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Apple Magsafe Battery Pack $135 Delivered @ digiDIRECT (Price Beat $128.25 @ Officeworks)


I wanted a portable power bank for my 13 Pro without a USB cable & have faster than 5w wireless charging (latest firmware enables 7.5w)

Yes I can get a regular power bank + USB cable / MagSafe Charger but I'd prefer not to if I can.

Is the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack perfect? Definitely not! My wish list: 1) cheaper!!! 2) have a larger capacity so it can charge my phone to 100% rather than 60% only, 3) have more grip (the outer shell is very smooth), 4) can charge more than 7.5w (15w would be ideal), 5) USB-C/A port that can charge other devices.

There are other MagSafe Battery Packs that supports iPhone 12&13 series like the Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 2.5K, but these 3rd party ones have a few issues that I just can't ignore: 1) magnet not strong enough, 2) it's not smart (aka charge your phone to 100% vs. stops at 90% and sips power), 3) gets hot, 4) magnet not align properly and fails to charge the phone.

More info regarding the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT212174

Q. Any other alternatives if I don't want to pay the 'Apple tax'?
A. If you're using the iPhone 12 series then you have a lot more to choose from; if you're using the iPhone 13 series then I'd say the 'Belkin BoostUp Charge 2500mAH Magnetic Power Bank for iPhone 13/12' might be your best bet. Just make sure you know the cons: 1) magnet not so strong, 2) it gets hot, 3) its not 'smart'.

Price reference:

Officeworks Jandakot was able to price match + beat it by 5% + reserve one for me. Kudos to the team there 🙏

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    Jesus H Christ - makes those $10 Xiaomi power banks look like the deal of a lifetime

    • +3

      this IS a $10 deal…..$10 discount off RRP

      Can buy a whole Xiaomi as well

    • +1

      I used to have a bunch of these sticky chargers, and it was really cool at the time of the iphone 4.
      With how slow and hot wireless chargers get, regardless of how 'convenient' they supposedly are, they just arent that convenient.

  • Better pay less for the magsafe equivalent from Belkin or Baseus.

  • Yikes. calling this a deal :S

  • the amount of profit apple makes purely on accessories alone is probably unreal

    • what shocks me more is some real human is actually paying for this. and calling this a deal….

  • +1

    Probably the most useless apple accessory that you can find out on the market

  • +1

    Will 1460mAh provide enough power for one day on the iPhone?

  • +1

    When I first got it I won’t recommend it but with the new update it’s a-lot better . Its nice that it can reverse charge when plugging in my phone .

  • +1

    "I know there are better solutions but anyway here's 5 problems with the device I'm buying anyway…."

    • That's Apple user mentality.

  • Well, OK.

  • I suspect you could probably get a better deal by just asking for a deal at JB Hifi given it’s $125 on EPP.

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