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LG C2 4K Smart OLED TV OLED65C2PSC 65" $3960, OLED55C2PSC 55" $2960 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ SYD C&C) @ Appliance Central


Cheapest C2 you can find so far

LG C2 55" OLED55C2PSC $2,960

LG C2 Review

C1 vs C2 Comparison

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    As a retro gamer, the C1 is a no brainer especially considering the price difference.

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      You playing retro games at 4K 144Hz?

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        Are you not?

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        I believe he is referring to the older aspect ratios (4:3).

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          The C2 is a laggy mess in 4:3.
          For anyone interested watch My Life in Gaming YouTube review of C2 vs C1.

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        I play every console from Atari 2600 to XBX/PS5 on my CX.

        The LG OLED (CX/C1) is the pinnacle for that content with its extremely low latency and high compatibility with upscalers/line doublers.

        There is more to gaming than 4k/144hz.

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    Waiting on C2 77 deal

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    Stand on the c2 looks better

    • Rtings noted it gives less stability than the C1. Although it weighs much less.

      • C1 stand is like they took tips from the guys who invented glass ashtrays

  • Can you notice the difference between the G and C series?

    • The G is supposed to be 20% brighter.

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        8% brighter, or the C2 is 20% brighter than the lower models, while the G2 is 30% brighter than those same models.

        You're getting it for the wall mount.

        • Sorry I meant compared to C1. I have no idea about these new models. What do you mean about the wall mount? I thought you were able to mount the C models too? I can see mounting screw holes on mine.

          • +1

            @Smol Cat: The G series comes with a wall mount kit, no stand.

            C1 vs C2 is new chip, new panel (20% brighter, less aggressive ABL), no 120Hz BFI, at least for now. G1 vs C2 is the same comparison, just 10% brighter instead of 20%.

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    July HODL gang where at.

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    • Why July hodl? Discounts coming or new products dropping?

      • +2

        Seems to be roughly when the best sales are for the new models (LG OLED at least) before you hit the diminishing returns and have to generally wait again until black friday / christmas for the equivalent.

  • Bought a 65" C1 on the weekend from Harvey Norman, they said 65" C2 could be had for $3700. I would try talking to stores for a discount, should be easy to beat/match this price.

  • Thank god the C2 isn't a noticeable improvement over the C1 that I spent $6.5k on.

    • Early 77" adopter? Or went the 83"?

      • 83"

        Doubt the 83C2 will be $6.5k for at least another 6 months.

  • +1

    waiting for 65 inch c1 sub 2.5k

    • +7

      Many places would run out of stock before then

    • Me too 🙃

    • Videopro had an "open box" 65" LG C1 for $2490 a few weeks ago. Keep an eye there.

  • +1

    Apart from being a bit brighter, does this do anything the c1 series doesn't?

    • Currently it fails to do 120Hz BFI, but it is an otherwise improved panel.

      Brighter, less burn in, less ABL, processor and HDMI bandwidth upgrade.

  • good deal.

  • -1

    $2960 for a 55" is considered cheap? didn't even pay $2k for my C1

  • +1

    Is anyone getting this with their 28 Degrees card? Do you guys just jump on it day 1 or wait for the depreciation?

    • That’s a good idea actually. I’ve never been able to take advantage of that feature

      The C2 at this price is not much more than the C1 when I was going to get it early this year, so I might jump on it

      • Yes, but the C1 can be had for $2700 if you try, way too much difference.

        The C2 is at G1 pricing, so you are not getting EVO at C level price.

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    Hi I bought 65 inch lg c2 over the weekend for $4100 called my jb hi fi and they will refund me the difference when I go into the store

    Main difference in my research between c1 and c2

    Evo panel guaranteed - a little brighter. Less burn risk
    Better processor - better colour highlights in hdr, less black crush and menu browser a lot quicker
    The 65 inch I got the weight difference is huge c1 37kg c2 19kg
    For better or worse the centre stand is smaller

    Hope that helps

    • +1

      There is just no way the C1 is 37kg. A quick google and it says 23kg.

    • +2

      Net weight with Stand.

      C1 32.6kg
      C2 16.7kg

      The stand on the C1 is 8.5kg. The C2- 2kg.

      I think the stand on the C2 isn't as good. Smaller yes, but according to RTings wobbles. Doesn't really matter, TVs like these should be wall mounted.

      I may be biased but the 65C2 isn't worth >$1k more than the 65C1 to me.

      • +1

        The reason I decided to go the c2 was mainly the Processor upgrade.

        I tried the c1 UI it was very sluggish for me. For me I knew it would annoy me.

        With all these tvs they are luxury purchases. And the c1 is an amazing tv

        • +2

          Fair enough.

          I use it 95% of the time with a Chromecast with Google TV, so haven't noticed any delays.

          Now that you mentioned it, I'll probably notice it now and it will forever annoy me. Thank you.. haha

          • @JimB: It's reasonably easy to work around, you have 8 quick shortcuts (hold a number button from 1-8 and they will register as a shortcut, then hold the number after registration to jump to app)

            I wouldn't pay the extra knowing how to use the shortcuts, I've got them set up on the apps I use regularly + the AVR which holds all of the HDMI's

            • @nibblesh: Great to know.

              I know you said 'set up on the apps I use regularly + the AVR which holds all of the HDMI's'

              But what is it used for? Change inputs and what apps do you use?

              95% of my viewing is via the Chromecast, the other 5% is FTA.

              • @JimB: For me, 1 is my AVR (HDMI 1), 2 plex, 3 funimation, 4 ABC I view, 5 youtube. I can turn on/off the AVR and control the volume from the LG remote, and we use the AVR frequently for ps5, switch, steamlink, wii-u.

                In general we only need to use the AVR remote when we're playing games, otherwise the LG remote which has the quick buttons at the bottom for disney/netflix/etc.

                Rather than using the clunky UI to swap between apps, I just hold the number button and it jumps to what we use.

                • @nibblesh: Thanks… I'll have a play with it.


  • +1

    Preordered the LG C2 65 inch. But my Panasonic Plasma finally died and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Ended up buying a TCL C825 75 inch Mini LED… Pretty happy with the TCL I must say! Think I may keep it due to the 75 inch size… Think the C2 is enough of an improvement to keep, even though it's 10 inches smaller?

    • Richie rich haha

      I would have just purchased an in-stock 65inch C1 myself.

      I was waiting for my 65" Panasonic Plasma to die… but never did after 10 years. Ended up getting the 83" OLED. Will mount the Plasma in another location in the house when I get time but not really keen to have more than 1 TV in the house.

      • Panasonic Plasma! Loved my 55 inch VT60!

        Well part of the decision to get the C825 was it was cheaper ($2.5k) and larger… Might just return the C2 or sell it, as I'm already happy with the C825 for everything I watched on it so far…

        • If viewing angel isn't an issue and if you're happy with the TCL then cancel the C2 order. Appears to be a great TV.. and the extra 10inches (over your OLED) is significant.

          The only reason I upgraded TVs is the size as I still liked the PQ of Panasonic Plasma. Due to the placement of the TV, I needed a wide viewing angle so only OLED (and Plasma) would suffice.

  • Today I ordered the 65" C2 for $3490 (inc Postage) from JB Hifi.
    Appliance Central had it for that price, and JB price-matched it (I had $1000 in gift cards for JB Hifi, so needed to order through them to use the gift cards).
    So pretty good deal. Getting delivered on Tuesday.

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