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Marmot Featherless Hoody Jacket $89 (Club Membership Required, Was $329.99) + $7.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) @ Anaconda


The Marmot Featherless jacket is back on sale and cheaper from the last deal $89

The Women's is also on sale for the same price $89.


The navy has limited sizes left but Black one is still has all the sizes

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      That's a fair comment from the photos - but the links you've shared, the jackets are much thicker and have a bit of a Michelin Man look when they're put on vs. OPs quilted jacket being far thinner and nicer fit/look, albeit a hoodie jacket. I've got both.

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    I bought this last time and is happy with it.
    Question. I read somewhere that it could be stuffed into its own pocket for compact storage. How do I do this exactly? Would it be damaged?

    • these kind of jackets is mostly air that helps provides the insulation. the individual pockets are stuff with feather (or whatever this is in this case) and puffs up. When you fold it down, you are just squeezing all the air out and the pockets help keep the fluff distributed in the jacket. they fold down very small.
      When you need it again, you just fluff it back out again by shaking it

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      Usually one of the pockets has a zip tab that is able to flip to inside the pocket. On that pocket, turn the pocket inside out, then stuff the rest of the jacket inside it.

      • Thanks. Found a double zip tab on the left hand pocket which works great. Takes some time to stuff it all in, but nice and compact.

  • Will this be too warm for Sydney winter?

    • Definitely good for Melbourne winter :-)
      I have this from last year sale and warm enough to stand against Melbourne’s Wind chill. I found only arms are bit longer .

      • Use the zip wisely, you'll be fine 👌

    • It's been pretty cold lately. Mine has been pretty handy

    • I have a Macpac Halo jacket and find that it's way too warm for Sydney. So been using it only in Melbourne or when we visit an NSW snow resort.

    • nope, this jacket doesn't keep you that warm

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    Are these better than Kathmandu?

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      I got a featherless jacket marmot and its warm. Its not as light as down feathers but I prefer these because I can get them wet and still be warm.

      I have kathmandu down jacket and its good but not @$200
      For 100 bucks i. Buying this over kathmandu anyday.

      If I want the best the. Ill dish out $500 for Arc'terex celenium

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      In my experience, yes. I think you'll find these are the mass consumer range, but Marmot go right through the the very high end gear.

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    Add $10 item (I added a beanie) - for free shipping. Then apply "WELCOME10" for 10% discount for further 10% discount + 2.8% shopback

  • Is this warm enough for skiing?

    • Yes, easily for anything ~6-8°
      But not water proof…

  • If it doesn't fit in would I be able to return it? Thanks in advance!

  • This or macpac halo down, which one is warmer?

  • The Atlassian one looks best. No stock in any stores near me though. They did have the hoody one but it's ugly AF and fits quite small/tight so suggest sizing up one if you are unsure.

  • Anyone know the weight of this?

    Edit: Found a weight of 581 grams on another site for the Solus. Obviously depends on the size as well.

  • Dang, too slow. Would of bought this in black except the mediums are already sold out.

  • Is this true to size?

    I got a Medium MacPac Halo Down with hoodie
    And large Kathmandu down jacket with hoodie

    Cheers guys

    • The only reason I wouldn't choose "Large" based on what you shared would be your height, if you're under 180cm, you could probably go Medium. Cheers

      • I’m 183 CM, so assuming large for this! I just remember macPac being “one size down” from normal sizing :)

        • At 6ft, I'd go Large….

      • The hoodie one fits small and short I would probably go XL but L would probably be ok

        • He's a Medium MacPac Halo Down - There is no way he's XL Marmot

          • @Ashburtonian: Ok only going by my experience trying on in store. I’m slightly taller than him and L fit but was a bit tight and short, XL was perfect.

  • Is this machine washable? The MacPac halo has some pretty specific requirements which make it annoying to wash

    • I put my macpac halo and this one in washing machine on delicates setting with no spin, doesnt seem to cause any issues

    • The Halo is down, this is a synthetic fill, so easy to just wash it.

  • Is there decent waterproof down jacket for a reasonable price ( say below 250) . I’m planning to go to Queenstown next month, trying to see if I can get away without a soft shell layer for the rain.

    • for completely waterproof, I think down is not possible as most down jackets are water resistant only, if you're after the waterproof quality, goretex jackets are the way to go

    • Looks great!

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