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Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse $9 ($0 with Perks Voucher) C&C / + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, JB have this mouse on sale for $9 and can stack with the $10 JB Perks voucher to get it for free :)

Available in All 3 Colours:


Reliable wireless
No delays or dropouts. The tiny wireless receiver gives you a connection you can count on.

All-year power pack
With 12 months of battery life, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of frequent battery changes.*

Built to last
You’ll enjoy the high quality and reliability Logitech is known for—plus a 3-year limited hardware warranty.

Plug-and-forget nano receiver
It works with Window®, Mac, Chrome OS™ or Linux®-based computers. So small and unobtrusive, you can plug it into a USB port and forget about it. Plus, you can say good-bye to worries about lost receivers.

Comfy, contoured shape
The contoured design feels good in either hand and offers more comfort than a touchpad.

Plug-and-play simplicity
No software, no hassles—you simply plug in the tiny nano receiver and start using your mouse right away.

As always, enjoy!

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  • +8

    How a factory in china can make this, pack and ship here, then jbhifi takes massive profit, and end up for $9 ????

    • +13

      They don't need to make profit on everything. Some are funded by marketing and some are simply written off as part of stock clearance.

      • +3

        Economies of scale must exist in logistics too.

    • +1

      You can buy similar ones in bulk for less than USD$1 from alibaba.com

      But how can they afford to send it to every jbhifi and have someone unpack and put it on the shelf as well, paying all those people Aust salaries?

    • +4

      Guess what, it was $5 pre COVID

      • Yep I got one of these for $5 back in the day. It's better than the touchpad but only just.

    • +3

      that's because they not only sell this mouse. they sell TVs, they sell laptops, phones etc.

      the average margin across all goods sold allows them to do everything they do, including keeping stores open, paying employees, advertising, building lease, and still have profit after all the costs to keep the board happy

      the price of this mouse is set by the market, and even if they don't make money on it, it's cash flow, and foot traffic into store, so it does what they want.

      • Correct, back in the day the 30c cones at McD's cost 28c to make, but it was just to get people there, because the chance of them to buy something else was higher.

        Source: Wife (was a Store Manager)

      • JB Hifi is one of the most profitable store in the world

    • This is the bait - aka a 'loss leader'…you are the catch.

    • The workers suffer, the corporations don't.

    • There are quite a few people in this world willing to work for about AUD$5 a week, and some of them make mouses. Parts cost very little…

    • The price doesn't take into consideration the value of human labour, nor the waste products. Exploit workers, and dump gases in the air and water.

  • Thanks mate

  • Cheers, thanks for this.

  • +4

    I'm impressed that they were able to put in "more comfortable than a touchpad" in there. Looks like a pretty uncomfortable shape though.

    • +5

      These tiny mice are horrible

      • Agreed. It’s a good, basic mouse that works well, but if you have large hands steer clear of it. Would be great for kids or people with small hands.

  • +1

    I’m not going to get this but I must remark this is a good find , nice one @doweyy

  • -1

    Are we no longer gonna have wireless mice for $5 like the good old days

  • anyone know if this works on the new reolink 4k NVR RLN16-410 (H3MB18) with smart detection?
    or does any other wireless mouse work with the nvr?

    • These appear as a USB mouse so they should work.

    • +1

      I'm going to get one of these tomorrow to use with a Reolink NVR RLN16-410. I will report back tomorrow.

    • for the record, it worked no problem, plug and play.

  • Definitely worth it for free w/ perks, but I think I might go for the Kensington Wrist Wrest for Mouse. $12 - $10 perks = $2.

  • +1

    This was my last mouse, reliable everyday mouse. Especially you can get it for free.

  • +1

    Add the $1 poo and get that free as well!

    • +2

      I could give you a poo for free any day.

    • +1

      Someone should have told Amber Heard that, could have saved her a lot of trouble.

  • 3 yrs warranty, yeah!

  • Can never go wrong with a free spare mouse.
    Thanks OP.

  • +3

    Price is live now, must add a $1 item to cart to get the total to $0 :)

    • +1

      No need to add $1 item, just put in coupon code in mobile browser, pay $0.00.


      • +2

        Oh weird, mine must have glitched out as I had the coupon applied previously. Thanks for confirming :)

  • Thanks OP, was looking for a wireless mouse for a HIKIVISION security setup and there isn't a better one than a free one.

    Didn't need to add a $1 item to apply the voucher, I just refreshed the page if it told you to select a payment method for $9, then it says that the order is free and you don't need to put in any payment details.

    Proof https://imgur.com/a/0fmnhjd

    • +10

      A real ozbargainer wouldn't let the $1 to to waste

      • You can sign up for more JB Perks vouchers if you have another email address & phone number. If there is a household limit on those I haven't found it yet

        • do you need to enter a ph number to get the voucher?

          • +1

            @ObnoxiousaAndRude: You need to verify an email address & a phone number before they send out the voucher. Or at least I did, twice.

        • Check out Gmail dot trick generator and using aliases

          Also look at online temp phone numbers 😏

          Also load up on free Sim cards.

      • the problem for adding $1 item is that the item may be not available in close-by store, it will be a hassle to chase it.

