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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test - 40 Pack for $158.00 ($3.95 Per Test) & Free Delivery with Coupon @ ChemBay


CLUNGENE TGA Listed Rapid Antigen Test Kits

We are running a special for the OzBargain community, get free shipping using code OZBARGAIN on either the 20 or 40 Packs.

Dispatch within 24-48 hours from our Sydney Warehouse

2 Pack - 10 Tests - $59.95 + 9.95 Shipping
4 Pack - 20 Tests - $89.95 + Free Shipping
8 Pack - 40 Tests - $158.00 + Free Shipping

Nasal Swab Test
TGA Listed - ARTG 333341 - https://www.tga.gov.au/sites/default/files/covid-19-rapid-an...
For accuracy, sensitivity and specificity please check the TGA website.
Results in 15 - 20 mins

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  • Whats the expiry?

  • +3

    Supply and demand at it's best. In late January you were selling this for $220 for 20.
    I'll just use the free ones my kids bring home from school, or hop over to the PCR place 300m away from my home.

    • Yeah either I'm waiting until they're dirt cheap like hand sanitiser all over again, or going to the PCR where I hear they hand them out now. I still have a few from my kids school (paying through tax anyway) so there's no point buying a bunch unless you have a large family at risk of contact I suppose

  • I doubt any normal person is going to need a 40pk of these under current circumstances.

    • +2

      My parents are elderly; and I like to visit them once a week.

      More than a years expiry makes this a decent purchase.

  • *** waiting for anti-vaxxer / covidiot* to post unfunny scamdemic* 'joke' and be negged into oblivion ***

    • insert equally sh.t pun here
    • +2

      Vaccine is a SCAM!!!! My friend told me that he knows a friend whose brothers aunts sister in law grew a penis by getting the booster shot. Now she has to learn to pee standing up. The Government aren’t reporting the penis growing side effect to people and other vaccine side effects. Go to duckduckbingodingo.kom for the latest news on side effects.

      • +1

        Exactly my brother!

        … so what’s your United Australia Party number? Mines 00Dumbass

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