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$2 for 2 Months nbn Home Internet Plans 50/20, 100/20 or 250/25 (New Customers Only, From $95/Month Thereafter) @ Telstra


One day promo: $2 for 2 months on selected home internet plans. Shows up for NBN 50/20, 100/20, 250/25. Future connection date can be set between 10/05/2022 and 04/06/2022.

250/25 is only available on FTTP and HFC.

Also included:

  • 50,000 Telstra Plus points
  • 3 months BINGE

Telstra Smart Modem 3 included for use with plan.

For new customers. Monthly discount ends early if you change plans. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee. Plan prices may change.

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  • Cool, so 2 months for $2 on M2M plan with no exit fee?

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      It seems so. The only catch is having to return the modem. The administration part of this return process may not be as smooth as it's meant to be. But then again which part of Telstra is smooth…

      • Streaming. Slightly more smooth than the other two.

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        Is there credit check involved?

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          Deal killer for me.

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            @HardQuiz: Yeah that's really a bummer. Is credit check not as significant anymore as compared to last time?

            • @wildstone: Some say it’s still valid and significant, others say it’s not a big deal.

              I’d rather take a small hit on my score for the right credit card, not 2 months NBN.

      • return to store

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          Oh? You can return modem to a Telstra store?

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            @bobzor: Yes I've done it before they just ship it off somewhere back to warehouse.

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        Signed up on this deal recently. Sign up process was (amazingly) smooth and modem arrived within 2 business days. NBN exceptionally fast and constantly above 250/25 on HFC. Internet seems snappier than Superloop too. Fortunately I haven’t had to speak to Telstra yet - because that’s usually where it always comes unstuck.

        • Just a follow up to this - Telstra advertised 50,000 bonus Telstra Plus points as part of the deal. I didn't receive them. First thing the consultant asks for is a screenshot to prove the offer. Luckily I took a screen capture because I don't trust Telstra. Suggest anyone signing up with them do the same.

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        Do you have to take their modem?

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      It doesn't look like it is possible to get 2 months for $2 and then leave.

      I tried to sign up for the 100 Mbps plan using the online chat. Right before I agreed to the service, the chat agent put this:

      The day your new plan starts won't line up with your monthly billing period. There will be a period of time from the day when your service is activated through to the last day of your monthly billing period.
      For this period of time:
      You will be charged an estimated part month charge of $85.16 for the new plan.
      You will then be charged $1 in advance for the following monthly period.
      So your next bill amount will total approximately $86.16 (including other services and any activation/hardware).

      The $1 promo doesn't apply until your first full billing month, according to the chat agent. So the initial partial month is billed at the full rate (pro rata for the partial month).

      I asked for clarification and the reply from the chat agent was:

      The $1 applies to the plan itself but since we are adding this in the middle of your billing cycle there will be a pro rated charge from today until the end of your billing cycle.

      Note that I do not have any other Telstra services, so I have no existing billing cycle. I can only assume the billing cycle aligns with the calendar month.

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        I didn't get anything like that when I signed up

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        the rep you are speaking with is using an old system to process the order that results in pro-rata to align with your current billing cycle.

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          Well I cancelled the order as soon as they said that.

          How ridiculous that there are multiple ordering systems that result in different outcomes!

          On the plus side, the chat agent did confirm I could make the order without also ordering the modem. Had it not been for the pro rated charge, I would have proceeded.

        • I don't have a current billing cycle with Telstra and they told me the billing cycle will be the 12th and I need to pay pro-rata. Totally new NBN connection for me, never had Telstra NBN, only had a Prepaid sim many years ago.

      • Why did you go through online chat?
        I have no existing Telstra service and I just signed up through their online system without any issue.
        It charged me $1.

        • Because I didn't want the modem sent to me. The online store forces you to get the modem. The chat agent was able to set up an order without the modem.

          • @mister_snrub: how about contact them after you order?
            at the end of the day, you save at least $140 for 2 months
            a little hassle for returning the modem is acceptable.

          • +1

            @mister_snrub: This is the whole point of the deal! Get you in with the $1 a month plan, then make you pay out the modem if you leave. Sneaky tactics!! Telstra would never offer a deal like this without a catch.

