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ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Challenger ITX 8GB Graphics Card $499 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C) @ PCByte


Lowest price for a AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT to date

Also worth noting that unlike the other Radeon 6000 series cards the RX 6600 XT is being replaced by the 6650XT
So once all existing stock of the 6600XT's run out they wont be making anymore 160w 6600XT's
You will only be able to buy the new 180w 6650 XT moving forward at a higher RRP

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  • +5

    I've wished I've waited. Not only is this a fantastic price, I've always wanted a 3L computer. For no reason other than to brag about it.

    • +3

      What's a 3L computer?

      • +3

        3 litre volume. Really nice and compact.

    • Nice. Remember Digital Storm's Spark? Was soo looking forward to it, but it never happened.

    • Then what do you rest your feet on when browsing/gaming?

      • A foot rest? Like a normal person?

      • Dude you have no idea how funny it is to me to have a computer that's smaller than my foot be my footrest. Efficient, and warm lol.

  • +9

    Link to graph showing great value for what it is - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/47948/95741/20220511_1...
    Includes preliminary 6650xt pricing and performance indications

    • +5

      I posted a deal for a 6600 (not XT) for $409 the other day


      So $6.91 ?

      • I bought one, thanks for posting. 6600 at this price is the $/frame winner no question, and I just wanted to minimise my spend on a generation of cards that are soon to be superseded, so it was perfect to replace my 1060 3GB

  • +1

    Good price considering the 6650XT is about $650+ here at a very limited amount of stores. Overseas the 6650XT seems like a better deal coming in at 400 USD on Newegg.

  • What's wrong with 180W?

    • hardware unboxed has the 6650XT using around 5% more power vs the 6600XT.. so not much to the 180w claim its still less power vs the 3060

  • Any one have concerns with this single fan design? Would you get the Gigabyte Eagle 6600 XT or this for similar pricing?

    • +2

      Wouldn't really care about the fans, 6600 series run very cool
      The Eagle 3 fans are noisier than my Asrock 2 fan card in my 6600's

  • Tempted to jump on it to replace my current 1660Super…although I actually don't need it…ah well, next gen is around the corner temptation resisted

    • +2

      next gen is around the corner.. only high end next gen.. the 7600XT RTX4060 wont be out for another 12 months+ so if your happy to wait for that long all good.

      • I should be okay with waiting, since I haven't really been gaming anything too hardware requiring (or at all). But yea, the deal is actually pretty good, especially for those wanting an ITX card (which usually comes at a premium).

        • Same… tempting but I only play overwatch and my r9 380 handles it well.. Heck my x300 r7 5700g IGPU is handling 75hz 1440p medium well.

    • +2

      Wait because prices are still inflated by crypto. You'll always get encouraged to buy in the comments because these people already bought and don't want their cards to fall in value. The only thing keeping prices high is the above average demand.

      • I bought a card two weeks ago, but I'd be ecstatic to see prices continue to tumble. Unless you are someone who's planning to never buy a GPU again, high prices are terrible for everyone long term.

        The idea that if we just all hold off buying they will go down indefinitely towards where they used to be seems optimistic at best. The GPU market has plenty of competition amongst AIBs, so when prices can fall they do (maybe less so for Nvidia cards given mind share, but still). But there's a chip shortage combined with a shipping crisis. The margins on these things are not what they were a year ago, not much left to give from what the tech tubers are saying

    • +1

      yeah don't know man the jump isn't going to be that much of an improvement from a 1660 to 6600 XT. yes the 6600 XT is a better card but its not going to be a huge jump in performance on alot of new games. But you gain ray tracing.

      • I agree, it doesn’t sound like a worthwhile upgrade.
        Also if you really care about Raytracing then you should really go Nvidia.

  • +5

    I'm using this exact card right now, in a <4L case.

    It's quiet, and it has zero-rpm fan stop at low loads. A really nice card. I paid this price second hand a month or so ago, this is a great price new.

    • +4

      send nudes

  • Can i fit this card in my dell optiplex small form factor?

    • Na

    • +2

      Even if it could, you can't power it without a 8 pin plug.

  • Excellent price if you want to start a rig.

  • Only 2 left

    • Got to be more. I purchased one while someone else purchased another and there's still stock.

      • Maybe there is a limit per purchase? Try to add 12, said out of stock, went all the way down to 2 until I could add. Not that I bought 12, but wanted to see.

  • haven't seen this pricing since launch so this is a good price.

  • Can I run this with B350 motherboard (MSI Pc mate)with 1st gen Ryzen 5?

    • yes… no issues PCI3 vs PCI4 on this card is 1-2% difference .. your power supply will need 1x 8pin PCI-E cable

  • Any good for Fortnite? Read some shocking reviews regarding dropped frames. Otherwise seems to be a half decent 1080p card for all other games. Thanks

    • It is probably more than enough at 1080p depending on your ideal frame rate and settings. These run really hot though typical for a single fan

    • 100-120 FPS for my 6600 XT on my i5-10400f system (Everything on EPIC detail, 1920x1080). You need to use the April 2022 driver though - anything else suffers stuttering.

  • Back in stock. Online orders.

  • 4 weeks later those who hodled get a xfx qick for $100 cheaper

    Hoping same thing happens with 6700xt. Or nvidia cards considering crypto is done

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