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Hisense 58 Inch UHD 4K TV 58A6G $599.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Not sure whether its the cheapest but seems to be a good deal for a decent 58" 4K TV with delivery included

Details and Spec of the TV please visit:

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    Price in titty please.

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      Price check in Aisle 4K.
      I'll ***** check in 4K.

      (Definitely sounds like one of Garret's announcements in Superstore)

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        Attention shoppers….

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    Tell them the price son.

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    price on the title please

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    No delivery to WA.

    • Bugger. Is probably join costco for some of these deals

  • Nice.

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    I think it's quite an older model so that might be why it's quite cheap

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      A7 is the current latest model but A6 is still in the hisense website as current model

      • Thanks for clarifying. So and older release but still relevant. I'm still waiting for a 65 inch TV from hisense to come up here.

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        No, "G" represents the Year which is 2021. A4G (Budget), A6G, A7G, A8G and A9G are all 2021 models.
        A7G in the UK has Quantum dot, but not usually in AU, it's poor form they don't let you know exactly what you get in each country.

        • Thanks for clarifying further, just a lower tier model then

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    While not the best TV, bloody excellent for the price. The $599.99 includes delivery.
    So much better than TCL ect.. at this price as you get a responsive interface
    This is the run out model, Costco seem to be the only retailer with Stock.

    • Yeah, looks like it has been cheaper elsewhere before but since this includes delivery then it works out to be around the same.

  • A7 is the latest offering from Hisense for 2022.

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      Incorrect, G is the year which is 2021. H models are 2022.
      A4G (Budget), A6G, A7G, A8G and A9G (high-end) are all 2021 models.

      Hisense uses a simple naming scheme. Starting with their 2021 TVs, the flagship ULED lineup has a U in front of the model names, while the entry-level models have A. The first letter is followed by a number to indicate where in the lineup it stands, and the last letter represents the year; Hisense uses G for 2021 and H for 2022. For example, the Hisense U8G is a high-end 2021 model from the 2021 lineup, while the Hisense A6H is an entry-level 2022 model. If there's an R in the model code, it means it uses Roku TV instead of Android TV.

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    Note that this price is only available today - the fine print states "Ends 06/05/2022"

  • Membership? Rats.
    Parents have a 55" with a faulty screen, and think 65" is too big.

    This would have been ideal; ah well.
    Lets see if JB tries to compete.

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      Get the membership mate and order. Then cancel membership if you don't like.

      Can order one for you, if you like.
      Only drawback would be if this turns faulty, you wouldn't be able to leverage Costco's satisfaction guarantee (as this would be under my Costco ID). But you should still be able to get Hisense/Au generic warranties.
      While happy to help, there is risk. And its to you (not me).

      • +1 for being a low-key legend

  • You may well find it cheaper in-store.

    E.g. the Sony 85 Inch Bravia 4K LED Google Smart TV KD85X85J is $3699 on-line (delivered) but only $3299 in-store - I know, I bought one at Marsden Park yesterday…

  • ooh.. A7's? bloody good price! THese were still over 1T a few weeks ago. Worth it to get a membership just for this!

    • This is a6

      • A8 is the latest

      • oh.. umm… lol. Ish ok then…

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    Picked up the 2020 model last year for around the same price. Unless you've settled into a house and want to invest in a long term high quality TV, this one is the go.

    Casting to it without a chromecast isn't very functional. Otherwise, live TV, youtube, and netflix work just fine. If you want other apps, you will need a chromecast or similar. Despite this being a 'smart TV', it's pretty dumb. To get any of the other streaming services running on it without a chromecast, you would have to use the dodgy built-in web browser. Works if you're in a pinch, though.

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      This TV build-in VIDAA OS 4
      while youtube and netflix are already pre-installed there are more app available to download
      eg. STAN, Amazon Prime Video, ABC iView, Freeview Plus

      While these cannot compare with Google playstore, should meet many users daily needs

      Besides, its not expensive to get a Amazon Firestick 4K or Google TV anyway :)

  • I've got the 58S5 which I think is the year before.

    I wouldn't recommend it.

    • While good feedback, the 58S5 isn't Android so the Interface and experience is completely different.

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        Neither is this. It's VIDAA.

        I use a Google TV Chromecast anyway. It's the panel that's crap. But it is cheap.

        • Thanks, didn't realise the AU model wasn't Android TV while the US one is.
          I tested this in-store and found the Interface very snappy compared to the 2020 models, but yes shame it isn't Android TV.
          For most users though, it could be a good thing, as it's faster than most Android TVs and likely more RELIABLE.

          • +1

            @SpamMeNotInOz: Hisense reviews are insane to digest. Entirely different models all over the world with the model number.

            It's total insanity.

  • Got the 50” A6G recently for Costco.

    Pretty happy with it. Good picture, fairly snappy menus.

    As mentioned, it’s VIDAA which does limit the apps, but since they added Disney a week ago, I’m pretty happy. Only other ones that would be nice would be 7/9/10 catch up apps. Doesn’t have paramount but I have my account connected to my Prime Video so get it that way.

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    For anyone interested and cant get this deal, JB HiFi currently have the FFalcon 55 inch tv for $499 and the 50 inch for $449.

    • I was tossing up between these two. Went with the Hisense though for what I'd assume it's better overall quality

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        You are probably right there. I ended up going with the Ffalcon 55 as I managed to get it for $459 delivered and it was what I could afford.

        • 55 for $459 delivered is really good! Would have bought that myself for that price!

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            @Kaiserkid7: Good Guys had an extra 10% off yesterday only and I got JB to price match as I had gift cards. Plus their delivery was only $9.90! Turned up in less than 24hrs too.

            • @revheadgl: How do u find ur falcon 55, is yours laggy as well when selecting the channel, volume, netflix, guide menu?

              • @F1ProjectOne: Hi, sorry, can't help with that asI haven't used it yet. I bought it in advance for when my housemate moves out soon.

                Not worried about lag etc as I will only be using it as a monitor. Will be running a Chromecast with google tv and a blu ray player through the AV receiver.

  • looks sold out @540 at Myers. basic basic but cheap cheap clearance tv

  • OOS

  • Damn I just paid $500 one day earlier for a 43inch A7G from the goodguys haggled for $100 off.
    Originally the agreed to do the 40' for $350 but I passed on it

    • In Canada and the USA all stores will accept change of mind returns within 14 days no questions asked.

      Costco AU still offers 90 days change of mind returns

      • yeh thanks, I took it straight home and mounted it up in my bedroom and threw out the packaging that night, it's a bit big anyway for my bedroom so will try to forget about these deals and move on…

  • For those looking at the FFALCON UL2, yes it is cheap, the panel is also crap. It is much worse than the Hisense 55N6 I was replacing and it really struggles with sport and movement. Tried it with all settings. Normal TV is just not very good at all, both SD (very poor) and HD which is poor and the colours are just not right. It is fine for Chromecast though, UHD is good with Prime etc.

  • What's the warranty on these?

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