      • +1

        Same issue for me now. I tried to schedule a new connection, never had Telstra NBN for 1st June 2022. Apparently the billing cycle is the 12th and I have to pay pro-rata.
        I cannot go through the website as my address is not recognised as NBN enabled.

        Still on chat, has been going on for almost 2 hours. Very inefficient

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      yes. i signed up for this plan. $2 for 2 months.

      its true that I only paid $2 for 2 months, however I spent hours and hours contacting them due to billing issues.

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    In the past they gave modem for free and free internet as well. Hmm $2 for 2 months internet…

    • +2

      When did they give free internet? $1/mo is almost free.

      You can still get the modem free if you use their 30 day satisfaction guarantee: https://www.telstra.com.au/broadband/nbn/guarantee

    • In the past they did free months on a 24month contract. This is no contract. Just return modem.

  • +6

    "If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee." Last time this deal came around and I did it for the 2 months and then left, I was initially told to return the modem so I took it to the Telstra store in town and they said that there is no official process yet for returning it and even showed me the internal kb article stating as such. Possibly has changed since then but at least now I have a nice paper weight.

    • Modem or router?

      • Why not both?

        • a modem is send from nbn, another router (telstra call it modem) send from telstra.

    • But otherwise no issues taking the 2 months and then cancelling/running away?

      Happy to drop a modem into a store, or have a paperweight!

      • +1

        Nope, no issues at all. And because it was cancelled, I could probably take this one up too. It would be a 'new service' so technically should work. Existing customer, sure, but new service so I can't imagine running into any issues trying to do it again.

    • Why not using it as a modem or router ? I am currently using the version 2 with other provider and working fine.

      • I did try to use it with my regular Launtel service but I ran into issues with a few devices that caused me to go back to my piece of crap Netcomm modem router, notably half of my Google devices just wouldn't reconnect to the new wifi and my Solar device wouldn't connect either so I could no longer track that.

        • Mine was working fine with Launtel. Anyway, should be worth something at Gumtree though

          • @yht: Maybe I'll give it another go tonight after all the kids (and their devices!) are asleep. Maybe my issue was I tried to outsmart technology by changing the new Telstra router to have the same wifi name and password as the old router…

            • @mojadu: For a lot of devices renaming the new SSID to the exact same as the old one with the same password works. For others it doesn't. In saying that I have a feeling you would have left the Band Steering enabled (only shows 1 SSID for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz). There are a lot of devices that don't like that feature so won't connect. If you haven't done so already, disable that feature (in WiFi settings) and try again. If it still doesn't work you'll need to find a way to connect to your devices and reset the WiFi settings. Hope it helps.

    • +2

      It's not just a paper weight, it also has 4G backup. Can be useful.

      • The 4g backup will eventually stop working after you have left Telstra, but on the scale of months to years. One of my gen 2 still have its 4G backup working.

        • +1

          Will it? When I was setting up a temp situation, my FIL gave me his old Telstra modem and I stuck a SIM in it. He would've been off Telstra maybe 2 years or more.

          • +2

            @tomsco: I think they sometimes forget to disconnect the backup SIM. I've been using it when NBN is down and am not a current Telstra customer!

          • @tomsco: the Sim that came with the modem would cease to work after some time , new provided sims different story ….

            • @mikezillakind: I don't think you can swap out the sim without modding the router..

              • +1

                @truetypezk: The SIM is locked to the router, although you can add other Telstra SIMs in, or any SIM if you have one that can be modded. My 4G backup still works years after leaving Telstra. Currently runs at 25/5, which is quite usable.

            • @mikezillakind: Ah yeah, I misread that as no SIM would work. I chucked in a Belong SIM and it did the job for me.

              • @tomsco: I'd be happy to pay for the modem if I new that an Optus sim would work in it. I have an Optus fixed term contract that I'm not using much 🤔

          • @tomsco: Yep that is probably like the gen 2 I was talking about. It seems pretty random. My gen 3 sim stopped working in just about a month.

  • +6

    Return the modem seems like a hassle

    • return to store

      • +1

        Which is a hassle when they refuse it and tell you to make an appointment to return it.

        • and need to go on a waiting list ?

  • Does anyone know how long you can defer connection date for? I'm in a free month with Dodo that finishes at end of month.

    • +6

      The process allows choosing a connection date between 10/05/2022 and 04/06/2022

      • too bad…I wanted to something after 20th June…

      • Thanks so much!

