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$50 Cashback for Making 10 Card Transactions in Your Offer Month @ People’s Choice Credit Union


Check your email to see if you have received this deal. I was likely targeted because had barely used their bank card for transactions and account balance is low.

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Make sure you have activated your Visa Card.
2. Get spending! Make at least 10 Visa, EFTPOS or digital wallet transactions before the end of the month.* (have confirmed with support need to make the 10 transactions during the calendar month in which you received the Offer Email).
3. We’ll deposit $50 into your account. That’s it, it’s that simple!

Screenshot of email:

Click deal link to see T&Cs.

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      Opening a bank account anywhere would generally require this too, no?

      • +1

        Oh no!
        All Australian banks are harvesting personal info!

  • any one know if opening an account now will get them this deal?

    • Probably not now straight away but perhaps down the track. With this deal, you need to be also targeted (and I have given tips in my post above on how you could be targeted 😉)

  • Do transfers to other banks count as a transaction?

    • No I don’t believe so.

      But I believe transfers/deposits to Revolut (there is a min of $25 deposit) and payments to Zip (you can choose whatever small amount to pay) counts as a transaction because they are recorded as Visa Purchase in my statement. To double ensure, perhaps best to make the transaction first and then call support to confirm that it counts?

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