      • Esecially when there's free poo on offer.

  • Wow crazy good price!

    What's the cheapest wireless mouse with forward/back buttons on the side? I need them for extra key mapping for lost ark ahaha

  • +1

    Cheers OP!

    Didn't have to add a $1 item to get for $0

  • +1

    $5.99 delivery helps given how expensive petrol is anyway. :)

    • costs $5 to travel 25km anyway so you're right :) at lets say 10L/100 @ $2/L

      inb4 comments saying to buy a 60k Tesla to save 2.5k/yr on petrol

      • +1

        Yup.. and time to drive and, more importantly, find parking in malls. I guess better to pay $6 and get it delivered home. That way you wouldn't let $1 go waste either. ;)

      • +2

        Buy a Tesla.

      • buy a Tes more fuel-efficient vehicle

  • Thanks OP, nabbed one for free!

  • Tried 10 times to purchase with delivery and "leave in safe place" but didn't go through. Tried "I'll be home" and went through first time. Android.

  • +3

    This mouse does not use the unifying USB receiver.

  • +1
    • +5

      Are the time machines on sale at JB?

  • +1

    Thank OP. Got 3. One of each colour for work.

  • Very small if you're used to MX mice.

  • How to get the $10 coupon pls.

  • +1

    I have this mouse at home. It works as a mouse should and has a 1 year battery life.

    • +1

      has a 1 year battery life.

      And it's eneloop compatible too. I pestered Logitech support to find out the minimum voltage their mice will work to, and they told me "All single-battery mice run down to 0.9V". NiMh batteries are considered fully flat at 1.1V.

      All the AA and AAA batteries at my house are NiMh.

      • Hmm, good to know that 0.9v is the standard for this. Wouldn't the mouse report a different battery percentage when using a NiMh battery though? The mouse expects it to run down to 0.9v but the battery is fully flat at 1.1

        • These mice don't require a driver, so I've never installed one. The M215 mouse I'm currently using has an LED on the top, that blinks when the power switch is turned on, or when the mouse is "woken" (bumped) after a period of inactivity. I assume the M185 has a similar LED. One long green blink = battery good, multiple red blinks = battery flat. This works fine with NiMh batteries, it accurately reports flat.

          If you did have a "battery percentage" reading, it would almost certainly be misleading when used with NiMh batteries, as they have a very flat discharge curve. Fresh off the charger they are 1.4V, rapidly dropping to 1.25V, and then 1.1V at fully flat. If the battery percentage is designed for Alkaline batteries, it'll probably say "40%" or so when the NiMh battery is actually about to die.

          I have a single-AA flashlight on my desk (SK68 clone), so when the mouse unexpectedly reports flat battery, I swap in the battery from the flashlight, and charge the battery that was in the mouse.

          Edit: reading Amazon reviews, it looks like the M185 doesn't have a battery status LED on top, and the LED underneath is infrared, so it's not easy to know when the battery has died - unless there is a driver available from Logitech. I can't help you there either, I use Linux, and Logitech don't appear to have any drivers suitable for Linux.

          • @Russ: Confirmed, I just picked mine up, and it doesn't have a battery status LED. With the AA alkaline battery (@ 1.614V) that came with it, the LED underneath is just barely visible in a dimly-lit room, so it must be an 850nm IR LED.

            I'm using it now, with a NiMh battery that read 1.108V before it went into the mouse. So it's definitely going to use the NiMh battery down to completely flat (1.1V for NiMh batteries).

  • I can't apply code. I received the message "Coupon does not apply to this basket" I have logged in the same account for the coupon.
    Edit: I was using the wrong code ;-)

  • +1

    Any deal for good mouse and keyboard combo so that I can use one dongle to use both?

  • Awesome OP was going to use voucher to get this mouse now it’s free and just ordered cheers. I luv ozbargain……

  • Use this as my daily driver for work and they set it up so this and keyboard operate off one USB connection.

  • +1

    Thanks doweyy, ordered at 2am, got email at 735am that it's ready for pick up.

  • They processed my click CC order within 5 minutes, thank you.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed a couple.

  • Bought some on a previous deal. The buttons are stiff and unresponsive/spongey so I find these annoying to use, even compared to other cheap mice. Long term may give you issues with your fingers getting sore or worse.

    • had mine for years - buttons fine - not stiff or spongey - so dunno if manuf. quality has gone downhill ?

      • Maybe. Or maybe I got a bad batch. Bought 4 and only opened 2 so far.

  • I got a dirty look from the cashier when they realised that I was getting the mouse for free with the coupon. Service without a smile but it was handed over. But them are the rules.

  • Anyone got any suggestions on a good low price bluetooth mouse? My new laptop only has two USB ports and I wanna keep them free for hard drives/usb sticks ets

  • pros: comes with a battery
    cons: battery was flat :'(

    • reminds me of kitchen scales I saw yesterday - 'USB rechargeable' and 'batteries not included'


  • Does anyone know if this will be compatible with the k270 keyboard. I have a m185 mouse with k270 using the same wireless receiver. If I replace the mouse will the new receiver work with the wireless keyboard?

    • +1

      if your k270 has the unifying receiver (which it sounds like it does), then it should work

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