    • +1

      Well you can defer it but you will end up with less than 2 months, last time I did I deferred to the last date, I think I only got over a month on it. Probably can get full 2 months but will have to deal with the call centre.

      • Yes, same thing happened last deal. Chat won't set it for a future date. If you have an active connection, you have to agree to let them cancel it. You might have better luck on the phone, but meh, effort.

  • +2

    250/25 seems to be ambiguous as the banner says first two months for $2 , but the detail says first month?

    Tempted to give it a go and then walk a modem back in to a store!

    Edit - can confirm it is is $1 month for 2 months in cart with the 250 plan, going to give it a crack.

  • +6

    lmao they desperate

    • +3

      Yep, I think they are absolutely in trouble, as 2 months gets them just over the end of the financial year.
      This is absolutely about Telstra buying more NBN subscribers. There is speculation that the Telstra board sacked their CEO too.

  • Here’s what’ll happen next:
    - We’ll arrange the disconnection with your current provider for you
    - Your Telstra plan will start once you plug in your modem.
    By continuing, you’re giving us permission to make these changes.

    will it leave me out of NBN in between?

    • +1

      This worried me too, but later in the sign-up process you get to choose the date, so it's the same as all other churning between NBN retailers.

  • LMAO no chance I'd have any service from Telstra ever again.

    • +1

      Better than these 2 dogshit free months from origin. Drops out 5 times nightly

      • Wouldn't go near Origin either. The power company or the video game publisher.

  • I would bite if the free 12 months of Disney+ offer were still around, which normally costs $110+.

    • Worth a try, they'll throw something within that 2 months.

    • +1

      I signed up on the day and have been able to get 12 months Disney+. It says offer ends 28 Mar, redeem by 31 May. I gave it a shot using a card with $2 to sign up and I'm paid until 09/05/23.

      • Thanks for this, I was also able to redeem D+.

      • Damn! Missed that. I ended up with the 30% off deal from More.

      • +1

        How did you manage to do that? I can only see options to add a subscription at $12/month.

      • How do we even to subscribe ? I can only redeem 5000 pts for 3 months Disneyplus.

        • Try the link above from coxymla. Or in the app, go to Services, Your Subscriptions and go to the Offers tab.

          • @Miss B: I tried, but not a success. Maybe because the connection is still in the future

            • @yht: Yeah, it only works once connection is complete.

              • @Miss B: Was activated Saturday night (29.05.22) and redeemed 12 Months Disney+ on Sunday.


                • @Thiefsie: I went to offers page, tried to redeem (it has the bigpond e-mail address) but when I got to Disney+ it says code has already been redeemed :( How do I get around it? I don't even know how to log in to the bigpond e-mail address?

                  • @Craze: Not sure, I've got a pre-existing telstra account that I login with, that I added this service to.

  • +7

    Telstra reps, if you're reading this, bring back min 40mbps upload speed ffs.

    • +1

      I think that's more the fault of NBN

      • +2

        but ABB can offer up to 50mbps? Im happy to pay more but there is no option offered by telstra

      • Pretty sure both speeds are offered at different price brackets and alot of providers just opted for the slower one. While abb is one of the few which still supports the faster speed plans. I believe for some other companies if you signed up early you are kept on the 40up speed plan but now you can't sign up for it. Which sucks i much prefer that plan.

    • Is Telstra 5G available at your place? I am getting 100mbps upload on Telstra 5G Home

      • Not sure if home differs from standard 5g mobile w/ telstra but i get 500 ish / 20 only if I'm inside.

        It gets a little better if standing outside the house but it varies a fair bit I find.

  • +1

    Legit I don't know why they dropped the upload speed.. don't know about y'all but I'm looking for another provider.

    Any recommendations?

    • +2

      abb if money no problem, I am LOVING 1000/50 even if it is expensive.

      • Have been on gigabit NBN for over a year but I'm considering dropping down to the peasant speeds of 250/25 to save ~$200 while getting a free controller or two.

        • I’d be happy w 250/50 but no one offers it that I know of

          • +1

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Aussie offer it for $20/mo cheaper than Gb. $240/yr is something to consider. At least try it out for a month to see what you think if you want to save the money.

      • Out of curiosity what kind of things do you benefit from with that speed

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