[VIC] $10 RACV Bike Assist 1 Year Membership (RRP $45) @ RACV


$10 RACV Bike Assist. 1 Year Membership. Promo Code BA_$10_OFFER sent via email from Leon Cycle. Great way to get a RACV membership so you can access their membership discounts.

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    Good price given a spare tube will cost you this in a pinch.

    I get it included as part of total care. It's a nice peace of mind investment

  • I wonder how many taxi trips are included… Probably just one per annum. Anything like that for Queensland?

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      up to 8 calls but they'll try to fix your bike first in the case of a puncture. If your bike is un-rideable or you've been hurt, they will then call a taxi.

      "We’ll get your punctured tyre fixed by sending one of our RACV van in the metropolitan area. If we can’t fix it, we’ll arrange a taxi to get you home (up to the value of $50 per trip)."

      "If you’re unable to ride your bike for any reason, we’ll call a taxi to take you and your bike home (up to the value of $50 per trip)."

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        I tried it once and had to wait over 3 hours for a taxi. Many coffees…
        Not all taxis are involved in the scheme and you can't just order an uber.

        • Bugger, that's a crap experience. I guess for $10 it is a good emergency where required. If you make a big fuss and complain to RACV they'll just reimburse you the cost and a bit extra. Last time they gave me wrong information regarding who was gonna fix my electricity after storm damage. They ended up copping the bill and replaced all the food in the fridge despite rejecting the claim.

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      Yea no NBN in Antartica either……

      • +5

        Or most of Australia. Or actual FTTP in our cities in 2022

  • OP do you know when the offer expires?

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    Offer will end on 30 May 2021 or until allocated offers are filled. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. RACV Bike assist is only available within Victoria.

  • Their website is struggling …

    • Ozbargained! Can't get through the checkout - tried multiple times!

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    Time to shelve my tubeless wheels and tyres and leave my saddlebag at home to get the most out of this deal!

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      bring your old tubes out so they can fix it for you, or swap over a new one :P

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        I want that taxi ride home!

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    It’s offered free with roadside car assist. Offered to me over the phone from RACV not 5 days ago

  • I have it and the problem is that all the RACV has is a few standard tubes. Many bikes such as mine are not standard so the guy came to fix it, looked at it and told me that he cannot fix it.

    Maybe the taxi will be good but so far it's been useless.

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      How long did it take for the RACV guy to come to you?

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        About 45 minutes but I was at a friend's place and I told them I could wait, so they may have put me on low priority.

  • Finally went through, but somehow there were two transactions. $49 was deducted first then the $10 30-sec later. MyRACV shows two products with the same expiring date. Had to talk to webchat to cancel the first one.

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    Would they fix kids bike tubes too?

    • +1

      The vans tend to only carry standard tubes that fit a commuter bike and most common road bikes.

      That said they do carry patches which is usually fine for a low pressure kids tyre.

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    Extra 15% discount as an RACV gold member brought it to $8.50 for me.

    • Gold member. Old fart, aren't ya?

      • +6

        Gold Fart

        • What did you smell Gold Fart like?

  • I'm trying to register and it's telling me "Sorry, the information you entered does not match our records. Please call us on 1300 668 015 for assistance"

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    $9.00 for me if you are a RACV member.

  • Just tried. It said $10 charged but my bank records show it charged $45! A trick.

    • Mine went through correctly as $10.

    • I was also charged $45, did you get a refund?

  • +2

    I'd rather spend 5 minutes fixing my own flat and be on my way rather than waiting an hour + for someone else to come and do it.

    • Depends on the bike!

      My road bike is a 5 minute job. Quick release and skinny soft tyres.

      My ebike hub rear wheel is painful. You need two spanners, then you need some serious strength to get the tyre off and maybe a few cable ties, then once your done you need to cable tie back up the wires..

      Even the bike shops charge double or triple to do the rear ebike wheel and it's well worth it especially if it's cold or raining.

  • +4

    No issues checking out with PayPal. Seems to have worked fine.

    • Likewise

  • Any cheap way to get RACQ membership? Or can I buy this if I am in QLD?

    • Dun think so if RACV bikie technicans can travel all the way to your spot location in QLD to pump your flat tire.

      • Would buy just to have the membership for discounts etc.

  • Thanks OP. I ride mostly locally but a bit of peace of mind for $10. Anyone know a good cheapish bike pump for home btw?

    • Aldi had some a few weeks ago $13 maybe some left near to you.

      • +1

        i tend to not consider aldi, for anything but food. Feel like they just have lots of throwaway products. I'll check it out today incase. Thankyou for the suggestion.

        • The track pump is apparently quite good.

          • @sween64: so are their headlights. 2400mAh USB rechargable with plenty of lumens!

    • -1

      Petrol station is free but don't try to exceed the limit.

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    Just fyi, I have used their call out twice due to muscle cramps and I simply needed a lift back to my car.

    Its not all about punctured tires…

    • What about the bike?

      • they pick up using maxi taxi (Toyota Hiace/Commuter)…

        however, since availability of maxi taxi is limited, at one occassion it took me 1 hour before i got a lift and that was just around warrandyte…

  • crashed a couple of times but went through finally. hopefully it reflects the same on the statement.

  • +1

    Mine went through ok, $10 on my bank statement.
    Worth that much for piece of mind just to get home again:

    You can count on us to help when you can't ride your bike – whether it’s due to an injury, a broken bike, a punctured tyre or you simply can’t ride anymore.

    • Say hamstring or sore ankle (poor excuse).

  • I got it too and have my RACV member number ready but when I try to access RACV discounted movie tickets, the system does not recognise me. What am I doing wrong?

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      It says full activation of your membership takes a day. Try waiting.

  • I've had this product over the last year, and I've had to call out twice. In my experience, don't expect to have your bike repaired. They'll just call you a taxi which can be disappointing.

    The first time, I was near home and I decided it wasn't worth it to call the taxi and cancelled the request. Just walked home.

    The second time, they actually sent out a bloke in a van with no equipment. I waited an hour for him to arrive, he looked at my flat and said "yep, looks like it's flat", and called a taxi that arrived another hour later. Your mileage may vary I guess.

    • +1

      don't expect to have your bike repaired

      Same for me, both times I've called they said either "i'll organise you a taxi" or "the repair truck will be 3 hours or I can call you a taxi"

      I'd still totally recommend it though, it's already paid for itself after 2 taxi rides

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    Can you just call them after a night out and tell them you can't ride to get a free cab ride home?

    • That would seem to be the case:

      You can count on us to help when you can't ride your bike – whether it’s due to an injury, a broken bike, a punctured tyre or you simply can’t ride anymore

    • You might need to at least have a bike with you. Maybe say it got stolen.

    • +1

      Ride to the pub, get drunk, and call bike assist to get home!

  • does this work for existing members?

  • Has anyone been able to register their account? I'm hoping to get access to the rewards.

    • +1

      I wasn't able to online, and the call centre wasn't able to initially. They had to escalate it to allow the registration. Another RACV person I talked to said it could take up to 2 weeks to be able to register, or just call through and they can push through the registration.

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