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The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (Blu-Ray) $2 + $1.99 Delivery (Limited Stores for $0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


One of my favourite movie of all time, I couldn't believe my eyes seeing it only cost $2, I already have the Blu-Ray and the 4K version but good bargain for whoever haven't own it yet

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    follow the link. There are lots of $2 and cheaper DVDs/Blu-Rays at JB Hifi, which you might appreciate

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    Magic Mike XXL for $2. Great for Friday night movies with my wife's BF.

    • +11

      Best Friend OR Boy Friend?

      • +35

        Both. It's complicated

        • You've spelt cuckold wrong.

      • +10

        You fed the troll 🤦🏻

    • +5

      Mothers day present sorted.

    • +2

      Will Smith?

      • Yes, I think I saw his movie "The Pursuit of Slappiness" in there.

    • +6

      Imagine having Netflix lmao

    • +14

      Netflix isn’t free. And you don’t own.
      Horses for courses

      • +2

        Netflix cancels left and right, so many things I want are not even in there anyway

      • +1

        Always wondered for years walking to JB.
        Saw a movie on Blue Ray at a friend's and then streamed it on Netflix moments later to just compare. Major difference in AV quality.
        And after that I am firmly set on getting Bku-Rays of movies I love - once I have a bigger apartment, which maybe decades from now :)

        • +1

          remember there are different levels of quality depending on your Netflix subscription level. Higher levels give you more simultaneous screens, but also better quality, presuming your internet speed is up to the challenge

          • +1

            @shmahoo: Thanks. Yes we have the top tier and honestly it's lovely. 4K HDR looks great. But just saying for movies you truly love, I could see as a non geek how details in shadows and zero banding anywhere in highs…

          • @shmahoo: 4K is just the image size. The bit rate is gimped, and quality crushed

    • +7

      Also free if hoisting a jolly roger and sailing upon the seven seas.

  • +1

    Also a bunch of movies marked down, in addition to buy-one-get-one

    A heap of 4k Blurays for $16-20 that also fall into buy-one-get-one. Given 4k streams from Netflix, etc are still quite visibly compressed, personally 4k Blurays are the only thing I purchase anymore (just for those movies where it's worth it)

    • B1g1? I don't see that. Only b2g1

      • Bugger, you're right.

        Still not bad though. Can pick up a few trilogies for under $50 as individual movies that way.

    • +2

      I'm totally on board for buying blurays for the absolute best picture quality, but struggling to justify the price of a good 4k player. Sticking with streaming and Plex for now.

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    Down, from $2.50

  • +30

    This is one of your favourite movies of all time?

    Have you seen… Any other movies?

    • this isnt even the best lotr movie lol

      • +11

        Any LOTR movie >>> any Hobbit movie

        • I’m Lord of My Ring and it’s better than this movie.

  • +4

    Highly recommend this family flick.

    • +2

      Will I be lost with the story of I didn't see the first one?

  • +7

    One of my favourite movie of all time

    Genuinely never seen anyone say anything even in the ballpark of that on any of the Hobbit movies. Huh.

    • +7

      I will say the LOTR trilogies are movies that I watch at least yearly.

      • +7

        Right. Totally different beast. Zero surprises that many, many people would say that about the LOTR movies.

  • -1

    Did anyone managed to get Binge free for a year? I got it but still can’t access account info. Still works. I wonder if an angry ex worker released the codes or a hacker…

  • 3 of The Hobbits movies are on Prime.

  • One of your favourite movies of all time?

    You must watch more movies my boy.

    • +2

      I didn’t say it’s my most favourite one, Magic Mike is

  • +1

    Awful movie, there's no desolation in this one, the desolation was at the beginning of the next movie, the 3rd one.

    • The whole trilogy was a desolation (or desecration?) IMO.
      $2? Tell' em they're fooling themselves.

      • +1

        its supposed to be 1 movie based on 1 book, the first and 2nd are unnecessary.

        • Yeah I enjoyed the first hour of the first film but after that it totally jumped the shark.

    • +2


      If they had shown the Smaug’s attack on Laketown and his death in the second movie then hardly anyone would watch the third movie

      I don’t know if that would make the third movie less disappointing since the dragon isn’t killed of in the first 10 minutes. Or more disappointing since even less things happen
      It would help the second movie since it would be complete on its own and not left on a cliffhanger

      • +2

        Titled Desolation of Smaug but there's no desolation just a boring talk between bilbo and smaug. The Desolation was the first 10 mins of the 3rd movie.

      • +3

        Well I guess that's what happens when you take an ordinary size novel (I think about 1/3 the size of just one LOTR novel) and try to milk 3 movies out of it… I actually like hobbit as a book.. 2 movies u can forgive them but 3 was just stupid…

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