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Baseus "3 in 1" 3A Micro USB, Lightning, Type C USB Charging Data Sync Cable 1.2m $4.99 + Delivery @ Shopping Square

  • 1.2 Metre Length
  • Multifunctional USB cable
  • Supports Type C + Lightning + Micro USB, 3A fast charging
  • Supports data sync for iOS Lightning devices
  • The jacket made of nylon woven, flexible and firm.

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  • Noob question. Is this 3A that’s why it’s cheap?

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      That's pretty good. The power would depend on the Voltage output of where you plug it in. For example, a voltage output of 5V would equal a power of 15W (Power = Current x Voltage)

      • Ok thanks.

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        not voltage output, but current output. USB has nominal voltage of 5V.

  • 3 amp charging is pretty good

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      What is "triple-evaporator" design, or is that something that is lost in translation?

  • Is the simultaneous charging at full or reduced speed?

    • It will be max 3A split between devices you're charging. Your charger will need to be >15w to supply 3A

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        It will be 12V power in my car, so 36 W total? So if I'm charging 2 things it'll be 18W each. Been a while since I did high school physics

        • Double check the output on the USB port on your car. I thought it would be stepped down from the cars normal 12V and limited in the amperage output (basically would have a transformer sitting behind it somewhere). e.g. if your USB port in your car is stepped down to 5V and 1 A then you can only get 5W out of it (P=I*V).
          If you are using an adapter in the cigarette lighter then the output of that will determine the voltage output and max amperage available.

          3Amp would be the max throughput its capable/advised to pass through, so if you are using a regulated power supply (most likely you are) it depends on what your device/s are attempting to draw and you may not be pulling the max capacity of the cable.

    • That depends on what full speed charging is for your device.

  • Perfect. Mine died this week (just the lightning cable - suspect the cable itself has an issue since I plug it in and it oscillates constantly between connected and not).

    Used it daily for the last couple of years.

    Wait: did they tack on a $2.99 delivery fee after I approved purchase in PayPal??

    • Yeah, for me delivery was initially $1.99 but after PayPay and adding 2 cables became $2.99. Don't mind extra $1 but not quite transparent.

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    Thanks OP, ordered 2. Delivery for me was $2.99 to Sydney.

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    Thanks OP, ordered 2 to use in the car for iPad and Android phone.

    Delivery was also $2.99 to SA, used my Shopping Square rebate to reduce it even further.

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    Just a comment - There are multiple versions of these it seems.

    I much prefer the ones with plastic connectors; the ones with the colourful metal connectors get quite hot during charging.

    • Doesnt it mean its letting the heat out better than frying the internals?

      • I'd rather fried internals than fried fingertips, any day.

        • Hmm strange, my metal cables even with my MPB with 100watts power dont get that hot enough to burn my fingers. Something wrong with your wire probably.

          • @John Doh: nah i was being dramatic. It doesn't get burning hot, but it does get hot enough to be uncomfortable to hold.

            This is on multiple examples, so it's not an isolated faulty cable.

            I still use them so it's not a major issue

  • Nice! Just bought one, 3Amp charging is pretty good for multi-USB-connectors like these

  • Apparently only ios devices can sync data?

    • Correct. I like these cables for use with a power bank to help friends, but would prefer USB-C to support data.

  • +1

    I've got one and it's made pretty well, but charging only sucks because if I go traveling I still need to take data cables too. A bit annoying.

  • I got a few of these last time and the lightning cable stopped working after a few months.

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      Yeah i've bought a heap of 3-in-1's (all different brands) and the lightning one tends to wear out the quickest. I've got a few around the house that I've cut the lightning connector off (so people know it's dead) and just used the remaining 2.

      But they are so handy to have at your bedside to cut down on the number of cables, and also when travelling.

  • These are very handy for travelling

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      Thanks for the suggestion ordered 3 for upcoming trip with a filthy apple user!

    • No, I wouldn't trust a non-MFI cable to bring for travel if I need to charge Apple devices.

      Chances are it will play up at times you need it most.

  • Seeing as this is not "MFI Certified", does that mean the lightening cable will eventually stop working (like the non-MFIs always do)?

    • yes it did for me

    • Highly likely.

  • Aren't people scared about plugging multiple devices into one of these?
    If one device requests a high voltage, high amperage output - what is to protect an older device getting fried while plugged into another lead?
    One at a time - no problems.

    • I've generally been able to use the USB-C+micro, or Lightning+Micro. If I use USB-C+Lighting (i.e. iPad + iPhone), one of them fails to charge.

  • Will this work fine with Apple Carplay and Android Auto?

    Currently flipping the cables when using Apple Carplay or Android Auto. So wanted to know if this will fulfil my need.

    • Apple CarPlay maybe. Android Auto not, it says data sync through Lightning only.

      • Ah ok. Thanks!

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      Get this one, works perfectly for switching between Carplay and Android Auto without any 'flipping':


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    Not a fan of 3-into-1 cables, it's ok if you need to charge multiple devices in a pinch with only 1 adapter, but day in day out it's quite annoying having the un-used plugs dangling around.

    Carrying 3 dedicated cables hardly take up any more space than the 3-in-1 with that extra junction box.

    • Depends, I do have a short 3 in 1 cable that's about 15cm long which I keep with a battery pack. It's handy to charge different devices and if someone wants to borrow my battery pack to charge their device which would cater for most phones.

      • It does have some benefits. But it's a matter of time the lightning plug stops working, then only 2 plugs are useful while still having to carry around the 1 plug that is not working.

        • Cut it off - easy fix

  • Anyone received theirs yet?

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      They didn't even ship mine yet. Crappy service.

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    Mine still hasn’t shipped, will be filling a chargeback if it doesn’t arrive in a timely manner.

  • It's more than 3 weeks. Anyone received theirs yet?

    • Still havent received mine yet. "My Order #xxxxxxx Status
      According to the estimated handling time we advertised,the order should be able to be dispatched within 1 working days. That is on the day or before 2022-06-07.We will send you a dispatch notification once the courier pick up the parcel

      Thank you again for your order and your patience.

      The customer service team of shoppingsquare.com.au"

    • Mine has come yet either will be charging back through paypal

  • We are sorry for the delay as the item in your order######## is under restocking and new stock will be available in around 5 days. Once stock is ready, we will dispatch your order ASAP. Would you please wait?

    Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Service Team
    Shoppingsquare Australia

    Told me it was restocking

  • @starplatinum… How did you contact them?

    • Contacted them via the site and logging into my account and going to customer support

  • Thanks mate…

  • Also nothing, not even an email since 11/5 order confirmation for me so grabbed PayPal refund as worried this will be forgotten by me and end up being a donation.

  • Thank you for contacting us.

    We are sorry that our stock may have further delay of 5-10 days. Then the delivery to you may take another 2-5 working days. Would you continue to wait? Or we can provide you full refund.

    Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Service Team
    Shoppingsquare Australia
    Might be time for a refund

  • Weird got refund ages ago but just received email saying shipped

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