what to do by 30 June 31 July 2022

  1. Go to ing.com.au/everyday, open a new Orange Everyday and enter the promo code in the promo box at the end of the online form - this part's really important otherwise neither of you will get your reward!
  2. Deposit $1,000+ (such as your pay) from an external source into your Orange Everyday account within any calendar month.
  3. Open a Savings Maximiser (if you don't already have one) and make a deposit into this account.
  4. Make 5+ settled (not pending) ING card purchases using your new Orange Everyday card within any calendar month.

Once you complete the steps, you'll receive your cash reward the following calendar month. But be quick - you've only got until 30 June 2022 to complete all the steps!

If you have previously opened an Orange Everyday account at any point since 1 July 2014 (even if the account has now been closed), then you are ineligible for this offer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (582)

$100 Campaign — Until 31/7/2022, referrer and referee will each receive $100 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts. Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a current $100 referral code.

Referee is required to deposit minimum $1,000 and make at least 5 (settled) card transactions in any calendar month.

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  • It is targeted.i got $50.

  • Damn, mine was $50

  • damn, would capitalise on it if ING hadn't banned me for life.

    • Banned for life? Too many promos?

      • I know someone who got banned for doing too many $200 withdraws from Woolworths hahaha

      • +2

        definitely not from a promo, but it was completely random back in 2019. Randomly checked ING during the day and it said accounts are now inactive. Got a phone call few hours later and was told my accounts are being closed, and they weren't allowed disclose any reason. And then I was sent the money as a cheque.

        My guess is I never had any direct income in there, only way cash was coming was from my other bank account (me to me) for few years. Often 5 figure transactions. But I'm still not sure. Tried re opening but they said they're unable to.

        • Too risky, maybe it looks too similar to money laundering…..

          • +1

            @brisdaz: yeah that's my guess. Banks definitely don't even like the hint of that so they close without a hesitation.

        • I've been doing the same for eight plus years but my transfers were usually four figure max with the occasional high end five figure max when chasing higher interest rate promos.

          My account hasn't been closed yet (touch wood) and there has been a garnishee order placed on my account by the government ($1000 mobile when stopped at traffic light fine which I thought was unfair compared to $500 running red light fine)

        • ING can be quite mysterious like that. I applied for one of their credit cards a few years back (after having a bank account with them for years) and got rejected even though I met the criteria and had a reasonable credit score. When I called up they were absolutely unwilling to even hint at suggestions of what could've gotten me rejected, even less so than banks are usually willing to say.

          • @deanylev: interesting! yeah bank reps are generally pretty restrictive on what they are willing to say.

  • Closed my account in 2018. Just have to wait another 4 years.

  • I got for $100. Can it be used to refer multiple users?

    • Yes, as many as you can.

  • @hothot - my email uses the word friends, as in plural. i got a $100 code too
    well, it says $100

  • Thanks for this listing OP. I have done this in Jan this year and myself and my friend haven't received any payments so far. We both were to get $100 each.
    This listing reminded me of this and checking rn with the ING contact centre, will update the result soon..

    • Got the payment in March, but I didn't see it come through. All sorted. ING always sticks to their word..haha..

  • So what's the interest rate at ING these days?

    • 1.35%

      • Let me guess, there's like a 6-point list of qualifying criteria?

        • Yeh lol. They also require to grow balance at end of every month now.

  • Does anyone have an idea how ING selects people to get a code?

    • Probably based on account activity.

    • +1

      I keep exactly $0 with ING ongoing, this results in:

      • frequent "refer a friend" deals, like the OP (but $50 currently)
      • around once a year it seems, bonus incentives to make a deposit (which I then withdraw once the bonus comes)

      Simply deposit $1,000+ a month into your Orange Everyday account from an external account for two consecutive calendar months and opt in below before xx/xx/xxxx and we'll pop $50 cash into your Orange Everyday account.

      My conclusion is that ING is a good bank to not use, until you're offered a bonus

      • Thanks BobLim that's very helpful !

  • +1

    after 4 year of using ING Everyday account received a following email today. Called them, the rep read a script, no explanation given. Avoid ING.

    Hi ABCD,
    We are writing to you to inform you that after an internal review, we have made the decision to close your account/s listed below. This will be done in accordance with our policies and your account terms and conditions. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

  • I can confirm I also got the $100 referral and mine is valid till July 31

  • Just received the email today for $100
    Lucky I didn't close my account yet

  • Received ING email for $100 bonus for both referrer and referred.

  • I have got email about $100 by 31 July 2022

  • I've also received the email today for $100 referral bonus for both referrer and referee by 31 Jul 2022.

  • +1

    I also got the email but I'd prefer an email from ING about an interest rate increase on my Savings Maximiser account.

  • Hi @neil ,

    Can you also change the link to https://campaigns.ing.com.au/refer-june100?


    • Updated

  • +1

    Also confirming I've received a code for the $100 offer. My ING account isn't my primary one, so this must be a fairly wide campaign.

  • Yep, I also received an email about $100 bonus which expires 31 July 2022.

  • Yes I also received an email about $100 bonus which expires 31 July 2022.

  • I got $100 offer, but no friends and family to refer to.

  • I've also received the email today for $100 referral bonus for both referrer and referee by 31 Jul 2022.

  • I got the $100 referral email despite not using my ING account in months, so I doubt people are chosen based on usage.

  • Got the $100 referral email too, better than than the usual $75/$50.

  • A bit like glass doors in Amsterdam! Says u get 100 worth if u pay 50 but some end up with 25 worth?

  • Nice to have the $100 referral email. Haven't seen it in a while

  • I received the $100 referral email as well. First time for me.

  • what is the deadline? why says "you've only got until 30 June 2022 to complete all the steps!"

    • Different deadline for different codes.
      My code is 31/7/22

  • I’ve got the $100 referral code for 31 July 👍🏻

  • I've got $100 referral code for 31 july too

  • How long does it take for the $100 to show up? I’ve fulfilled the criteria over a week ago and still nothing

    • It should be by the end of next month.

      • Thanks!

  • anyone knows if existing customer creates a joint account with a brand new customer and uses existing customer's referral code could quality for the bonus? T&C is very vague on this.

  • Found this $100 offer deep in my inbox thanks OP!

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