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Ubiquiti UDM Pro $568.65 ($555.27 eBay Plus), U6-PRO Wi-Fi 6 AP 2pk $505.75 ($493.85 eBay Plus, Expired) Delivered @ SE eBay


Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Dream Machine

  • $568.65 after 15% OFF, $555.27after 17% OFF

Ubiquiti Wi-Fi 6 Access Point 2 3 4 5 Pack U6 Pro

  • 2 PACK = $505.75 after 15% OFF, $493.85 after 17% OFF Expired, base price increased
  • 3 PACK = $755.65 after 15% OFF, $737.87 after 17% OFF
  • 4 PACK = $1,002.15 after 15% OFF, $978.57 after 17% OFF
  • 5 PACK = $1,257.15 after 15% OFF, $1,227.57 after 17% OFF

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  • UDM Pro deal is really tempting, but wont be moving into the new place for ~1 year so wouldn't have a use for it until then.

    I'd hope it would be cheaper by then but with Ubiquitis (and the rest of the worlds) current supply shortages Im second guessing myself

    • They've gone up by about $70 from their lowest already

    • +1

      I’m in the exact same boat 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • +3

    Unfortunately still no word on the UDM-SE in Australia, nor the U6-ENTERPRISE APs… Hard to personally justify the Pro when the SE has POE and storage onboard for cameras.

    • +4

      UDM Pro already have storage for cameras, so the benefit of the SE is mainly having the POE built in

      • Looks like an ETA of later this month. Some companies are taking pre orders currently.

        • Links to who this is - interested to se the price diff / hike. I’m in the boat that I don’t need the new features but I hate not buying current ‘gen’.

          • @Elijha: Scorptec and Wireless1 for example - around the $970 mark

  • -1

    Hmmm … the UDM Pro is nearly $700 in the Shopping Express online shop, with no discounts offered. So … for what reason/s do these also end up in their eBay clearance store??? I feel very concerned about something that is still a current model, and very popular. and generally in short supply, being sold from a 'clearance' store. Is it because these are returned units? Or ???

    Does anyone have any informed insight into what is going on here?

    I'd love one of these, but very hesitant about buying from this eBay seller for the reasons outlined.

  • +1

    Is the U6-PRO a big enough upgrade over a UAP-AC-PRO? Is Wi-Fi 6 that much better with newer laptops?

    • I upgraded from unifi AC to unifi Wifi 6 lite just an ounce difference, but somehow i cannot access Myers website tells me “cloudfront” issue googled as well but Seems its myers issue. Called their support and they seem to not care about it.

  • +2

    Does anyone know when the Dream Router will likely be available in Australia? It only got GA release a week or so ago so I assume we will have to wait a little bit for someone local to stock it.

  • +1

    Any POE switch on special? Looking for USW-24-POE

    • +1

      Looking for the same model (Gen2). Cant find one anywhere in stock

  • I am on USG. Could anyone tell me what are the benefits of switching to UDM pro?

    • +1

      Combines the functionality of a 2nd Gen Cloud Key including hosting the controller and Unifi Protect, as well as being an 8 port switch. It’s also much newer and capable hardware. Probably not a big issue for most Australians but enabling the security features on a USG limits your bandwidth to about 100mbit. If you (are lucky enough to) have a faster internet connection then the USG with the security stuff enabled will bottleneck your connection where the DM Pro won’t.

      • +3

        Yeah, integrated Protect and controller is nice, so you can run a g4 doorbell and avoid Ring/subscriptions and if you're a tinkerer and an apple house with paid icloud, you could run Scrypted to pump the doorbell motion events to Homekit Secure Video which does object (animal/car/person/face) detection.

        some other notes:

        UDMP allows 2.5 or 3.5" drive, CKgen2+ is only 2.5"

        CKgen2+ has a lithium battery inside, which is great to avoid corruption on power outages but long term unsure on safety, it is silent tho.

        UDMP is actively cooled, 2 fans inside, is generally pretty quiet ( in my opinion ) but when you pop a hdd inside, the variable fans will run at a higher speed at minimum. can change fan speed ramp temporarily(per boot) in CLI via SSH, possibly permanent but unsure how updates affects that

        hope that helps someone

        • The HDD point is a good one. The 2.5” in a cloudkey very much limits your options when it comes to finding higher capacity drives that aren’t SMR. Important as the Ubiquiti forums have stacks of post of SMR drives dying in 12 months as they aren’t designed to be used for surveillance 24/7 recording. Best I could find was 2TB CRM 2.5”, where the 3.5” in the Pro opens up far more options.

          Looking to upgrade from a USG+ Cloud Key 2+ purchased over a period, in part to get support for the 3.5” drive as 2TB is a bit small for the 7 cameras we have.

    • Pros:
      Speed, controller, protect, switch ports, rack mount, single device

      Fan noise, big, no Poe, single device

      ‘Single device’ is twice coz it neatens things up (yay) but if 1 thing breaks it all breaks. Hdds aren’t hot swap so you break ur entire network just to expand camera storage

      Cost on neither list- I think is reasonable for what it is, if you compared its cost to comparable solution ie usg and ckgen2 plus and 8port managed switch

      Anecdotally - unifi network controller looks different when I was running docker vs UDM vs UDM pro, with additions that the udm just didn’t get (like a simple graph showing live WAN traffic maybe it was there but I stumbled on it only on the UDMP). Seems like ubiq don’t run same unified(lol) code base across products so I’d expect the newer shinier toys to get the new features. UDMP-SE prob the one to get now lol

  • 2 pack u6 pro comes to $539.75 for me

    • Looks like the prices have been jacked

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