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Philips Hue White E27 Starter Kit $39.99 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First/ $80 Order) @ Kogan


Great price, $54 at Officeworks but sold out.

Receive free shipping when you purchase $80 or more of eligible Philips Hue products.

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  • +1

    Damn, won’t qualify for free shipping by 2c if buy 2. Pesky Kogan!

  • Hmm don’t need anymore bulbs at the moment but always good to have some spares. Great deal. Already run 2 bridges so I’ll sell this bridge.

    • what's the use case for 2 bridges?

    • How do you manage 2 bridges? Do you have any switches that can operate across both (eg turn on/off all lights)?

      • When you reach about 50 hue bulbs/etc the bridge runs out of memory so need to add a second bridge to add more devices. Can’t control devices on the 2nd bridge with google assistant but I put the lights that are really only controlled by motion sensors on the 2nd bridge. Otherwise home kit works well or can use the hue app but is a pain to switch bridges in the hue app.

        I think there may be a workaround for google assistant.

        • A long winded method that I can think of is to (1) connect both bridges to Home Assistant, (2) connect Home Assistant to Google Assistant then (3) control Hue by Google Assistant via Home Assistant..

        • Yeah I'm there - so need a 2nd bridge. Good idea re the motion only 2nd for the second bridge. I don't really use google assistant to manage the lights except (only sometimes) - prefer to use the physical controllers - so may need to use hassio for specific all house commands.

        • Didnt they update the hue recently for two bridges? I have a second one here I have never plugged in as no use case (I mix hue, lifx and random rgb globes)

    • good luck with selling the bridge. I can't think how anyone would want to buy it.

      related in a sort of way: Does anyone reading this know how to use the zigbee radio in them for something other than Hue? (eg zigbee2mqtt or similar)

      • I sold the bridge for $70 posted a while back, "new open box". Some people don't live near a shop, and new price is up to $99.

        • wow, i'm surprised.
          but, ok

    • PM pls

  • Free shiping with kogan first

    • With a shit ton of ineligible suburbs. Wasted my time troubleshooting the terrible website to find out no free shipping. Which is a shame and it kills this deal for me.

  • Philips Hue white ambiance starter kit $54 in officeworks. Just bought one at Officeworks Chadstone.
    Edit: Here is the receipt.

    • Purchase declined twice though 😭😭😭

      • +1

        Only once, I used Coles Prepaid Mastercard, it was not enough credits.

    • Are they white ambiance or just white? I looked up the description and part number "pme27ktbt" in your receipt it showed up as just white.

      • Sorry, they are warm white colour that is dimmable with bluetooth-enabled. The barcode is 8718699630317. Here is the link.

  • Anyone knows if this is the Gen 2 bridge? Don’t want to find out it’s the old bridge that Philips Hue have discontinued support for

    • +1

      Would be gen 2 gen 1 hasn’t been around for a while

      • Thanks, given the $40 price tag for the whole kit, just thought I’d check!

        • Yes according to a review on the page from Ben J (16 Apr 2022) he got the Gen 2 bridge,

  • Grabbed this and 3 bayonet bulbs for $90 delivered! Thanks

  • Do these work with Apple home

  • OOS

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