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50% off Rockwell 18V Tools - e.g. SDS+ Drill $49.50, Blower $34.50 + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $100 Metro Order) @ Mitre 10


Got wind of this via the Ozito posts and already invested in the Rockwell/Worx/SCA/Toolpro 18v batteries and tools so found this more appealing. Lots of items 50% off. If you have Ozito batteries already then best go for those tools as the warranty is better from Bunnings. But if you want more compatibility then go for this.

Too many to list but here's some:

Rockwell 18V Orbital Sander Skin $32 RRP $64
Rockwell 18V Detail Sander Skin $21 RRP $42
Rockwell 18V Torch Skin $12.48 RRP $24.95
Rockwell 18V SDS+ Rotary Hammer Skin $49.50 RRP $99 (comes with bits and chuck adaptor)
Rockwell 18V Li-Ion Impact Driver Skin $27.50 RRP $55

Edit: looks like tools aren't 100% compatible with Worx and SCA batteries. There's a small plastic notch blocking them from being inserted. Filing or cutting the notch away from either the battery or tool will solve the problem. Thanks elgusto for flagging this.

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    Do they make brushless?
    Brushless is all that matters

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      You're also on the internet and literally one click away from the results.

      It would have been faster than typing.

  • No stock for most things

  • How are these tools more compatible than Ozito? Do they share a battery with another line?

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      • Is ozito compatible with rockwell battery?

  • Thanks OP, picked up a whipper snipper!

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      Dont forget to put it down when it gets too heavy.

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    impact driver is not very inspiring, 90Nm max torque …

  • Is this also the same system as the Catch Greenlund stuff?

  • Should I return my orders from Bunnings yesterday for these Rockwell tools? Can anyone comment on the quality compared to Ozito?

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      Nah stick with Ozito for better warranty unless you already have Rockwell compatible batteries

  • Really wish Bunnings would price match the jet blower and garden shears. Even the little sprayer would be handy

  • I wish Ozito would match the Rockwell 18V Li-Ion Multi Tool Skin and the SDS+ Rotary Hammer Skin

    Otherwise I might need to change over to the Rockwell Battery system.

    Bunnings need to lift their game!

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      3D printed battery adapters are a viable option

      • Never thought of this, thanks for the suggestion. Do you know if there's already an adapter STL out there for this? Otherwise I'll just have to design one. I've ordered a couple of items and going to give this a go.

        • I've only seen what's already on Thingiverse. Most common tools (Makita, Ozito/Einhell etc) have custom adapter models of varying types, but not everything is there - however you can usually find a tool- and a battery-sided adapter as separate models and glue them together post-print.

          If you know what you're doing with modelling, I'd copy some existing designs and cobble them together before printing.

          I've seen the flat peg springs used as terminals, which looks to work great - but only on one specific design. I wanted to try that on some other adapter designs when I need them but that means a complete remodel from scratch.

  • Just a note: worx batteries do NOT fit in these. They don’t slide in all the way. I noticed in a forum thread someone saying that this seems like a recent addition.
    OP might want to update as I’ll be returning my stuff I think

    • Oh yeah you're right sorry! Just checked my SDS drill and pole saw and there is a little bit of plastic blocking. The terminals are identically marked though so if you're comfortable with modifying either the tool or the battery you can cut away the plastic. Easier to do on the tool but then warranty will be void. More plastic to cut from the battery but then you'd need to do it to potentially Multiple batteries. SCA battery is identically notched to Worx so they too would be affected

      • I had a go at modifying today and it was super easy. Some tools have different blocking to others, but ultimately it’s usually only one 4mm little chuck that you have to dremel away.

  • and deal is over :(

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