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eufy Cam 2c Pro 2K Security Camera (T8142TD1) $179 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ DeviceDeal


2K Resolution: view recordings in crisp clarity.
Smart Alerts: get notified of people and objects.
Night Vision: see every detail in the dark.
Weather-Resistant: keep recording in rain, shine or both.
Free Local Storage: no fees for local recording.

I purchased a few the other day and postage was extremely fast - received in a couple of days through AusPost for $9 delivery. Click and Collect is in Vermont Victoria.

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    Not a bad price but they've been lower - I picked 2 up at David Jones for $159 each last year. Plus you can often use discounted gift cards, cash rewards and Amex offers at DJ.

    But if you need them now its a decent price.

    • Was that the Pro 2k model? I've found it difficult to find them for individual sale at this price. Usually, the 2, 3, or more packs come with a home base too, which some people already have.

      • I agree, they have been difficult to find individually. I want one to add on to my existing system and have been looking out for any good deals and this is the best I have seen recently. Normally they are $229 at JB etc

      • It was, I have 5 x 2C Pro 2Ks as well as the wireless doorbell (which I have hard-wired) and the Pro Floodlight.

        Also check Supercheap Auto - they sell them individually and often have them on sale, again discount gift cards can also be used.

        [EDIT] Looks like SCA only have the 2C as individual cameras right now.

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          what platform do you usually use to buy discount gift cards. I used to use Suncorp App but I think they are on the way out.

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            @ktphan: I have access to Beacon/SmartSpending/Reward Gateway via work.

  • wait what?

    since when did they make a 2C in the 2k range… damn I only just bought one of the normal 2C's. :-(

    • Sell them to a friend who can't see so good :P

    • Look up the normal vs 2K reviews
      Picture quality is the same!

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    Requires base station I assume?

    • Yep, requires the Homebase

      • Can you stream without recording (so not requiring the home base), like a baby cam?

        • Not in normal operation. I read something about the possibility of streaming to a NAS or similar server via RTSP but not sure if this would do what you want.

  • Looking at adding a camera to the 2 x pro cam system I already have. Does anyone know if this is this compatible with the old style base station?

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      Yes, all eufy cameras can work with all eufy HomeBase.

      • Thanks Balljuice. ✅

  • Been getting mixed reviews on these. Anyone had issues on very late capture of video and how did you address it? TIA

    • No issues for me and this is on an overseas property with a poor, SIM modem-based internet connection too. See above for my Eufy setup - I have a number of cameras, 3 door sensors, a motion sensor and a keypad.

  • Do these cameras still have the bug that if you hold down the sync/reset button it erases all the footage from the Homebase?

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